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the twasum skairin thair grevebelyveandra tirned aff the lichts
dunssis the domsie maun persavitbelyvebi hir expairience o visnomie
ingine sechtin an pechin thanbelyveintil tonnels an alang hie
skin ye ar frosin tiltbelyvemauger this the lads likkit
it wi modren instruments anbelyvesoun racordins thai cried caller
stang o the sairpent atbelyveswallaes the naitioun an convoys
bangstrie he wul tel yebelyvethe fuit stramp o mirren
on the back saet whaurbelyveyid hed faen owre whan
at john wuid be hamebelyvean wes thankryfe bot shae
the effairs o bretane anbelyvecam ti smit scotland the
hinner en o hir onkilbelyveshae wes that beisie luikin

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