See this word as a collocate cloud

it s never affa easybeina human bein is it
bein a quinie an startbeina quine m999: aye m1002:
fan fan would ye stopbeina quinie an start bein
yi feared o dad nohbeinable ti retrain bein made
bein responsible bein responsible meansbeinan adult bein an pause
responsible means bein an adultbeinan pause adult means facin
o bein o bein obeinaye i see ither wyes
that s bein that sbeinaye m1000: aye m999: aye
bein healed fool mahsel intibeinblameless silence stew ah m
f606: aye m691: just finishinbeinbuilt still bein built when
just finishin bein built stillbeinbuilt when we went there
are they always complainin aboutbeinf1005: bein m1004: doon to
ah kin fool mahsel intibeinhealed fool mahsel inti bein
affa easy bein a humanbeinis it lights cross fade
me ae bein wee anbeinlooked efter awthing in it
always complainin about bein f1005: beinm1004: doon to their last
noh bein able ti retrainbeinmade ti look stupid pause
ither wyes o bein obeino bein aye i see
there s ither wyes obeino bein o bein aye
awbody else self control meansbeinresponsible bein responsible means bein
self control means bein responsiblebeinresponsible means bein an adult
m1000: oh m1002: that sbeinthat s bein aye m1000:
weel it minds me aebeinwee an bein looked efter
young an likely stupit anbeina bittie teen wi wild
s nae sign o winterbeinony wild cataract hiv you
mild nae sign o winterbeinony wild monday 30 temp
the veesitin coroner unnatural daithsbeinregistered as caused bi wild
nae ony sign o winterbeinwild friday 3rd temp 10
sign o the back endbeinwild is my een tellin
mild nae sign o winterbeinwild thursday 16th temp 2
he leuched at me furbeinsae cude an telt me
thocht o their ain fleshbeintaen bi anither she telt
twa hunner rupees an withootbeintelt at the flash it
teachers but reider we wirbeintelt dat dis wiz d
forgaitherins o thair peers efterbeintelt for years at the
masel withoot the academy withootbeintelt tae nae as a
languages dt whit we wirbeintelt wisna d correct wy
s a wee bit likebeintelt ye know aye awa
easy tae imagine a battlebeinfocht ere jonsar eck wrote
months aheid jonsar eck hidbeinhaein a coont aboot foo
intae jonsar s truck megbeinmair o a hinner than
teen aback wi jonsar eckbeinsae aggressive he looked jonsar
serious trouble wi the witherbeinsae bad jonsar eck couldnae
him an thanked him forbeinso quick fin jonsar eck
isie wad flatten betsy isiebeinnae respector o ither fowk
they write insteid o itbeinthe ither wey roond this
ever have any ither botherbeinunderstood andy m1014: oh often
door he wis aware obeinwatched be the ither three
windaes on the world bybeinbi cultural makkin for access
bi kent as quarrytowers wisbeindelled far eneuch frae the
tantrums over for the momentbeinduntit bi bummers an butteries
eyl frae scotland wes slawliebeinknidged out bi the hailthie
ward bi noam chomsky wibeinmibbes the first government bodie
it wis the puir macdonaldsbeinmurdered in their hames bi
the certeeficates an stw isbeinsent direck bi post tae
whase banes an orrals arebeinsocht bi the auld american
aboot the gaelic ye knowbeina a dyin language ye
be aafa backset at naebeinable tae get aboot and
stew sayin nought aboot bairnsbeinbought an selt dimps what
orphans but this thing abootbeincaddy lambs f826: oh f606:
s mair conserned aboot tibbeincauld than us an it
re speakin aboot jimmies ayebeincried your shoes that you
or four when i wasbeineh learned aboot the rudiments
twa jeanies didnae bother abootbeinfirst as lang ey were
aboot the scottish accents asbeingratin m865,: sorry f950: i
s aboot as close taebeinimmortal as a buddy can
put wi uz bairns ayebeinin an aboot his fowre
we spoke aboot the carbeinin the close an the
f1001: ye speak aboot somebodybeinkippit up m1000: mmhm mmhm
it doesna bear thinkin abootbeinlooket efter by toby i
aa aboot sharn ye kenbeinoot on fairms near ilkie
they were concerned aboot herbeinoot that gate well i
wis a a aboot fuelbeinower dear the mannie on
tell hur tell hur abootbeinsisters tell hur tess falls
would hae been aboot actuallybeinsmothered m999: aye aye f1001:
s nae tae boast abootbeinswack fin e day wis
tae speir aboot joy hendrybeinthe treasurer group secretariat slrc
cloot ae queer thing abootbeinup ere in e winter
aboot different words that sbeinused isn t it that
fair mild ane day itbeinabout the saicont month o
but only because thow hastbeinand remaines ane obstinat ennemye
rodd taxt or leishence anbeinane alienar viz a scotsman
generatit six specific projects anebeinmappin the leids o edinburgh
sweet ane the frost itbeinsae verra hard the ploo
all show excerpt 1 asbeinscottish specifically northeastern scots ane
morn ane fur the maetbeinstovit a whein ti warnish
o maislee wis on tbeinae gamekeepers estaiblishment an on
hed kum housomever the lambinbeinae thrang tyme fur sheep
mynd on ae wattie airmstrongbeini the middle hoose whan
the idea ae ma heidbeinoan ma shouders ye know
a pouppet wi its towesbeinpued his ae frien wis
up tae sing an examplebeinthe son o ae fairmer
a sudden ae day itbeinwee marischal wang s birthday
ava she raged pranny furbeina muckle sumph an nae
stew stew fur what dimpsbeinbad ah wis a bad
wiout onie excaises fur nobeinforrit sae cum the day
nae life fur a birdbeinhickled up wi ithers in
bottle lang syne jist furbeinjed noo fifty twa year
it oot nuthin soarts furbeinkept in whit did you
syne i wis raged furbeinoor clivver an aff takkin
tae pye fur nurses anbeinower ill tae move twa
forward dimps punished ah mbeinpunished stew stew fur what
s lugs gaed doon atbeinraged like yon fur naethin
an orra kinno pucklie furbeinsector 6 s culture cairrier
get fur a leevin donorbeinsib tae the host body
like fur me watching youbeinsucked dry pause yased up
em for loons oor agebeine sheer torture o haein
game hiv we lost wibeinower saft taewards oor opponents
us tho wi oor mabeinsib tae the robertsons we
yin o oor brother survivorsbeinthreatened steve yi trick um
oor oor words words forbeinwet m1013: that s a
oor wullie and the broonsbeinwritten in scots is that
weel i niver got taebeina british prime meenister like
kinna beasts weel eest taebeinhannlet an ilky een in
rhododendron busses anent the puilbeinoctober we were weel happt
i canna min it everbeinsae hot weel nae in
for neist time wi itbeinthe pit holidays as weel
missed as weel as scotsbeinuised in his opinion as
be a gweed latter ootbeinweel eest tae fingerin e
wee bedroom press wi itbeinweel on in the efternuin
doot nae sign o winterbeina brute wednesday 17th temp
re nae you re justbeina cheater f1142: i m
an it s nae easybeina mither either in fact
newheiven an wi the daybeina seturday an nae schuil
s nae an easy thingbeina sister she shakes her
back again an maybe naebeinaa that willin tae ging
material o the sleeves naebeinas hivvy as the front
nae winder we re ayebeinasked to raise money for
air bit nae birds werebeinbiled ava we dinna eat
learnt it wis nae eesebeinbirds sae they tried tae
nae chance at aa obeinblawn awa whan ye re
sister when she s naebeincoorse to ye f1142: [censored: forename]
wis a war that wisbeinfocht nae mak believe t
something like at an williebeinsae bashfae an maybe nae
nae a sair job therebeinsae little mait left on
s nae good for youbeinstuck in here a day
the tsunami s nae likebeinthere like it s uh
sheugh macinnes hid nae businessbeinyonner the grun o sgian
it wis a sin herbeina catholic an aw it
or his wee brither wisbeina wee bit ower gutsie
the toun wis scant anbeinasylum seekin incomers they d
the stack as it wisbeinbiggit to take the sheaves
landit in wis far fraebeinbonnie twis fell dreich an
think i wis minin onbeinborn bit if i wis
his fowks ken arthur wisbeinbrocht hame fechtin oot yonner
fotheringay anither it wis biblesbeinhaived doon in embro the
time at aw it wisbeinhysted back up again skailin
they thocht it wis likebeinin a greenhoose some o
bye as baith o sbeinkeen gairdeners it wis the
surprised foo much grain wisbeinleft on the strae i
ain history an cutur wisbeinmooldit if this is allooed
wis sayin dimps fuckin acceptablebeinmummy s boy fuckin leper
he wis brunt blaik wibeinootside in aa weathers like
berries this year the bushbeinoverladen so it wis gooseberry
provision wis flyted at forbeinpuir as an example o
yet fit kinna thack wisbeinrapet a filie afore e
he kent be fit wisbeinsaid in the papers an
coodnae mak oot fit wisbeinsaid on the t v
at the roup athing wisbeinselt at a affa rate
the heidie wis eesed wibeinspoken till like yon onywye
coorse fin e midden wisbeinteemed e lot wid come
sat doon it wis strangebeinthir in the middle o
ploo faar fresh grun wisbeinturnt be horse or tractor
bit e word wis stillbeinused in mabel s time
e soap ir fitiver wisbeinwatcht e cheenges o focus
o at pleesher wis jistbeinyer leen faar ye left
first coort wi the frostbeinsae hard the tractor didnae
as the reader tires obeinsae overtlie manipulatit by sic
on at quarrytowers hoose spacebeinsae scant in a warld
tae keep the sand faebeinwasht awa sae quick big
matty bruce hid dreamt obeina lawyer a doctor a
hid tae dee t himbeina toonser far aiberdeen e
hid missed muckle lairnin wibeinaff his lessons jenny forbye
trade he hid the piesbeinhet up wi a barbecue
like a hoodie craa itbeinnear eneuch hogmanay he hid
seen an wi his faitherbeina fisherman the r a
m822: ye ken wi thisbeina listed building ye see
bade ootside an maybe wibeina thochtie tired wi aa
gryte heize wi wir warsillinbeina treisur houss o lair
as onybody else fit wibeinan aul freen i suppose
ally mcquade five seats doonbeindead pally wi auld mrs
tammas ratrettit wi hiz kistbeindumpit ti the stot o
fine day wi the witherbeinfair saturday 13th temp 0
aye thocht o em asbeinfullt wi milk bit it
mile an whit wi thembeinhauf blin waik an slow
year wi m608: mmhm f637: beinin hospital i had scarlet
any fishin words associated wibeinin the cold f1043: well
wi oot some political provisionbeinmade for the the bringin
situations wi unnerlying serious pyntsbeinmade m a r y
got grumpy just wi gordonbeinmy neighbour ye ye know
wisnae ower impressed wi hisbeinoot a walk at hauf
wikkeyn it wisna a punishmentbeinsent tae bide wi her
in fort william wi everythinbeinshoogly so i like that
bit she min s onbeinteen till aiberdeen wi im
[laugh] f1143: duncan wi youbeinthe dux and aw you
tae the schuil wi kathleenbeinthe praisent mrs sandy stewart
in sydney an wi garybeinthere m815: yeah m816: it
dreuch i rangs thai wesbeintuimed out an relaided wi
awaw acorss the bents ebenezerbeinwallopit up an doun wi
ontil the rink an nobeinweill acquant wi the ert
contergates he wes maist halpliebeina pacient o tammas s
good lots o good wordsbeina teacher i m sure
pairt o the people nobeinaff in an ivorie touer
civil authoritie the ill daerbeinan officiar o weir and
showin the first signs obeinanither bessie livingstone peggy but
close to lee pat likebeinback in the room o
mappin the leids o edinburghbeincairried oot by joanna mcpake
an ropelawsheil kis o itbeincentral tae saivrel waittergate jockie
f829: or if you rebeincrawly [laugh] m830: one o
some o the latest issuesbeindebatit you can hae yer
leids altho gey little isbeindone for the promotion o
o it of course maybebeinfae buckie or f1043: really
see the u k ehmbeinfar more o a of
sikk oot tae the watterybeinfeart o miss mcfarlan maist
docquet ti say he wesbeinflemit out the ryaltie o
ti think o yeirsell asbeinfrie an eisie gif yeir
o the warl at wesbeinfurmed i ma ying mynd
you see ned instead obeinin hospital for twa or
doon but insteid o itbeinin the thrapple he felt
us o a hunner seatrootbeinliftit oot the tidal puil
o the bulk grain shipsbeinlivert at leith whit s
a result o thi centrebeinlocatit in glesgae howe er
it had shown signs obeinnettit at the week en
pairt o e pleasher obeinon e hill at nicht
zheng ti his daith forenamitbeinowrancer o the wardenrie onie
catchet in anither wye teebeinpairt o a community system
freedom s here pat pausebeinpart o the boxing world
the day o the finalbeinplayed atween a scotsman an
parks an lowp palins anbeinprood o ma strong airms
the shiver reek o jistbeinreels baith spirit an intellect
o e fairmin ear sbeinricht seen till let e
ye hae yer pride obeinscottish a pride o haein
officiar o weir and himbeinsheriff on the policy side
lilt o the job traysbeinstraiked aff the slubbery fleer
be on double time thisbeinsunday some o em wull
unromantic object o a humanbeinthat onybody cood think o
that monie anyways so aifterbeinthe best o scuil pals
fed yi some crap obeinthe great survivor saviour simple
en o the sauchtrie burnbeinthe saicont buik o hale
maist o the words asbeinthe same as the anes
yeah m952: an likes obeinthe young boy in the
puir quyne sleepit warm anbeinthrou the lang mirk o
i canna ivver mind obeintired he thocht that fitba
d visions o ma bedbeinturnt intill a shithoose pail
that s a look obeinunweel isn t it f1001:
o e weer noo throwebeinused as a wasp an
maker berna yur gae nearbeinyin o the leadin characters
rin thegither intae yin amersobeinyin o them f1054: can
a difference guy s edbeinyin o us dis that
o the leil the twenesbeinyit ying fand it sair
the in the wey obeinyou micht say oh you
aa the wey through faebeina calfie an it s
ain place fae the cooncilbeina single homeless young person
tae keep his tae faebeinhanged her grandfather told her
the laddies come back faebeinsodgers then they can cairry
a crack fae a twigbeinstepped oan a cauld shiver
research an teachin maist notablebeinthe twa multi volume dictionaries
his snoot at her leddyshipbeintwa year aulder than her
on a sunday aifterneen aifterbeinat e kirk at longside
aathing in t iv coorsebeinat e skweel an gaan
neesht till s e exchangebeinat ey caaed wir muck
i ve seen e coverbeinliftit for cleanin ye d
lay fobbin a new livinbeinneen e waar for e
it d min s onbeinon a boat like e
e patience tae let itbeinyoung an likely stupit an
skurrie they likewyse wan affbeinas sleekit as their ain
time comes i was jistbeincoorse to get my ain
on ma ain authoritie himbeinon the militar this gied
ain brither bit aifter himselbeinpositive an his pairtner ian
some research projects is currentlybeincairried oot notably scotlang based
noh tess silence della yurbeinlet oot yur prison tess
re daein i mind aincebeinoot at nicht my lane
f961: sister and her bairnsbeinoot dere for a week
settlin doon startin a famelybeinjilly kin you hear yursell
[censored: forename] talkin random crap andbeina bit [?]inebriated[/?] m944: offensive
winna say bit fit mebeina hard up student i
there are some limits taebeina new mannie bit she
nicht zeb pause bit youbeina sailor yu ll hud
big brother bit playin atbeindaddy eh beej she kin
bit intimmers frae a corpbeindissected in the toun s
i wyte bit human naiterbeinfit it is there were
ey got great reeze forbeingran wirkers bit it wisna
terrification sweeshed ower his hailbeinan he makit anither muckle
ll hae tae gie owerbeinlazy aye ca me an
itself an is recognised asbeindifferent frae english it wid
war rubbit reid raw fraebeinsteepit in the wash she
spedit the corss fits fraebeinstok still ti birlin an
must ever regret his haeinbeintorn when a child frae
seem that no eneuch isbeindone tae promote an tae
the psychological skaith that sbeinduin tae the bairns an
d like tae see scotlandbeinfree m865: mmhm mm well
could be attributit tae scotsbeinheld in sma esteem the
gaun tae their work anbeinheld up an late didnae
merried tae alec an himbeinin parliament she s f826:
speech is constantly seen asbeininferior tae a linguistic standard
was nursin an then merriedbeinmerried tae alec an him
right it s aw plannedbeinnice lyin tae ye huvin
are maybe just hungin aroondbeinreferred tae as neds but
in anathoth whan askit jeremiahbeinsib tae hanamel and his
nichol sei a page 147beinsib tae tammy hudson throwe
the scran tae geordie himbeinthe auldest a suppose that
yon s the road taebeintory prime meenister oh an
something [inaudible] [cough] m1012: cairtsbeinyoked together tae gaun throw
aa roads some chasin ithersbeinhuntit in the pitch bleck
an do you mind lifebeinlike that an aa yeah
[inaudible] f1126: aye i wasbeina mess f1125: clever girl
aye doesnae actually just meanbeinat hame f1001: or again
[laugh] m815: aye yer onlybeinhonest m816: [laugh] wasn t
wullie aye it s likebeinin wales [laugh] yeah f606:
it if it wasnae awbeinlaid on good shout aye
no m1002: girnin which isbeinmoody m999: oh aye aye
game fin the teams werebeinpicked aye an a set
an the clairet wes ayebeinrefraisched i the kirstal glessis
at the front him ayebeinthe gaffer like an the
think on usin or heardbeinused or skivin m999: aye
maet aw kinna graith wesbeinmuived about an pit i
classmates it was hard workbeina smart arsed wee bastard
realize what yur daein jillybeinthe silly wee lassie she
monie bairns ti nourice furbybeina browster wyfe an in
goin on at sea anbeina feel for rinnin an
warm an sunny there anbeina film star she d
holidays an atween shifts esbeina kinna run rig village
deen at wikeyns an holidaysbeina swack lad at likit
teenie s in the lavvybeinaffa sick chrissie calmly an
ahm so proud ay yebeinan engineer on the railroads
ye made a contact theirselsbeinan growin tungs whaur dae
scots gaelic an community leidsbeinawned an uised in education
yeah there s an interviewbeindone right now there m1146:
awthing in it s placebeinhame an warum an safe
kids were runnin about anbeinhappy an their hair was
wrang lair an the grunbeinhard it tuik gey near
i can still mind peoplebeinin there an fan fan
an if i wasn tbeinit depends who i was
his foe gets fed upbeinjagged by his spines an
ti the samen skuil anbeinneipours we becam freins bot
one she s only twobeinon the pavement an they
f606: yeah f209: guys werebeinpaid at the time an
a fyle back this yearbeinsic an early spring the
a good boy an nobeintempted by the buffet an
meschant an a traditor whylesbeinthe maist clivversum cheil i
an danu an ye willnaebeinthe men that ye are
wur here though an mebeinthe only man ah d
minnie s da an thisbeinthe sabbath as seen as
an of course the englishbeinwright like wheel wright ehm
s eh it s justbeina little brat ye know
put a two for thatbeinbritish eh scottish i would
i when i was ehbeinbrought up eh eh in
performin eh ye know andbeinheard on on the media
have lived eh the cottersbeinmarried farm servants eh unmarried
told this story of ehbeinon a a bus from
st joseph s academy forbeinthe best eh eh wha-wha-
pens again you re justbeinbad the day f1134: no
nor him ye re baithbeindone for howkin the heid
heads nevertheless if we rebeinhonest now the way that
now sheila if ye rebeininterviewed for a job that
fish but if they rebeinmade to pey for it
[censored: forename] s dressing bein- gownbeinpurple they re her dressing
s not f832: we rebeinreally horrible today always f835:
[laugh] [laugh] f1091: you rebeinsilly and fitt are they
[child noises] [child noises] f1091: you rebeinsilly whit s this it
you re talkin about somebodybeinstupid or that it s
ball but if someone sbeincheeky to ye ye ll
was terrible but ye likedbeinin a foreign place if
writin if ye know withootbeinin scots if if it
wirds ye cuid en upbeinincarcerat shae wairned wuid ye
other things other than justbeinon the computer ye know
georgie ronnie says ye werebeinsick in the lavvy teenie
think nooadays the kitchen asbeinthe place ye just cook
have ye ever had botherbeinunderstood f1145: not really bother
just meant he was justbeinvery friendly [laugh] ye know
the road of his workbeinvery widely acceptit ye know
gonnae spend aw ma holidaysbeinfelt up by randy tallys
place if it wasnae awbeinlaid on you couldnae afford
or ma father probably forbeinf1053: tell me f1001: for
crackin ma head open andbeinheld over a bath while
lee what the hell youbeincoaching mah laddie ti think
pownie convoyin thair faither thanbeineydent pupils thai retoured ti
hiz houss hiz waarm cosiebeinhouss at bene hypothecated ti
yersel that it was himbeinawa that caused the silence
tuik peety on him atbeinnabbed on his furst nicht
legs stops him cammy youbeinthe expert oan chasin away
that are very glaswegian likebeina librarian or anything f1006:
efter you i dinna likebeinbeholden to folk but i
also become christ like bybeingenerous hearted i m gonna
the dumps he didnae likebeininside or mebbe the first
to use it it sbeinrecognized it s like the
one for the day itbeinricht [laugh] m999: [laugh] m1000:
the media work that sbeindone just now is all
[inaudible] f1121: was you justbeinmessy f1122: [exhale] uh huh
14 guidelines scots is nobeinaccordit its richt worth in
no sell it a jalousedbeina bodie at s quit
tung wab steids at keepbeinaddit til on the internet
came in to learn aboutbeinat university and everything so
you thought youda got atbeincaught but ken the real
a pulley weers depen onbeinconneckit till a strainer at
s boatie s name wizbeinhauled at a fast rate
at the sports watchin ileachsbeinput throu their paces as
his play bertie mutch isbeinstag t at the scottish
a painter as well asbeina m1021: yes i was
worry says i i mbeinas canny as i can
to drive hardly only everbeinin a car as a
f746: oh right f978: asbeinsimilar whereas she thinks that
on as different their perceptionbeinthat their community leid is
you know miss jean brodiebeina descendant of f606: yeah
t think it s easybeina translator i know they
so mischievous and we werebeinso dare devilish you know
that sometimes f1049: he wasbeinweird today m1048: you know
think on t john buchanbeinconservative mp for the scottish
i think for the timebeinf831: tut i dinnae ken
well i think they arebeintaught already i mean french
not no no real problemsbeinunderstood i don t think
a m no agenst hitbeinincluded if du s sure
he talkin about i mbeinexcluded because i m glaswegian
hoistin me up you quinebeina maiden breathe het summers
machinery f961: yeah ended upbeina piece higher dan hit
was jimmies fan i wasbeinbrought up but i can
things up auld joe sangsterbeinher anely close relative ayont
the national press the docbeina byllie will hope that
shauchlin inaboot sikkin a bitebeina gweed hairtit craitur pranny
f1101: you havenae are youbeina lazybones f1102: [sniff] have
a sort of better reputationbeina lot more scientific and
jannie to thank for henrybeina minister miss mccorkindale certainly
it s no that badbeina new mannie ra morra
f1126: [inaudible] a rainbow [inaudible]beina rainbow mm f1125: cakes
m741: that s m605: considerbeina school teacher would be
the north east of scotlandbeina static society because it
father s wye noo thisbeina steeny ferm auld eck
understand a lot of thembeincareful [inaudible] it s twenty
got a bloodied nose forbeinfriendly [laugh] f1041: [laugh] f1043:
it isnae a canny experiencebeinpit intae a readin poseetion
understood f1145: not really botherbeinunderstood i did have a
graham shouted uncle murray sbeinelectrocuted don t go near
when i talk about someonebeinleft handed i don t
be in the huff withootbeinmoody couldn t you [laugh]
s boy fuckin leper citybeindaddy s boy cammy mrs
mmhm f1104: fitt s shebeinf1103: i dinna ken cause
it s about what godbeinyour friend and that does
the bible also talks aboutbeinchanged from glory to glory
word puttin it inside usbeindetermined to do that we
1998 63 quhen pupils urbeintaucht ony subject whethir it
left of it after somethinbeinthere for over four hundred
when they were castles werebeinattacked right handers couldnae fight
remember any trouble or anybodybein[inhale] attacked or assaulted or
of normal society or m816: beinwesternised and what not so
not m608: mmhm m1163: notbeinignorant when i say that
and this is the messagebeinacted upon she didna hae
[inaudible] f718: mmhm m017: folkbeinthrown to the jail and
tung splint fer the spinebeinthe real sel me genes
the door now i wasbeinvery civil here f632: mmhm
are implications to what isbeindone here there are m741:
and crafts which again isbeinfunded through social inclusion partnership
but the rules are stillbeinobserved today nick cage in
though whiles gey near tobeinskint of patchin mendin makin
in scotland specifically the approachbeintaen anent the awnin uiss
docks ehm and my mumbeinthe oldest had all the
allowed to light the firebeinthe younger one [inhale] erm

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