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by the prophet and yebethlehemin the kintra o juda
kintra and a man fraebethlehemo juda gaed awa tae
ruth gangs wi naomi taebethlehemo juda in bethlehem puirtith
chilion they were ephrathites fraebethlehemo juda they set awa
tae bethlehem o juda inbethlehempuirtith gars ruth gaither frae
quo they tae him inbethlehemo judaea for sae it
when jesus was born inbethlehemo judaea in the days
bethlehem whan they cam taebethlehemthe haill brugh was in
o them airtit on taebethlehemwhan they cam tae bethlehem
vi ii the brugh obethlehemis translatit the hoose o
flower in the sky nobethlehemto see or care poppies
begoud whan they cam taebethlehemchaptir twa noo naomi had
nae on calvary or thebethlehemthey praise but on shitten
he sent them awa taebethlehemand quo he gang and
thair was boaz airtin fraebethlehemquo he tae the shurers
keep a name leevin inbethlehemlat yer hoose be as
tither lat us gang taebethlehemand see for oursels this
micah v 2 4 atweelbethlehemephratah ye are a peerie
irritates ane an aa thebethlehemscene s gaen rick ma
at nicht whaur else butbethlehemere licht the laddie turned
mmhm f639: you know tobethlehemi mean i really you

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