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your leg giein ye painbessiea bittie gladys fit did
as well in my flatbessieand gladys have been organising
a neighbour aged 20 dialectbessieand gladys speak broad aberdeen
arcade but wi video shopsbessieattacking gladys on another tack
s deid gladys mary farquharbessieaye bannerman was her mairried
ye onything for the painbessieaye i think so gladys
wi chrissie gladys oor chrissiebessieaye she didna like him
imagine it in oor daybessiebessie fit gladys young neil
course in the war minbessiebessie just nods quietly gladys
gladys is that a richtbessiebravely it ll dee gladys
just comin tae that bessiebessiedelighted to have annoyed gladys
peggy ye ve nae milkbessiedid gladys nae get ony
tellt me she was deidbessiefa gladys furious mary farquhar
was she nae a duncanbessiefa gladys mary farquhar bessie
gladys irrepressible abody ran taebessiefan they were in trouble
it in oor day bessiebessiefit gladys young neil and
i owe ye gladys fitbessiefor the messages i must
she got three folk ootbessiefour gladys weel aye but
need tights peggy all rightbessiegladys kens the eens i
aul boot in the streetbessiegladys oh me aul boot
to get your ain wyebessiei dinna gladys ye div
i dinna gladys ye divbessiei dinna gladys ye div
week were ye wantin somethingbessiei ll manage gladys got
fit like are ye bessiebessiei m a richt gladys
she s deid gladys ayebessiei never kent that she
fa gladys furious mary farquharbessiei never tellt you that
gladys an she s deidbessiei tellt ye gladys i
fa ye were speakin abootbessieimpatiently aye gladys an she
s that you want backbessieinstantly 1 22 gladys there
bessie fa gladys mary farquharbessieirritated i dinna ken fa
in the war min bessiebessiejust nods quietly gladys can
crimson gladys it was reedbessielouder it was crimson wi
in the paper gladys fabessiemary farquhar she used ti
being recognised it isn tbessiemaybe i ll see gladys
noo dinna start you twobessiemuttering weel i dinna gladys
it doesna say gladys mandarinbessienae raspberry gladys no because
that s fit you wantedbessienescafé aye gladys but granules
when andy was a loonbessieoh aye gladys an he
pooder or granules gladys granulesbessieoh gladys is that a
did ye get gladys nescafébessieoh pooder or granules gladys
that ends in pointing atbessiepeggy of course gladys oooh
being affa hard on gladysbessieshe likes to hae something
tae andy farquhar gladys ayebessieshe s deid gladys aye
wordies hersel gladys i divbessieshe s ower young peggy
whale day gladys gladys fitbessiethat day on the fairm
gladys weel there is noobessiethat s feel at gladys
it was gladys fit wisbessiethe bannerman s fairm we
ging gladys roon the backbessiethere s nae wye roon
still fa in an athingbessieunable to resist keeping gladys
i d nae idea gladysbessiewas oot like a flash
could bring some food inbessiewe ll see gladys think
gladys and conveys it tobessiewho stores it away gladys
gladys i canna stand mustardbessieye didna hae tae mak
eventually gladys i hope sobessieye ve a got your
fit she means gladys ohbessieyou are so you aye
gladys roughly dinna greet noobessieyou dinna want tae dae
till this minute gladys listenbessieyou re gettin real dottled
miss the jiggin the nichtbessieas lang s she min
sister i didna min thatbessieaye she worked in the
did that window there minbessiebessie who has intended telling
keep enough for my bussiebessiegrandly never min the 22p
weel ye never said thatbessiei did but never min
s fit they ve deenbessiei min fan you could
it was a green ribbonbessieit was reed i min
efter min nae the mornbessiemagnanimous in victory that s
what are you up tobessienaething i ve just min
said you didna want onybessienever min i ll be
min t something peggy fitbessienever you mind peggy ye
she s good is shebessieoch i can min things
s your earliest memory mabessiesmugly i min the sodgers
irritation aye i min tbessiethe richt kin this time
can a min the warbessietriumphantly i meant the first
that window there min bessiebessiewho has intended telling this
min it fae that agebessieyou ll min the bombin
peggy naebody s suggestin thatbessiean i m nae gan
peggy what s that mabessiebannerman mary bannerman her that
condition how are ye feelinbessiecaul she hunches herself peggy
struggle to read the billbessiefit does that say peggy
re oot o milk mabessiefit peggy ye ve nae
do something for her birthdaybessiefit wye peggy she will
er what s a dumplingbessieflummoxed just a dumpling peggy
you ve been used taebessiei can manage fine peggy
you like to ging inbessiei m fine peggy weel
to think aboot the futurebessiei m nae movin peggy
get onything else she needsbessiei need tights peggy all
peggy ma fit s wrangbessiei ve seen it afore
eeeeeh peggy er tooth edgedbessieimpatiently na na it begins
never got you ony fruitbessieit says here peggy taking
first signs o bein anitherbessielivingstone peggy but fit s
that say peggy 13 78bessiena na the first line
uses that i dinna kenbessiena surely no peggy nae
have ye peggy yes mabessienane left for me was
switch of focus back tobessiepeggy takes hold of the
sister aged 79 peggy livingstonebessies daughter aged 59 loretta
face peggy is just puzzledbessies urgency increases ye mauna
peggy she will be eightybessiethat s nae unusual these
settles down with the paperbessietriumphantly bannerman peggy what s
tellin me aboot mary dyinbessieaye mary farquhar fae the
nae andy farquhar s wifebessiena na na farquhar was
re gettin richt dottled bessiebessiean you re gettin richt
bessie drops a gentle irrelevancybessieat s richt we used
you re gettin richt dottledbessiebessie an you re gettin
was just comin tae thatbessiebessie delighted to have annoyed
loudly fit like are yebessiebessie i m a richt
the mornin wasn t itbessiebessie with smug quiet authority
spring again into the silencebessiedrops a gentle irrelevancy bessie
bessie look look at ehmbessief1125: mmhm f1126: look look
who s bessie is thatbessief1126: nope yea- f1125: is
f1126: yes f1125: who sbessieis that bessie f1126: nope
s what s that f1113: bessieit s called bessie the
[child noise] look at him andbessielook look at ehm bessie
f1113: bessie it s calledbessiethe bird f1114: no that
mornin wasn t it bessiebessiewith smug quiet authority ten
have something to eat toobessieand loretta are served by
spoken tae loretta and neilbessieapparently hurt oh i see
loretta an you enjoyed itbessieaye it was grand loretta
to manage withoot your stickbessiei forgot an loretta was
ha e the last wordbessieshouting no i dinna loretta
good at loretta firmly taebessiethey toast her neil speech
a new een on mebessieto loretta just put the
saved three folk s livesbessieto loretta mrs chesterton was
we see that it holdsbessiea hunched shrunken aged looking
period is the present charactersbessielivingstone née wilson aged 84
a hunched shrunken aged lookingbessiepale and withdrawn she is
tae neil what is itbessiea dumpling biled in a
goes out with her pausebessieand neil both appear to
be congratulated all look towardsbessieand that s neil he
of these is inhabited bybessieand the other by neil
begins wi s neil serratedbessieat s it i aye
oh ma neil lavy paperbessieaye newspaper efter abody had
she bade here an abessiein ere far neil is
let alane neil entering pushingbessiein front of him at
neil but this is wednesdaybessieit s nae it s
a fairm neil neil nobessieit widna be the same
me give you a pillbessiemaybe i ll see neil
t get too much forbessieneil oh that yeah yeah
neil some wine mrs livingstonebessieoh no nae wine i
too neil beginning to pullbessietowards the door which programme
affa travel though every daybessiefit div i owe ye
by her wye o tbessieresponding instantly weel you div
centre richt ower the streetbessieweel far div the cars
d better get the doctorbessiena na i m a
on mrs livingstone your turnbessiena na na you dinna
a fortune tae pit inbessiena she was lucky there
mairried name wasn t itbessiena that was her ain
fit did the doctor saybessieoch naething he s nae
are speakin tae each otherbessieoch she doesna ken half
than 50 i would thinkbessieoch she must have been
it was gey draughty thoughbessieoch you re aye feelin
she d ken the placebessieon her mettle och it
hae a fa or somethingbessiei m nae haein her
again fa s that nowbessieit ll be mrs lindsay
gettin oot o your bedbessieyou re a fine een
aye but een was deidbessiea the same a moment
tellt me she s deidbessieher that was mairried tae
s nae deid is shebessiei think it was yesterday
tae worry aboot ony mairbessiechanging the subject get me
on your ain ony mairbessieevery day o my childhood
he tosses back his drinkbessieif that loon has ony
be ony work for youbessieno i ll just leave
the same nae tae mebessiefit kin did ye get
kennin fit tae dee weelbessiegot the kids tae rin
fit it is oh mebessiethat s a richt iron
ll get ye a cupbessiedinna fash yoursel i m
dinna dee it for herbessiei dinna think she d
you dinna want to gobessiethey can i read aboot
helps of course they dinnabessiethey do then they say
my marching orders is itbessieyou dinna need to bide
ma are ye a richtbessiehardly able to breath aye
richt ma we can managebessiei hate being stuck in
was a richt wee roguebessiejoey was a richt he
the bill fruit yoghurt mabessieoh a richt sudden suspicion
weeks tae me and taebessieas weel i ken sae
to worry aboot pause weelbessieit s my hoose an
roon till the next daybessieoh weel i ll manage
assumes command of the partybessieweel efter oor mither died
come on a wee dropbessieweel just a spot cheers
fault the fleer was weetbessieweel just you concentrate on
count as a ballad obessiebell and mary gray they
amused what kind of dumplingbessiehave you never heard o
tea efter a that fussbessiei never made a fuss
a lot tae cope wibessieme i ve never been
aye took a good tanbessieno no i could never
him jist across the lobbybessiesourly i never see him
which programme s that thenbessiethe bill i never misses
we never had grass herebessiewe did i used to
only wi a reed frockbessieyou never had a reed
for folk that s dottledbessiefirmly i m nae gan
to speak tae ye abootbessieguessing what s coming nae
mak a cup o teabessiei m nae coming ower
face the need to changebessiei m nae gan tae
it it was 10p affbessiei m nae surprised it
yours nae come the daybessiei made custard for my
world no they re naebessiei ve tellt you st
that s a different eenbessieit s nae she tellt
nae change for my bussiebessieme i didna ken far
re all here with youbessieno my leg s nae
chilly oot o the sunbessiei ll be fine she
the rear all right nowbessiei m fine has abody
ll get them the mornbessiethat s fine i m
there a great big buildingbessieaye at the side o
her backwards out through itbessieaye but dae ye ken
t she 60 next monthbessieaye her birthday s two
aye a little wee wifiebessieaye just a teeny wee
in aiberdeen though was therebessieaye ye hear a aboot
a gipsy da aye saidbessiechoosing not to hear her
nope yea- f1125: is thatbessief1126: aye f1125: who s
on my hands and kneesbessieno it was aye left
aye been earth like thisbessiestubbornly it was grass then
aye meenie was my grandmabessiewas my mum an i
eh for a whilie onyweybessiewickedly a surprise oh aye
ribbon wi a green frockbessieye aye wore a reed
if i get awa noobessieare ye gan doon the
an got er ma bigbessiewis a beezer noo she
those days like a horsebessieyou wouldna think it noo
time so at doesna maitterbessiecomplacently she is the centre
to her feet staring atbessiein horror then she turns
is from the flat abovebessies she is 48 and
one day she ll rebelbessieshe s been rebelling against
bird f1114: no that sbessieshe s going to see
to look out it isbessieshe said she d be
your ain she waits forbessieto speak but her mouth
as she is auntie gladbessieurgently tak me in i
tea she gives it tobessiewho doesn t acknowledge it
ye think ye re daeinbessiewilson that was sair she
oot here are ye enterbessiea rather frail 84 year
just have to enjoy itbessieare ye gan tae tell
time ye liked tham bestbessieat was maxwell hoose i
hoose quickly moving on beforebessiecan interrupt ye d be
be a help tae yebessiehaein him jist across the
so it s 13 78bessiei gave ye 10 already
wir lunch doon the toonbessiei ll see ye then
3 78 ye owe mebessiein the depths of her
loves hers ye ken thatbessieit widna be just like
bring ye oot a cheerbessiestaying in the doorway out
exhausting yourself for no needbessiestubbornly they report ye if
day tae look efter yebessiestung out of her silence
as lang as ye likebessiesuddenly urgently you re wrang
right pause are you listeningbessiesulkily i canna hear ye
think i was ever therebessieye were afore the war
re a wicked auld ladybessiedelighted i ken they laugh
complain aboot my washer drierbessiethe backie was a grass
aboot that for a whiliebessiewrily i winna need tae
ll be feelin the heatbessiea voice from the darkness
the girl now whispering tobessiei ll get the cake
cake down on the tablebessiere taking control you ll
greet ll help you silencebessietears gone her spirit back
things up aff the fleerbessiethen they ll just ha
the bag wi the stuffbessietrying to rise i ll
found in there look atbessief1125: yay f1126: [inhale] right
yes yes it is wowbessiecontinuing her own thoughts but
room for kate and mebessiehim and her would ha
upstairs in her own flatbessieis instantly awake and bright
me then this worries herbessieoot by rosehearty i think
their firewatchin on their backsbessieregaining control of her story
wore at bannerman s fairmbessiesmoothly her voice drops to
and tips out a pillbessietakes it her breathing is
t know what to dobessietaking on all her old
of her nose and eyesbessiethat s the first time
bolts out of the doorbessietries to get her stick
i d rether get himbessiemaybe in the morning if
get the cake he goesbessiestill grumbling is athing deen
seeds get under your platebessiethe seeds get under my
oh you re sae stubbornbessiei ve needed to be
you tried any of thembessiesulking i think they re
he gave it tae mabessieit s the only wye
f1041: meenie was my grunnybessiewas my ma an i
bide thegether in oor daybessiehe widna ve been allowed
goes back to the paperbessieyou spiled that whale day
patiently do you want teabessiei m a bittie dry
tae tak them this timebessiegrumbling they mak me sick
it would do you goodbessieit brings me oot in
fan they see me cominbessiemrs lindsay had it weeks
bag and prepares to exitbessieno no naething for me
he d been at collegebessietwice so he tells me
towartis the wa sayin taebessiebryden james walter brydon s
he liked his drink anabessiehe took a bucket tae
so i was meenie sbessies billie oh f1054: can
can just see you thoughbessiewirin into the heap o
work had to be deenbessiei did a good washin
st nicholas street has disappearedbessieach that was lang ago
been high jacked even ifbessieis its heroine i was
well i was meenie sbessies billie f1054: gosh so
so i was meenie sbessies billie [laugh] m1042: an
so i was meenie sbessies billie m1042: that s
come rinnin in shouting forbessiethere was this direct hit
watter for the fire anbessiewas into the pile o
when he was a loonbessiewhen alistair was a loon
s part 2 you wantbessieswift change of subject as
f1113: uh huh it saysbessieand ribble f1114: let s
can you find rockit andbessieand ribble where s rockit
winna be for lang maybebessieit s been lang enough
oor tootsie s millie sbessies jimmy s grace s
agreement with this interpretation ofbessies powers sae i picked
discovers herself not only throughbessies voice which has changed
up in john lewis sbessiesnappy irritable and therefore unreasonable
that s not on tonightbessieyes it is every tuesday
o daein onything for itbessiea meal i couldna manage
without enthusiasm can i helpbessieno no jist you sit
to put things through separatelybessiereading fruit i didna ask
i brought the bill toobessietakes the handbag and the
much here i said tobessiewe werena needin a this
back into the shade forbessieto sit on are you
full o queer looking buildingsbessiehasna been doon the toon
it they settle to listenbessieassumes command of the party
it had a scalloped neckbessieshouting that wisna reed it
fan they were in troublebessieriding effortlessly over the top
they were thick with stourbessiethe servant had left and
the rest o george streetbessiethere must be they canna
joining in reluctantly at firstbessiewith enthusiasm but little volume
spree all along from kdybessiebeadie in great form saturday
there is a long silencebessieis crying very quietly and
moment expecting more resistance butbessieseems almost asleep this decides
other hand in the splendidbessiesmith sequence of the collection
and also with his servantbessieweems these last twenty two
burdoun wasna spared his servantbessieweems wasna spared faith he

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