See this word as a collocate cloud

look a richt frump murielbettera frump than a tart
red inferno crackles down belowbettera moment s flame than
this m1007: but who wasbetterat putting that across than
resources to making secure accommodationbetterat reducing reoffending than it
paradise lost when christian declaresbetterbe mad in heaven than
you can get a muchbetterbook for thirty quid than
lord i was drowning whatbettercan i build than this
incidentally noel came from abetterclass of folk than we
says aye but you rebetterclass than patsy and that
you a its life abettercompanion than many a wife
nou queen yawning ye dbettercry him in than ah
happen because you won abetterdeal than was expected or
contains my favourite lines neverbetterdelivered in my view than
you it s a cardbettereen than neen i m
oxford brookes was offering abetterenglish course than oxford uni
likit her faither s sheltsbettereven than jock dow or
livin body aboot the placebettereven than matty s mither
enemy right there s nobetterexample than that than y-
some tenants may have beenbetterfavoured than others if the
sense of humour she sbetterfun than any boy i
there have also been muchbettergrowth figures than were predicted
ither respects this is abetterhappier place tae be than
to find anyone with abetterheart than catalina homar but
ken whit i mean m942: betterhoney trap than that f940:
place looks semi civilised muchbetteri feel than the open
will get worse rather thanbetteri wonder where all the
stay it would be abetteridea than her coming here
glasgow you ve a lotbetteridea what s what than
than thirteen lines women farebetterin an anthology of scottish
as if he wis asleepbetterin fact than he d
because apparently the food sbetterin there than it is
a car necessarily has abetterincome than someone who does
better than pompitie a lotbetterit s lyke as if
provision and made a muchbetterjob of it than the
provision can sometimes do abetterjob than local authority services
some of us made abetterjob than others there were
aweill than man ye dbetterjyne us the re aye
grahame the minister got therebetterlate than never at least
panties jean swore i hidbetterlegs than her bit at
ye besides she ll bebetterlooked after than she would
a go at you maggiebetterme than carolanne sadie taken
got in and they werebettermen than we dr johnson
shortages though apparently it sbetternow than five years ago
scotland although it s be-betternow than it was no
is because things have gotbetternow than than it was
stalinist cartographer but thought thebetterof it so later than
in scotland is currently muchbetteroff linguistically ah than in
with no family they werebetteroff than many or would
up to 30 a weekbetteroff than they are alex
and austria are all certainlybetteroff than those in scotland
than macbeth drily it sbetterootsyde you nor inby him
the floor of the busbetterout than in as grandma
edge in scotland by providingbetterpay than is provided in
day to day and whatbetterplace to do it than
atween kandy an colombo saebetterplaced than the planter s
benefits system would be muchbetterplaced to tackle homelessness than
me this mornin somethin aboutbetterplay wi the deil than
we are in a muchbetterposition than we were in
we continue to make muchbetterprogress than we have made
clothes were clearly of abetterquality than those of joseph
know who are often morebetterread than i am because
readers who are actually farbetterread than i am [laugh]
sent back to find abetterrhyme for go than also
much trouble but you rebettersafe than sorry so dad
blue whiting are generally inbettershape than whitefish stocks and
issued were in a muchbetterstate than a 20 per
think that that songs isbettersung in gaelic than they
can walcum ye aw thebettersyne or than god be
capitalist faces jile wad bebetterthan a cauld hoose na
a performance it s milesbetterthan a friday night in
a hey it s notbetterthan a helicopter where s
being a farmer s wifebetterthan a nurse nan hesitatit
i mean that s evenbetterthan a scotvec f638: i
found i could use itbetterthan a- [laugh] other people
s nocht at hei likesbetterthan ae guid auld fashont
didna tho ach twis nanebetterthan aiberdeen beach he said
as good as fiona butbetterthan almost anyone else letters
he needs over there muchbetterthan an old half sister
of his genius filled himbetterthan any meal made him
indebtedness to william robertson smithbetterthan any other man perhaps
of auld lang syne farbetterthan any shakespeare sonnet one
think i will naturally bebetterthan anybody who isn t
wayne kenneth more doing soldiersbetterthan anyone i ever met
meat on the bird wisbetterthan anythin ah e er
the outskirts of helsinki muchbetterthan anything seen in sweden
granny can dee t farbetterthan at there were two
gaelic medium learnit bairns performedbetterthan bairns learnit english by
wording is satisfied would bebetterthan believes when it came
neil but it would workbetterthan brown paper gladys triumphantly
it it would have beenbetterthan brown paper gladys you
clock in the morning whobetterthan catalina to run s
is a great word muchbetterthan chancer it s a
discovered that tuna s actuallybetterthan chicken so i m
i think i like itbetterthan christmas pudding they ve
it s quite a bitbetterthan close encounters dear mum
say anythin cos it wisbetterthan daein real work anyway
patronising m819: third world sbetterthan developing country but erm
residing in holland were nobetterthan devils but folk would
on the ground know farbetterthan do people sitting in
their experience nurses are muchbetterthan doctors at performing many
traditional means was on averagebetterthan early pfi schools b
uncles thought it would bebetterthan farm work and tried
credit that machines can workbetterthan flesh and blood andy
hunner pals oh it sbetterthan haein dochters an i
ere s naething she likesbetterthan haudin oot tae the
as a whole that isbetterthan having a constitutional right
composition of the board isbetterthan having as a token
but i could thole itbetterthan he could he began
matty s he likes mebetterthan he likes matty daisy
just sit [swallow] i mbetterthan her actually i sit
eejit mrs eejit was naebetterthan her guidman she didna
think they ll all bebetterthan her [laugh] f1148: [laugh]
okay so i could bebetterthan him you know and
yi git hit it sbetterthan hittin somebody an when
house andy likes cars muchbetterthan horses which are smelly
accountants can answer the questionbetterthan i can all that
and she can ski farbetterthan i can which isn
because he put it muchbetterthan i could to the
but they knew the groundbetterthan i did and i
went well it certainly wentbetterthan i expected but that
have said i know youbetterthan i know anyone and
still manages to exist probablybetterthan in most other parts
parliaments the system must workbetterthan it appears to have
seafront could be a lotbetterthan it is it s
watched the dancing it sbetterthan it is now you
sector must be managed muchbetterthan it is that is
head to be sort ofbetterthan it might have been
f641: [laugh] but it wasbetterthan it was f639: it
oh i ken thae bastardsbetterthan iver noo smooth as
a good approach it isbetterthan just waiting for people
in some ways liked itbetterthan leningrad not so impressive
heard auld eneuch tae kenbetterthan let a littlin try
milne i shid o kentbetterthan lippen on the shoorin
glasgow and oh this isbetterthan london and the shops
nae alloy ye made mebetterthan masell fu fifty year
tae dae the wark whabetterthan masell hunter s song
tae dae the wark whabetterthan masell or hauf sae
tae dae the wark whabetterthan masell tae end the
tae dae the wark whabetterthan masell tho man it
re a wee bit educatedbetterthan me m608: they ve
gettin it f1101: you rebetterthan me then aren t
i think they like hambetterthan meat they just like
f1139: ah see yours arebetterthan mine that s good
s junkies have gone onebetterthan mother nature they can
week andrew mcnaughton that isbetterthan nothing and it is
t feeling cocky pyjamas arebetterthan nothing but no real
proposal was that something isbetterthan nothing but that was
way of coming alive butbetterthan nothing i could try
work but he says itsbetterthan nothing norman is still
had a present for mebetterthan nylons chrissie black market
nylons i hope dod muchbetterthan nylons i ll drap
which says that two arebetterthan one if you want
sae fock there understands itbetterthan ony ither body m865:
the fact he likit herbetterthan ony livin body aboot
robert tell me it sbetterthan oor wee ferm in
pandemic year is scotland faringbetterthan other areas or is
work although some are clearlybetterthan others it is rather
some of it would bebetterthan others obviously and but
some of the material wasbetterthan others ron tuck that
you know some stuff soundedbetterthan others to me but
ye r feelin a bitbetterthan pompitie a lot better
after all is probably nobetterthan she should be when
week consultation period obviously isbetterthan six weeks it is
throwe a gairage door littlebetterthan stable staas they war
an fowk fa likit naethinbetterthan tae coont the feathers
a good job a lotbetterthan teaching i also received
doing it really a lotbetterthan than they start off
big man it ll bebetterthan that in fact forget
assure you it widnae bebetterthan that jonsar eck hid
scotland s older people deservebetterthan that that is why
support from partnerships uk isbetterthan that which they would
that respect this option isbetterthan the alternatives and can
played songs that he knewbetterthan the barrenness of his
trousers they suited you marginallybetterthan the drab navy and
like that it wis evenbetterthan the first time cos
he likit the local weeminbetterthan the hame grown variety
lower bunks but it wasbetterthan the hard ground and
to do them is muchbetterthan the heavy handed approach
intae it s far farbetterthan the last een i
mrs beaumont well that sbetterthan the old days when
which seem to be muchbetterthan the ones in glasgow
separate and one as beingbetterthan the other or f963:
than the other or anybetterthan the other they re
night would have been slightlybetterthan the other two but
educational work around european issuesbetterthan the parliament and have
politically apt the chorus wasbetterthan the principals and the
had but scotland can daebetterthan the produce o the
sure it tastit a lotbetterthan the professional stuff that
f640: the anticipation was probablybetterthan the realisation [laugh] f639:
than the realisation [laugh] f639: betterthan the realisation [laugh] [laugh]
voluntary groups do some thingsbetterthan the state does they
the street and yeah muchbetterthan the supermarket f1038: sort
i can put it nobetterthan the sutherland report did
take them they pay farbetterthan the u k too
her as weel if naebetterthan the wirds in the
that our act will bebetterthan theirs phil gallie given
resources to make the situationbetterthan they thought it was
discover that they have donebetterthan they thought they had
is misleading because they arebetterthan they were even since
time f1126: aye they rebetterthan this fimble ones i
gaelic medium taught children performedbetterthan those children taught only
they d know a bitbetterthan to pen each other
oh you should have knownbetterthan to trust her m941:
nae fleas or bugs whitbetterthan twa wally dugs a
maybe you think you rebetterthan us maybe that s
bed he seemed a bitbetterthan usual mair alert listenin
a shuffle forward is certainlybetterthan we have had before
to refine and distinguish thembetterthan we have previously would
f1038: that s so muchbetterthan what i did f1037:
and it is not muchbetterthan what we have but
of time f1144: [laugh] f1054: betterthan what we re saying
than nothing and it isbetterthan where we are at
rennet and this was muchbetterthan with warmed up milk
surprised i know lord monboddobetterthan you and he is
ah weel i ve deenbetterthan you because i ve
that they could do itbetterthan you that happens too
better aff up the stairbetterthan you think you ll
flame than years of gutteringbetterthe drawn blade and the
scene and probably a abetterthriving drama scene than than
strong s a magic spellbetterto float on words than
after all isn t itbetterto give than to receive
fit wye should you getbettertreatment than me in a
wondering whether it could bebetterused by someone other than
the warl at there arebetterways to do this than
yeah some people are farbetterwitnesses than others f963: mm
know it s a muchbetterword than chancer a chantywrastler
can tell hir she sbetteraff nor me at laest
lairnt ti fence ah wesbetterat it nor camsheuch castel
rant wi ma tongue butbetterbairns soud greit nor baerdit
the 400 year old proverbbetterbelly rive nor gweed mait
see gin we can bebetterfreins i the bed nor
mebbe ah l be abettergraundfaither nor a faither knicht
proverb collection of before 1598betterhand louse nor bund to
taen a turn for thebetterit s better nor it
but mebbe she l haebetterluck wi this ane nor
malcolm she s haed abetterlyfe nor maist ah dinna
an naethin beirs the greebetternor a side that is
fashiuss byde in is ayebetternor a tuim houss but
him ir the oniething avabetternor a wawed gairden wi
ken ah feel a sichtbetternor ever ah did afore
oniething in aw the warldbetternor hir even sae ye
loued moula an the bairnbetternor hir she says she
for the better it sbetternor it wes yestrein but
jek sum things ye lykebetternor ithers he pats him
howp neist year wul bebetternor lest but ah daursay
the waekest wyne is ayebetternor lew warm wattir auld
yeir faither naebodie kens thatbetternor me you tell yeir
warm wattir auld duds isbetternor nae claes ava an
lassie she coud spin forbybetternor oniebodie in aw the
likit her faither s sheltsbetternor ony o them she
loes ye wha has prievitbetternor seevin sons has bure
the day morag she sbetternor she wes lest setterday
an pouin wyld flouers ferrbetternor sittin kempin at hir
wes weill ah coud daebetternor that ah coud show
aboot the court is naebetternor thay soud be but
he said it wis naebetternor the bullers o buchan
at hert it lykes naethingbetternor ti dae fowk guid
sae for he lykes naethingbetternor ti jalouse a guid
shona but ye soud kenbetternor ti rub me up
a wyfe naebodie pleises mebetternor yeir maid jennie an
canna claen ma ain fuitbetternor you awa ye gang
an appearance that wul bebetternor you ir laughs ah
grew weel in yon neukbetternur hey nor corn faith
hissel an juist sayed aybetterower yer thrapple nor yer
thinkin it wad mak abetterrifle nor a sheil thare
fleggit wi gruesum dreams ferrbetterti be deid nor pass
you r aboot it sbetterti fleitch fuils nor flyte
wey ye d be ferrbetterwi macbeth nor sic a
be better funded and thereforebetterable to carry out their
better we should therefore bebetterable to serve its needs
that provide better services andbetteraccess to information for everybody
na na you ll bebetteraff up the stair better
gate tae professionalism they gotbetteran better at no uisin
professionalism they got better anbetterat no uisin thae words
re certainly better friends abetterband it feels that way
sure f1104: yeah we rebetterbe to be f1103: better
it oabvious that ye rebetterbetter from what oh yes
s better m1110: that sbettercbeebies bob cbeebies bob f1109:
stand a better chance stevebetterchance cammy o stopping each
ken then wid stand abetterchance steve better chance cammy
brought us security better tradebetterculture and integration let us
better f1125: now i dbetterdo this but you can
of better health services andbettereducation we will review our
have better paid staff andbetterequipment and facilities in our
is that better is thatbetterf1089: that s very good
is that better is thatbetterf1089: uh huh aye can
on then m1092: [inaudible] thatbetterf1091: that better m1092: mum
better f1118: [?]i saw them before[/?] that sbetterf1117: now put some water
goin to work that sbetterf1118: [?]i saw them before[/?] that s better
it s cooking is thatbetterf1125: now i d better
for that we re certainlybetterfriends a better band it
oabvious that ye re betterbetterfrom what oh yes of
that larger boards would bebetterfunded and therefore better able
of funding our priorities ofbetterhealth services and better education
is better they themselves becomebetteri am sure that we
in there now that sbetteris it is that better
to do this is thatbetteris that better f1089: that
i m colouring is thatbetteris that better f1089: uh
a minute now that sbetteris that better m1098: aye
it aff f1089: that sbetterlook is that better that
[inaudible] that better f1091: thatbetterm1092: mum [inaudible] in here
that s better is thatbetterm1098: aye f1097: okay well
better is it is thatbetterm1098: aye f1097: right wait
okay [?]beside[/?] better that sbetterm1110: that s better cbeebies
better no ye d juistbetterno malcolm gin ye want
livid with anger ye dbetterno ye d juist better
only ensured that we havebetterpaid staff and better equipment
issues that we must addressbetterpay better resources to do
with the aim of gettingbetterquality buildings and a better
we must address better paybetterresources to do the work
citizen focused projects that providebetterservices and better access to
better quality buildings and abettersystem of regulation in conclusion
s better look is thatbetterthat fits m1090: [inhale] yeah
better the definition is thebetterthat is for me my
twirly wirly roon okay [?]beside[/?]betterthat s better m1110: that
brief my officers on thebetterthe better the definition is
officers on the better thebetterthe definition is the better
if the new context isbetterthey themselves become better i
be better you d bebetterto hit somebody f632: mmhm
better be to be f1103: betterto stay at hame and
eu has brought us securitybettertrade better culture and integration
multi ethnic and multicultural societybetterwe should therefore be better
i think you d bebetteryou d be better to
coorse luikin buggers i dbetteract coorse mysel hou s
him here a d bebetteraff daein deacon dong a
think you d be oniebetteras them daur ye hae
ll say well i dbetterask hubby or i ll
whan it happent ye dbetterask that dochter o yours
whan it happent ye dbetterask yon dochter o yours
next year they d bebetterasking celtic s stephen jackie
d hink we d knowbetterat oor age as well
nicht dod nervously i dbetterawa then i ll eh
about like erm i dbetterbe careful about how clichéd
my darling joe i dbetterbe honest with you and
said a freen he dbetterbe or ance remindin foo
parritch is oot ye dbetterbe up an riggit we
d howp t ti daebetterbi him as hosts but
a ghost she d bebetterbidin at hame she shouldnae
d think we d knowbetterbut no crazy stuff big
een everywhere sae ye dbettercaw canny [audience laughs] [?]nae a sense this ain[/?] erm
wife the day ye dbettercaw canny mrs eejit said
them f1121: well you dbetter[censored: toilet noises] fitt aboot [censored: forename] do
this thing m1108: i dbettercheck mine as well f1107:
tellt him ye d bebetterchyngin that name tae boy
i doot he d bebettercled puir sowl he ll
of it but i dbettercollapse into bed take care
pause he feels he dbettercome clean she doesn t
s them right you dbettercome roond this side right
mmhm m605: we d bebetterconsidered and we d have
at aw anfisa ah dbettercry ferapont oliusha ah canna
nou malcolm ay ye dbetterdae that moula ye l
wow this is we dbetterdrop them on the couch
o rollt metal i dbettereen n jock an richt
me he s got evenbettereens but he d need
i ken chrissie i dbetterfind her georgie och aye
tae come it d beenbetterfor him if he had
excused lamely but we dbettergang an get that net
alang wi ye ye dbettergang hame first bi yeirsell
o life we d donebettergawn tae fife wrong note
f1111: okay f1112: we dbetterget all this things oot
drive away anyway i dbetterget cleared up and ready
f640: i think we dbetterget cracking f639: i know
cup no then we dbetterget down to business this
vice versa well i dbetterget on up the hill
aye here jim you dbetterget on wi your job
ti da jyle a dbetterget out o this quick
peggy i think i dbetterget the doctor bessie na
j well i d reallybetterget to bed mark s
davy i think you dbetterget up [laugh] f010: [laugh]
ah m thinkin ye dbettergie me back ma groat
veisit neist setterday ye dbettergit this place redd up
duin is duin ye dbettergit uised wi the notion
huh f1111: well we dbettergo and look out their
playin wi them you dbettergo and see them f1142:
good measure well i dbettergo as usual my best
lamb i think you dbettergo away back to the
he s implying i dbettergo back to my real
right see you i dbettergo cause i m makkin
ellis wow well i dbettergo do my ironing friday
of and said she dbettergo i was so upset
good time anyway i dbettergo now i m in
while i write i dbettergo take care send my
my mum now you dbettergo through and lie down
up come on we dbettergo where they gonna go
this an thocht ah dbetterhae a keik inti sum
gets another chrissie you dbetterhae een as weel every
sin they d aa bebetterhappit in wi that he
i think i d studybetterif i stayed here so
shoes sadie it d fitbetterif ye d make her
i think you d bebetterin your one because it
d like tae see yebetterit and it is satire
you d make a farbetterjob of that skirt her
place at aw ah dbetterjuist byde here whaur ah
wait a minute i dbetterjust nae very organised here
oot i think we dbetterjust own up eh angelica
juist the same ye dbetterkeep it for at hame
then angelica oh you dbetterkeep weel oot o my
hirsell nanse weill ye dbetterken this anaw naebodie speaks
ain warst enemie ye dbetterlairn ti dae as ye
corps we buirie we dbetterleave thaim til the houdie
tion i thocht i dbetterlet sarah ken sae i
haed been murdert she dbetterlisten weill for the birds
the sky puddok ye dbetterluik sherp richt aneuch ah
macduff a think we dbettermak oor judgments whan the
hae an the suiner thebettermebbe then we d flit
ay ah think we dbettermither wul be geyan roosed
i thought yes i dbettermove in case they come
ma fancie nanse ye dbettermynd whit ye r sayin
jumper f1141: well you dbetternae be right go and
was being naughty she dbetternae have been f1122: mummy
ken you so you dbetternae let me doon can
click in pause i dbetternae put it aff ony
if she d have beenbetternae to interfere in teenie
to a crawl you dbettername the day and stop
son the nicht ah dbetterno kittil him he s
im that an ye dbetterno push me ower ferr
the same tyme ye dbetterno say it again please
rain again but ye dbetterno try an pit yeir
stuck fast needle ye dbetterno try that again or
carol er oh we dbetternot tape this [laugh] f718:
yeah m804: [sh] we dbetternot tell everyone is it
name is i d bebetteroff dead obviously they ve
i think you d bebetteroff helping grannie island get
children they d be farbetteroff never seeing that pair
the ending will be muchbetteronce i d eked it
removes the spatula ye dbetterpit it awa again queen
that s terrible ye dbetterpit that fuit back ablo
a pictish quarry i dbetterpit ye oot o yer
we d have a abetterplace in the community you
s doon there you dbetterpull your seat over dinna
on her shoes we dbetterput on her coat f1111:
t we f1112: i dbetterput on slippers cause i
neither have i we dbetterput our heads together where
your fingers f1097: i dbetterput the peas on m1098:
mm f1125: you d bebetterputtin the bits in front
here f1125: you d bebetterputtin them in front o
see fitt ye d likebetterread this book to see
pay for that you dbetterreimburse me f826: and did
so i thought i dbetterreply quite quickly [censored: forename] had
sounds but wheisht a dbettersay nae mair enter macbeth
herself with them i dbettersee if she s ready
haes guid news ye dbettershaw him inti this chaumer
their way home you dbettersing them a song f1112:
a little georgie ye dbettersit doon here gi e
home i think you dbettersit down if i return
use chalk f1112: i dbettersit on something f1111: no
because she thought she dbettersupport her so [laugh] f1154:
an that she d daebettertae set aa notions like
seen it duin ye dbettertak a guid dram whan
hir gangril man ye dbettertak it back til hir
the others chrissie you dbettertak some mair o this
fleer he thocht he dbettertak tae his heels marriage
nanse the apples ye dbettertak this poke o aipils
little rabbits oh i dbettertake big james on here
file they thocht they dbetterteem e backet bit they
gaun tae dae we dbettertell dad f1134: no wey
ringan ah think ye dbettertell tam ti lowse the
understand the position you dbetterthink things over in the
smokin you d do muchbetterto give up grub fishing
it eilidh weill ye dbetterwait or ah m safe
sleepin bliss him ah dbetterwatch an no wauken him
hear it but ye dbetterwatch an try no ti
fondle zeb krista oo dbetterwatch fur auld berna zeb
yeir tung knicht ah dbetterwatch ma tung richt aneuch
for you muriel you dbetterwatch yoursel it s maybe
sick almost immediately i feltbetterwe d slowed down and
um stew he d understandbetterwhere yur comin fi dimps
that d be a lotbetterwouldn t it f1126: dry
it makes him feel oanybetteraboot hackin bits oot his
snooze an ye ll feelbetteran come the mornin ye
to feel a wee bitbetterand decided to scoot back
ah div feel a sichtbetterareddies ah can feel it
it i hope you feelbetteras the brighter weather approaches
it replaces it sadie feelbettercarolanne going back to her
tryin ta mak her feelbettercome you da nicht if
greit ah wad feel thebetterfor it ah juist canna
from drowning oh i feelbetterfor this he said oh
would make sore eyes feelbettergie s a twirl princess
air wad makk her feelbetterisie follaed her she likit
me feel a wee bitbetterlongley s proper name is
feel that we were taughtbetterm608: uh huh f637: ye
so i feel a bitbetternow i tried to phone
jim we a feel thebettero that shouting noo will
uncert sick wednesday 12 feelbetterto choir thursday 13 rbc
your hame ye ll feelbetterup on the high street
thocht to mak you feelbetterwhen the doctors canna they
it aye gart thaim feelbetterwhen they aw hid a
yes f1113: your nose feelbetterwi that on it f1114:
cuddle and mak him feelbetterwill she m1096: aye f1095:
us we feel a littlebetteryour mummy is a frog
job they will do muchbetteralan milburn the odious alan
i can walk so muchbetterand farther it s marvellous
her german is getting muchbetterand she can ski far
very well he is muchbetterat reading to himself or
the tap they were muchbetterat standing the wind and
s so much so muchbetterbut it s not f832:
the next he tries isbetterbut much too big the
undertaken to secure a muchbettercommunity atmosphere in that area
cumbernauld you know not muchbetterf809: [laugh] [exhale] f810: [sniff]
april i am in muchbetterhealth this morning as members
jessies evening she is muchbetterher face has cleared up
the farm below but muchbetteridentified by its dark heather
it s always so muchbetterif your pet chews a
the carling academy so muchbetterin like the smaller venue
have got very much gotbetterincluding free concessionary travel free
who do so have muchbetterlabour market outcomes in other
is nice m959: so muchbetterlike that f958: it s
f1089: no it s muchbetterm1090: i will show [censored: forename]
version paul that is muchbettermark right back on to
in black he looked muchbetternow clean and smart for
much unemployment was just ehbetteropportunities i think as far
an have got so muchbetterstuff nowadays i think f814:
bens english mountain only muchbetterthe first stop will be
the difference ed bigger andbetterthere has been so much
isn t it so muchbetterto sit here and turn
the choir is blending muchbetterunder the new conductor saturday
mu- it ll look muchbetterwhen the bruising goes away
i am breathing so muchbetterwhich means i can walk
things things got worse notbettera few days later i
up to 1939 things werebetterand there were all sorts
those but even in thebetterclasses how are things with
have enjoyed it a lotbetterf965: enjoyable things well i
them for anna things gotbetterfollowing effective treatment and she
communities and to make thingsbetterfor a host of people
said that things would getbetterfor older people they have
aged things are not gettingbetterfor pensioners they are getting
1900s things got a bittiebetterfor the smiths between 1905
think some things were werebetterin our day in that
would like to do thingsbetterit is considering how to
fact the mair fowk thebetterit made things easier bit
and hopefully to make thingsbetterit still seems like a
levers will somehow make thingsbetterms alexander i am not
things agnes still an allbettern she was here you
say things that wad bebetterno said at aw but
or if they realise anybetterthat the old things are
sleep things wul mebbe seembetterthe morn morag ah think
things were nae gettin onybetterthere wis still a lot
moved on to bigger andbetterthings and their shepherding was
deprivation despite my enthusiasm aboutbetterthings at home my friends
graduated to [laugh] bigger andbetterthings f965: but yeah but
tae stop spik he hidbetterthings tae dee of coorse
and i waited hopefully forbetterthings things got worse not
the meeting if she hasbetterthings to do although she
himself who would generally havebetterthings to do on a
imagine sinking his teeth intobetterthings words can sometimes play
such things it is stillbetterto brainstorm the convener thank
any consultation takes place thebetterbut how far back does
her enyoch shö luiks farbetterfur lossing some o yon
she see och far farbetterhad she missed it aboot
this he said oh farbetterhe stumbled stopped himself though
clerks it would be farbetterif i made my speech
it would have been farbetterif we had been able
it would be far farbetterif your husband said manure
s building which is thebetterof the two as far
saving it would be farbetterto consider the submissions that
that it would be farbetterto raise the basic pension
to ken me a lotbetterafore he could show them
fund masel feelin ae lotbetteran whan a raise frae
it would thrive a lotbetterbut eh a week at
hope it s a lotbetterby the time this reaches
lot just like home wellbettergo to bed my best
was a lot quicker andbetteri felt anyway m608: so
you will see a lotbetterjonsar eck tried him again
lovely f1105: mmhm a lotbetternice and fresh m1106: mum
you re feeling a lotbetternow i can re assure
gonna get something a lotbetterpaid if i don t
got recently a sort ofbetterreputation bein a lot more
the executive s measures tobetterthe lot of nurses and
think was taught a lotbetterthen m608: uh huh f637:
i m feeling a lotbetterthis weekend after feeling low
ma tung ah can daebetterah can gang til anither
she wad try ti daebetteran eftir a wee whyle
she wad try ti daebetteras a wyfe sae eftir
mairrie a leddie that sbetterborn whit dae ye think
we wul dae a sichtbetterdoun on the grund the
haes ti dae wi littilbettereftir sevinteen year leevin wi
mm mm f1131: think webettergo and dae that had
promisses that she wad daebettersyne murdo telt hir he
tyme whan ah haed naethingbetterti dae lyke but ah
tyme whan ye hae naethingbetterti dae vershinin monie thenks
it but it s ea-betterto dae it on mammy
to donalbain we l kenbetterwhat ti dae whan we
howp that meg wad daebetterwi the pig merk weill
a mak wul suit thaimbettera see nae sense in
can see ye ir naebetterah dinna lyke the luik
that the queen grew naebetteran i the end ilkane
ye re a man naebetteras a tyke an ye
ye whan ah m awbetterbut nae dout ye l
bad shuirlie ye r naebetterbut ye r nae waur
those fowk fa kent naebettercomputers cud decern tae a
sinny an het och abetterday you cood nae get
if she s nae onybetterefter thon the doctor shuik
haud tight there that sbetterf1100: nae need this [inaudible]
no that one there fitbetterf1125: will that ain nae
there we go that sbetterf1126: and nae that ones
then it s a bittiebetterit s nae so hot
speir but ah m naebetterlad if oniething ah m
thocht them a tint causebetterleft alane an nae tae
wyne the fermers brew naebetterlyke at the back end
nae so hot is thatbetterm1098: aye f1097: hair washed
syre is the fuit naebettermalcolm it s guid o
right noo f1139: no youbetternae cause that s nae
not very nice ooh youbetternae fart m1108: [raspberry] [child noise]
wyes o spaekin fluently laernbetternae winder hit exercises da
them fur they war naebetternoo nur wud breets neither
nae funny people will seebetternot try and [inaudible] this
ye ll nae get thebettero me ma lad says
let nae cuddy get thebettero me wis i fit
be affrighted yell find naebetteron this earth fae auchterarder
wad hae been a sichtbetterplace the day wi nae
the bluid there noo aabetterricht as rain nae hairm
morning if i m naebettershe is lethargic and tired
green ere s nae abettersicht that i hiv seen
it wis by she wisbetterthere wis nae mair murnin
wis wetter tuesday wis naebetterwednesday mair snaw thursday warst
hir bed she s naebetterye ken the queen turns
think english ones are anybetterf834: like roisin off o
aw p- we re abetter[inaudible] off now we re
off then look that bebetterm1090: oh oh f1089: will
national lottery funding go tobetteroff areas and that proportionately
for that because people inbetteroff areas are sometimes more
will end up only 60pbetteroff before income tax is
hen [laugh] m1013: he sbetteroff [inaudible] the settee oh
say that i would bebetteroff managing a sewage plant
an bathrooms we re awbetteroff now but the bog
that in general people werebetteroff under the conservatives he
do with it they werebetteroff with mitchel where he
for somebody a wee bitbetteroff you know m1022: somebody
or if aberdeen is relativelybetteror worse off under the
she wis off tae abetterplace but it didnae stop
get pupils off to abetterstart building on the educational
favourite food f1112: her herbettertake off her coat at
socks off cause i mbetterwith my socks off when
altogether okay that s evenbetteryou ve knocked off your
t think you necessarily getbetterall the time f1187: mmhm
she said till you rebetterand i can t think
er intelligence er was waybetterand i think that was
adolescence and miraculously they gotbetterany way i think about
i think i m gettingbetterat them i m getting
think eftir this we haedbetteraye cut the peat frae
they think murano street sbetterbecause when you ve got
have definitely changed for thebetterbut i still think some
i think god has abetterchance o understandin me that
fuckin nutso stew think yibetterexplain ed what s the
nothing there you get onbetterf1038: yeah sometimes i think
that baby fit is thatbetterf1118: think this one fits
i think my english flowsbetterhaving written in scots because
m078: the glasgow ones werebetteri think he got on
think it would be abetteridea travelling from montreal when
think that it will becomebetterin that regard at a
think after this we hadbetterleave without further ado harry
valuable we should make scotsbetterlinguists we conservatives think that
notion an the suiner thebetternanse ah dinna think ah
f828: it s it sbetternoo i think f606: mmhm
husband s right but thinkbetterof it a lover s
more i think we rebetterpeople for that we re
think so f1112: we webetterput that up the loft
think i hiv tasted onythingbettersaid jonsar eck tae the
i think it is abettersolution the convener so the
your arthritis is a bitbettersome people think a low
i can think of nobettersummary of sir david steel
i think it would bebetterthey re the seven year
i think it would bebetterto avoid the convener do
do you think it isbetterto create a new agency
think that it would bebetterto support the comments that
cause i think it sbetterto taste chocolate melting i
mercat but think hou mucklebetterwe micht hae been ye
in lobbying would that readbetterwhat do other members think
i think he got onbetterwith the donegal people because
suin an the suiner thebetterah dout the r no
he steadies himself that sbetterah l coont ti thrie
o k ah ve feltbetterah ll grant you but
uissfu but yeir dochter isbetteras oniething ah ever expekkit
afore ah wunner ah mbetterawricht haund iz owre ma
risk ma doctur says yebettercome aff them agnes ah
aye f1121: ah that sbetterf1122: no it doesn t
patient ah l be inbetterfettil for ye in a
mishanters mebbe ah wul bebetterfordilt bi hogmanay neist year
did ah gain at awbetterhaed ah bidden at hame
again bit see lee shebetterhurry up ah ll be
but ah thocht ah haedbetterno it s a queerlyke
another chair the licht isbetterower here vershinin ah luiv
hame oot o this thebetterpuddok mynd weill whit ah
ah m warnin yi yibetterstae put pause that stopped
tak a turn for thebettersuin ah micht hae ti
yit ah howp it isbetterti leeve orm comes in
for ye maister ah mbetteruised wi this kynd o
l growe ti lyke himbetterwhan ah ken him richt
he or she will bebetterable to make decisions that
scheme to make it workbetterand the issue of whether
opportunity to make the situationbetterat the outset of course
said that it makes itbetterfor local folk to make
years olds would make abetterjob now m1020: [laugh] mmhm
we gordon oh right ibettermake dinner then you want
offer will not make abetterman of me pray that
a liberal scotland make abetterplace to live a record
to energy conservation make abetterplace to live a record
to make scotland an evenbetterplace to live for people
we will make scotland abetterplace to live lord james
and derelict land make abetterplace to live make towns
help make the world abetterplace who knows we might
means for us to makebetterpolicy as they allow back
in those parts will makebetterreading whit i want tae
to make the environment abettersafer and cleaner place to
work together to find abettersolution i make no apology
to ensure that they arebettertargeted and that we make
make comparisons it is perhapsbetterto compare oral poetry with
reduce social exclusion and makebetteruse of natural resources in
funded and that sentencers makebetteruse of probation based alternatives
trying to make it communicatebetterwith f1187: yeah f66: yourself
to try and get myselfbetterand i ve always been
up preferring the other onesbetterand you get fed up
is working hard to getbetterat consulting effectively on such
and he wisny gonny getbetterat least this way he
me to try to getbetterbus services in his area
they will continue to getbetterbut more must be done
a rock to get abettercamera angle only to find
warm an het aye abetterday you coodnae get see
clear that they get abetterdeal that shows that nations
smartie f1121: right i llbetterget a spoon and you
i can tell f1135: youbetterget your jacket f1136: mm
but you probably get abettergrade for it f806: probably
femily fed he seemed inbetterhumour noo bairns get dressed
could get prizes for knittinbetterkent as wyvin needlework bakin
time you will get abettermark a requirement to return
wisna gyaan ta get dabettero da peerie grice yon
to get to ken mebetterpause weel some men like
objectives to get scotland movingbetterpublic transport making the second
f1117: can you get itbetterpull your oh look your
even the simplest dishes tastebettershe would get a half
sae saft aye an hetbettersimmer day you coodnae get
ma an you ll getbetterstill as you get stronger
in child or greig duncanbetterstill you can get your
person does a job thebetterthey get at it dr
on exam questions can concentratebetterthis time 26 wednesday get
get my memoirs completed thebetterto give me time to
to the area then whatbetterway to get to meet
neuroses juist tae get oanbetterwi their chosen maik greig
hospital these days to getbetteryou ging to catch something
it s cause ye rebetteraff now [laugh] f1054: [laugh]
the second ekskubalauron now knownbetterby its subtitle the jewel
me now norman has beenbetterexcept that he is troubled
put it in is thatbetterf1089: that s fine now
now cammy ed the nedbettergit that fuckin dummy zipped
will close now wishing youbetterhealth and contenment in the
[inaudible] [exhale] now that sbetteri don t need these
the light and is nowbetterinformed although the minister can
census mr wallace i ambetterinformed now i have the
a minister saying i ambetterinformed now i hope that
o eeyore f1126: that sbettermm f1125: now f1126: mm
pudsey now her hair sbetternow as well isn t
hospital with him he isbetternow but it has been
otherwise i m settling downbetternow edward or tomo is
is that fine yeah thatbetternow go and go and
has had her operation andbetternow has young tom got
his health is a bitbetternow i hope young sharon
well i hope she isbetternow i ll send her
all i have had flubetternow jimmy is redundant isa
well is the thumb quitebetternow love from madge john
aye f1097: it s allbetternow m1098: uh huh f1097:
okay f1114: yes f1113: allbetternow right here we go
you okay now are youbetterokay f1122: aye f1121: you
result that there is nowbetterretention and recruitment of nurses
they are not too upsetbetterto wait now until they
out now oh and agnesbetterwatch you don t put
1973 i can now understandbetterwhy he gets so passionate
toonsers fa widna ken onybetterafore a coo wis milkit
because they dinna ken onybetterbit i dinna wint tae
ken dummy under his airmbettergit it sorted stew what
he thocht he could deebetterhe just didna ken fit
we chuse me ken thembettermaun first be sipped tae
with the wedding vows forbetteror worse ye ken his
gaels ken that peels tastebettersugaret finally a simmer skweel
we git ti ken hirbetterthat s the verra thing
ma kind widnae ken anybetterwey tae live maybe it
for hours cath a bitbetter23 monday cath surprises everyone
heid wis feelin a bitbetteran as he sank a
it got a little bitbetteras i just as i
eesefu kyn bit pigs warbetterbets at chawin up the
bit wid it noh bebettercomin fi us first you
that bit fits in therebetterdoesn t it f1126: yes
bit karma s wheel birlbetterfin helped bi cannie men
mmhm no that s f1089: betterfind a bit of taylor
eck felt a wee bitbetterhe wis jist settlin doon
and they look a bitbetteri also managed to take
might even be a bitbetteri find it difficult to
ve felt a little bitbetteri had to finish giving
want something a wee bitbetteri ve educated my palate
ma lug seem t abetteridea bit ach happit wi
was always a little bitbetterif he was a papa
awa frae hame bit thinkinbettero t he turned in
bit red f1113: mmhm allbettershortly f1114: [?]and you[/?] red f1113:
gold f1103: aye that sbetterso we'll- that bit s
o milk or saut bitbetterstill ma honey and fusky
dial bit towt hit fullybetterstill tae hug da daek
does that bit go webettertake that bit and that
that the wither wis onybetterup aviemore wye bit the
caileag cailleach wad be evenbetteryet bit in scots ye
ir lookin a guid sichtbetteran ye haena lost yeir
ma fuit feels a sichtbetterareddies mynd ye it s
wrapping this paper s seenbetterdays lizzie ye canna waste
nou nearhaund an ye haedbetterflee whyle the r aye
read but it s abettergaithert experience gin ye ve
ir wantin onie ye haedbettergang ootby ti the pant
ye valgerd haed ye nobetterhap yeir cloak aboot ye
bairn is concerned ye haedbetterhaud yeir tung orm listen
e darker it wis ebetteri likit it ye felt
i thought i was wearingbetterit would gar ye greet
ye couldna hae gotten abetterlad sober and sae we
sober ye couldna hae abetterlad weel it seemed auntie
andrey s readin in tharebetterlat him read ye maun
so he said well yebettermove ye ll freeze tae
gaen wi it ye haedbetterno grup it bi the
flower means sadie sadie yebettersee tae carolanne furst gordon
the ferrer ye gang thebettersoliony passes across the back
ye nanse sae ye haedbettertell thaim ti mak up
peggy bitterly well it sbetterto find a hole ye
break yer springs m608: ayebetterwatch out f643: ye cannae
yeah du should ve takenbetterweather wi ye [laugh] m865:
ye this the needle haedbetterwurk ye l hear mair
can brazen it out faurbetterye re richt says tiger
bad an a m nobetterye widdiefu reiver ye marischal
there we go is thatbetterf1126: aye f1125: okay this
go out again i llbetterging an see foo she
goes [inhale] mm mummy ibettergo and pee first f1103:
so my granny says youbettergo down for the midwife
mm f1104: she will shebettergo on it as well
daddy s car right ibettergo then you must hide
day f1102: but mum webettergo to the pictures the
f1097: [inhale] oh dear youbettergo to your beddie m1098:
maggie well done sadie ibettergo up keep her company
go to the park youbetterhurry up because [censored: forename] will
bairn died that it wasbetterif they were to go
historical inevitability it would bebetterif we were to go
there you go that sbetter[inaudible] m1096: [inaudible] f1095: [inaudible]
there we go that sbetterisn t it m1094: [inaudible]
[pushes chair in] there you go thatbetterm1094: yes whe- where s
we go f1126: that sbetterthat s tigger s head
so perhaps that would bebetteraddressed at local level it
possible however handlers would likebetterand more directed legislation so
would students not have abetterchance of understanding the syntax
would do nothing to developbettercommunity care services if anything
that ben raised would bebetterdealt with by considering the
funding i would have beenbetterdisposed to congratulate the executive
full and that would bebetterdone over that time scale
capability at present would bebetteremployed eh puttin their energies
it but it would bebettereven from the english organic
i thought that would bebetterf1037: [laugh] yeah f1038: and
jack would it not bebetterfor you to ban the
nowadays kitchen roll would bebettergladys stubbornly it has to
as i would have abetterhandle on the impact of
deserve the opportunity of abetterhome cathy jamieson i would
the affirmative procedure would bebetteri would be interested to
people logically it would bebetterif planning permission and licensing
question whether it would bebetterif the list of scottish
despite the limitations it wouldbetterif the videoconferencing facilities were
a majority it would bebetterif we agreed that the
f1105: maybe it would bebetterif you turned it the
tell you- it would bebetterin your back pocket and
and i would ve beenbetterjohn if i had gone
that the occasion would bebetterserved by my continuing to
that scotland would be significantlybetterserved if this parliament assumed
his sel would have beenbettersinging dumb archie thought at
on the sdea would bebetterspent on cutting demand through
him his time would bebetterspent razing clydebank my father
this would not it bebetterto ask ms sturgeon to
however that it would bebetterto bring the planning and
to paper they would bebetterto consider the leak within
belt would it not bebetterto have freedom of movement
up there you would beenbetterto have had four spare
aye but it would bebetterto have it though you
suggest that it would bebetterto have separate figures for
thought that it would bebetterto maintain the system as
action would it not bebetterto say that clearly rather
others perhaps it would bebetterto set up a separate
said that it would bebetterto start all over again
properly we would have abetterunderstanding of what the standards
down eh would that bebetterwhy don t we persuade
operative dreamy would be abetterword da da i say
integrated player it will bebetterable to help to regulate
system operates and will bebetterable to monitor the accuracy
grammatical competence and will bebetterable to monitor their own
of the proposed action bebetterachieved by the community 14
franchise those issues might bebetteraddressed in that way rather
on tight she micht bebetteraff wi us chrissie i
at first and only slightlybetterafterwards no civilian could be
to what might be abetterand preferable course of action
can be used to promotebetterand safer buildings in scotland
elements of the budget mightbetterbe changed i note with
aboot the laughin rabbit dollbetterbe clean good clean family
aboot us steve uncle sandybetterbe deid if he s
stealin fae ither folk thisbetterbe good gordon gordon these
stew explainin him pause thisbetterbe guid mean the day
union 8 what tasks couldbetterbe left to the member
guid mean the day youbetterbe oan yur bestest behaviour
calendar first f1095: well youbetterbe quick but you re
and tired seeming peggy decisivelybetterbe sure i ll ging
there has to be abetterbiography back in the library
lamps were considered to bebetterbut the mantle made of
spree sin comes oot abetterday it coodnae be tuesday
that the matter will bebetterdealt with in the code
that subsidiarity has to bebetterdefined especially for countries such
state while others may bebetterdelivered by private voluntary or
as their peers and sometimesbetterehm and could that be
piggy or electric blanket butbetterfaur an lord be thankit
areddies jek it wad bebetterfor hir gin she wes
that organisation it will bebetterfor scottish public services mr
this committee it will bebetterfor us all not least
at least nothing for thebettergallagher proved to be an
good health measures to promotebetterhealth will be more successful
okay will that be abetteridea for you m1098: [inhale]
lydia wilkie it might bebetterif colin moffat answers that
your jacket will that bebetterif i put it on
be like in a waybetterif they introduced like ehm
m thinkin it might bebetterif we did surely there
they wouldn t it bebetterif we invented new swear
tae dee it wid bebetterif you cood lay the
jist noo it wid bebetterif you wid gie me
housing conditions and to bebetterinformed in making policy a
good idea it couldna bebetterit gi es you an
delectable french like produce outstandinglybetterit has to be said
will be a new andbetterlife an eternal life did
[laugh] f1024: [laugh] f1026: itbetterno be baltic anyway [laugh]
veil that it wid bebetterno to lift as my
actress seemed tae be growinbetternurse mackenzie cam back on
hir mou wad be thebettero a guid dicht for
lykes o hir wad bebetteron sum glaurie ferm steidin
the key there must bebetteropportunities for children to access
scotland will be made abetterplace that is exactly what
year when we will bebetterplaced to provide you with
was that there should bebetterprogression up that structure so
the bigger languages which havebetterresources the process will be
an green country fer flushbettersicht canna be seen thursday
be efterneen it s abetterstory sin dis come oot
practice nurses who may bebettersuited to dealing with certain
rin ti thocht lu dabettertak dis gate an be
feedback from the committee thebetterthe work will be marilyn
facilities that we have thebetterthose facilities should be indoors
the railwey heivins it sbetterti be a bullik or
muckle gear gloresheddae wad bebetterti tak for they re
a brood of razor bladesbetterto be a television amoeba
take a chance look f1103: betterto be safe sure f1104:
and it will surely bebetterto move before the winter
number obviously it will bebetterto send any parcels etc
the eu it might bebetterto wait for the executive
force planning must be abetterunderstanding of nurse work loads
consuming there must be abetterway señor bauza had a
be perhaps there is nobetterwording for it seemly and
were thought to be thebetterworkers an italian p o
be positive and to allowbetterworking and understanding of one
was called ekskybalauron and isbetterand more easily known as
more harmonious place which isbetterbalanced cleaner more prosperous and
rowland certainly the more thebetterbeaumont what are you up
do more and to dobetterbut we will do everything
promise of more money andbettercareer opportunities that is the
i hope will lead tobettercareer pathways and more satisfaction
bold new plans to promotebetterhealth recruit more teachers and
more sexy and highlight itbetterif i am lazy and
priorities more effectively and ensurebetterimplementation 40 is there a
jobs are more secure andbetterin the years to come
attitudes to language to becomebetterinformed and more positive then
economic growth with more andbetterjobs and greater social cohesion
more care at home andbetterjoint working between professionals and
working together effectively to providebettermore responsive services and to
ago more classroom assistants abetterpupil to teacher ratio and
already under way to providebetterservices more care at home
and we want more andbetterservices the challenge for government
it needs a more flexiblebetterskilled workforce and has welcomed
more modern and will havebettersoftware after the exercise secondly
giving more young people abetterstart in life free personal
the high bits that sbetterthat s more like it
buy organic goods more sellsbetterthe experience of sweden and
more open more accessible andbetterunderstood the second major issue
why work might offer abetteralternative for them although we
opportunity to move to abetterfirm wi bigger work and
quite simply about rewarding nursesbetterfor the work that they
generally for the achievement ofbetterhousing the bill will work
how the idea could workbetteris the management of the
chuckies he thocht he hidbetterjist work awa jonsar eck
case making normal systems workbettersilc is about ensuring that
establish a framework to deliverbetterwork force planning which will
their work and to deliverbetterwork patterns skilled managers are
aa they kent they rebetteraff but still they want
me lad you re abetterman withoot it john thought
re going to kiss itbetteroh thank you love you
of each of just thebetterones they re all just
a richt i m breathinbetterpeggy but you re feelin
you re lookin a bittiebettershe stares ahead of her
an the re no abettersojer in aw christendom ross
to re discover the worldbettertake walks in the landscape
environmental reasons when it isbetterto re route traffic in
mmhm f1139: you re maybebetterwi trousers on if you
free personal care could deliverbettercommunity care services it was
voluntary sector agencies we couldbetterempower communities such as middlefield
could till they could seebetterfit they were deein in
landmerk we cud see itbetterfrae a heicher place could
scotland that could have beenbetterhow could you have improved
situation could have been plannedbetteri was informed quite late
i could probably say itbetterin scots into certain parts
you want to f1105: [?]beat you[/?]betterm1106: [child noises] i could drink

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