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swigs from the jug silencebernaaye aw the folk in
lori appears by the bridgebernaswigs from the jug coorse
all fall over laughing loudlybernaswigs from the jug silence
auld mithir they laugh loudlybernaswigs from the jug silence
s noh mah real mithirbernaswigs from the jug yur
swigs from the jug silencebernayi see hoo wur addin
hurry to the bridge auntybernafalls on her back robby
robby tess aaaah ooooh auntybernais carrying a large stone
mah dreams della robby auntybernajagged ursell useless weavin they
tess fibbin again della auntybernaso he s come efter
pause here tess gee auntybernathat jug wi yur special
della goad preserve us auntybernawi the tremens krista shakein
ah shouted ti um auntybernawis like he couldnae hear
hae loosened ur tongue awreadybernalaughs then staggers around tess
haes della and krista chasebernashe staggers to the bridge
an eat husnae been bewitchedbernastaggers and falls to the
hae a spell oan itbernastaggers up then makes her
listens to zeb and bernabernaah ken whit ah wrote
s been it the brewbernaauntie berna mind the brig
and listens to zeb andbernaberna ah ken whit ah
s he come fur auntiebernaberna cause ah telt um
loud loud and clear enterbernaberna fine ah kent you
real tess shush yur trapbernaberna goes toward tess tess
womb tess tries to hugbernaberna makes to hug her
jug robby makes to hitbernaberna reaches for her whip
stories yi kin tell taebernaberna stumbles to her feet
loudly as they gather aroundbernaberna thurs something noh richt
he come fur auntie bernabernacause ah telt um ti
fi yur skin zeb enoughbernacontrol yourself berna mind yur
loud and clear enter bernabernafine ah kent you d
tess shush yur trap bernabernagoes toward tess tess cowers
her berna pushes tess awaybernahere awa wi yi near
wis a he robby andbernalaugh silence berna times like
she continues whipping berna silencebernalaughs oan yi go krista
tess tries to hug bernabernamakes to hug her back
it the brew berna auntiebernamind the brig side s
zeb enough berna control yourselfbernamind yur tongue you ah
berna tries to hug herbernapushes tess away berna here
robby makes to hit bernabernareaches for her whip tess
herm yi oany mair enterbernashe s very drunk berna
oany mair she continues whippingbernasilence berna laughs oan yi
mother s sister ay auntiebernasilence tess auntie berna tell
yi kin tell tae bernabernastumbles to her feet tess
auntie berna silence tess auntiebernatell us whit yi wrote
as they gather around bernabernathurs something noh richt here
robby and berna laugh silencebernatimes like this robby a
shoogy mi tess goes tobernatries to hug her berna
berna she s very drunkbernawhaurs mah laddie he s
mithir micht hae some tessbernasings an bent doon the
een mithir she gently shakesbernasit yursell up show mi
mi a mithir s lovebernastutters awa wi yi ya
yur dauchter tell mi mithirbernawhispers yur mithirs deid tess
tess makes her way tobernawho lies sleeping tess mithir
will yi ever shoogy mibernayur mithir s deid pause
lori away lori kicks overbernas jug tess crawls away
exit robby lori and tessbernashe kicked this jug ower
o aw the places enterbernashe picks up the jug
that ll set yi upbernatakes the jug then takes
it then wis it thenbernathrows the jug down then
the whip on the groundbernahope you re noh gittin
scars oan his face fibernas whip silence della noo
me enter tess tess grabsbernas whip starts to beat
krista tess lori robby andbernaare grouped around an open
day wi widnae git punishedbernagawn she hits tess across
this true tess true thitbernahaed a dauchter tess awa
tess will ah git auntiebernakrista nae need here she
feet tess better thin minebernamah laddie uh ll come
tess silly robby did auntiebernanoh say shid wrote ti
wis shunned wi sol anbernarobby fur why tess tess
tess to the gound exitbernarobby lori lori you stae
makes to hit tess silencebernasee hoo the story unfolds
moan loudly tess holds loribernastarts to cry della krista
o the story in tessbernastory wis stertit ti keep
ower there in the gravebernathis whiles back tess yiv
20 s robby 20 sberna60 s zeb 30 s
that be reward a storybernaand robby laugh robby you
us robby della starts coughingbernaaye della s lung blood
robby come from the bridgebernaaye yull pae noo fur
his lightnin strikes yis exitbernadella git the wreath robby
the tambourine robby he hebernagees a hand robby a
feart pause feart o whatbernarobby bastard auld maistir bastard
pit they d be safebernasafe laughs robby best the
in between krista and dellabernasimple that is robby he
he s come efter awbernastruggles up robby throws down
robby gee us the yinbernatelt yi yin she first
won t she read itbernawell ah could say robby
you an robby silence dellabernawrote yi pause hoodid shi
comin krista kind considerate auntiebernas been plannin ti surprise
in the letter zeb auntiebernas letter had a lot
an you jist stertitn auntiebernasniffin roon us like wi
write ti him aboot auntiebernazeb she calls you auntie
story yid think ih silencebernaah best awa lori s
lori s bi the brigbernakep awbody agin each other
she maks mah flesh creepbernathat you peenjin again lori
lori all laugh krista ayebernathe brew s daein fine
forgive me della but whenbernagave birth to me why
he took his brothers wifebernahe lay wi hur della
or della no love nothingbernalove what the hell hus
the glen della krista sitbernaower there aw wi need
road gae early this morningbernasilence della skippin an whistling
tonic della glug oan thatbernathat ll set yi up
jig della she wants tibernayis uh ll aw bi
d better watch fur auldbernazeb della she d tak
zeb were you ever soberbernapause funerals mak mi sad
the core silence exit zebbernasings yes i ll cling
zeb finally receive payment silencebernawull baithe git whit s
hert ken hate hate furbernazeb worse much worse than
heap of soil and spadebernayiv poisoned the brew pause
off mind it del kristabernagave it a fair clout
he staein krista yi heardbernahe s come fur his
words krista what yi needbernais a swig o the
the stanes oan the brigbernakrista still loose they ur
all laugh krista leather hertedbernashe wis the yin aye
they all laugh loudly silencebernasittin roon the fire wis
upper world ah m fearedbernaan you you ya soppy
an tastes unaw bluebells honeybernasmells tastes ya slaverin bissim
they stand at the bridgebernaya pair o half bred
is micht be seen silencebernasings an mary spoke ti
true an real game silencebernasings on a hill far
o diamonds an sapphires furbernasings on a hill far
helps her to sit downbernaawa wi yi git yur
the auld yins wur breathinbernamibi fur yur ain guid
here bi yur side silencebernatakes a swig from the
you aboot the story makerbernayur gae near bein yin
did yi taste the cherriesbernaawa coorse oo did tak
hert soothe the bairny sbernaawa wi yi afore ah
yi sung ti mi silencebernaaye fine ah mind pause
can read it for herselfbernacontessa pause well hen yi
and will back then silencebernaefter yi left eftir yi
hunner yi ken aw thatbernagaithirid roon the sparkin flames
yi swaddled mi in silencebernathone skin o yours ridder
a shawl so yi kinbernawhat did ah tell yi
faired worse than i silencebernahere you three awa up
bit the bag the labelsbernalippin me pause ah ll
nae mare byre work forbernapause ah ll jist sit
wis a guid teacher auldbernapause ah wanti ti hear
taste whit wis the tastebernapause soor as bile they
last years aw fu obernas stories pause shid bi
no i don t drinkbernayou will you will pause
when the story got stertedbernathe bastard auld maistir first
aye ah kin ah kinbernait s aw havers in
a whisper o gress sproutinbernaah m awa up the
awa up the bothy wibernashe ll be settlin him
runnin aboot wis ah thenbernathone far awa days seemed
hae you ever tasted cherriesbernaauld gerda noo she hud
mess it up crumple itbernaaw she ll dae aw
back aw aw naw nawbernahere s the slitherin sleekit
with you in this statebernawhat s aw the hurry
sweet like the wild strawberrybernalike us nae enough sun
kept them down right enoughbernanot even bible reading they
wid best start noo aforebernaappears thone rantin an ravin
the scrubbin an polishin thenbernahaed a son ti sol
i give contessa the letterbernathen she can read it
s tane his big bagbernahaverin blethers he s cam

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