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wusp o rouk amang thebentin ae sma slack i
wusp o rouk amang thebentnou a wuid lyke tae
done better wi an auldbentpeen so wi peter ross
if yur bent then yurbentjist blame yur auld man
standing bent slightly forward withbentlegs and animal like movements
animals and hen are standingbentslightly forward with bent legs
a poof cammy if yurbentthen yur bent jist blame
up grey hair ruffled armsbentat the waist like two
that from the waist kneesbentto lend power to her
byre lantren hingin fae abentweerie slung ower a couple
cease to know the stolidbentof matter the infinite vanity
o steens an twisted anbentthe ridgers oot o shape
bits o wire at hebentat right angles an held
tree or a bit obentwire weel i d feel
bit e tweezelick wis abentbranch wi ae eyn tied
some tess berna sings anbentdoon the tallest branch tae
different when yur backs nohbentower they stents him an
fingers together behind his headbenthis knees into a comfortable
bit ae daen agnes entersbentand hobbling painfully agnes haudin
conger itsel a young anebentwhipped thrashed on the waa
9 gin haughmagandie is yerbentan ilka laddie craves his
braw clivver laddie his fatherbentto the cardboard box of
nature is jist fer hellbenttae pit the fear o
gangs on ram stam hellbentye d think on the
as straight as he sbentbut you re a bitch
if you re straight orbentifyou live in a tent
i yin o the hillsbentis ae species o girs
impatient one old hack withbentspectacles and a tattered grey
kirk naethin like aunt florencebentower tae fusper in her
on the scap a wifiebentaside her creel fillin it
cunt you sayin ah mbenthe runs at cammy makes
in his nostrils as hebentforward to read the smaller
wes fair cruppen thegither anbentin twa wi the rheumatics
stricks strikes lem earthenware benkledbentfaider father yerd enclosed field
can only shake his headbentover a chair shaking with
to his head as hebentover maddo poking him in
of a stick with abentpin for a hook he
aa the time he livedbentower him an pit her
threids ah see hir yitbentower hir poke o silks
his shoulder then the assizebenttheir heads together and soon
stiffly approached it a smallbentfigure darted away down the
become so hollow chested andbentthat he looked quite small
hope they don t getbentin the post hope you
watter wi the big rodbentdooble layin intae a fish
room like a gliding cranebentdown and spoke in a
like praying monks we fourbentdown to kneel how duncan
amangst the widded trees ibentma erse wi perfect ease
every note she sang shebenther voice to her will
chaste like beasts unconsciously devoutlybenton offspring davidson in the
ticht the frame s awbentan rusted a hardly could
how its system could bebentto their own requirements one
natural world which he sbenton destroying now we have
railway line and if progressionbentalmost double at times beneath
of the locals were portersbentto an angle of 45
gress on the bens isbentsklef at mids bi the
the wheel back on andbentthe nail up and up
of the year english bowsbentfast and free on flodden

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