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you lied to jack beaumontbettyhas never asked me to
to me you lied tobettyyou lied to jack beaumont
betty exits weeping lilian poorbettybeaumont appears at his office
but this is beyond bettybettybeaumont whit s ado man
harry but this is beyondbettybetty beaumont whit s ado
through the house door harrybettybetty betty enters betty whit
the house door harry bettybettybetty enters betty whit is
all this a secret beaumontbettybetty you could never have
house door harry betty bettybettyenters betty whit is it
it s wicked of youbettyexits weeping lilian poor betty
harry betty betty betty entersbettywhit is it harry you
this a secret beaumont bettybettyyou could never have grasped
true lilian maybe but thenbettycame home pretty and rich
meaning of this lilian morningbettydear morning brother in law
johnny lilian is this yoursbettygive us a paw kid
a lee lilian what doesbettyknow of the circumstances behind
he speaks to caird andybettyless so with jack lilian
beaumont you ken fine thatbettyloved me lilian what about
are you up to lilianbettymartha deana and harry come
get by here lilian haversbettymrs beaumont and that a
from the garden followed bybettymrs beaumont off lilian for
fund lilian on your ownbettyno wi you lilian you
you lilian liar beaumont ahhbettyoh my god jack raises
mrs laing rises to gobettyrises with her lilian sure
sanderson local businessman lilian hislopbettys half sister john jack
rowland it s not possiblebettywhat did you say lilian
am now lilian what aboutbettyyou chose her do you
through the garden harry morningbettymorning james mrs beaumont good
beaumont s clerk harry thomsonbettys cousin johnny beaumont young
the garden crosses to callbettythrough the house door harry
occupied there s me andbettyand johnny and me it
loved ones as martha andbettyare for me and johnny
closer in about me comebettyjohnny my laddy and you
dinny want you to leavebettyand me mrs beaumont no
him he s awa andbettyas weel beaumont whit s
caird stay in silence beaumontbettycan you forgie me mrs
the door beaumont come inbettygoes out with her sewing
as locals characters mrs beaumontbettymartha beaumont james s sister
to punish him mr beaumontbettymrs beaumont or andy either
re no angert beaumont ohbettythank god thank god boyter
and tell us beaumont tutsbettythis is not a business
this about beaumont my dearbettywhat can this possibly mean
open door beaumont whit achbettyyou make a jessy o
you beaumont embracing her ohbettyyou ve done that already
she s coming with usbettyjack you re gaun gyte
half sister john jack thomsonbettys brother setting the play
just got trysted to marrybettythomson and he was awa
wur forrit it girnwud aybettys muther wis ae sister
got yourself secretly engaged tobettyand she was very much
tell you quietly brace yourselfbettyfor what i m going
post office they wur mrsbettywarwick o girnwud s aunts
crack whan the praisent mrsbettywarwick s paurents wur forrit
james what have you donebettyoh james that i should
over heels in love withbettyasked me to be generous
you were in love withbettybut then i was so
coming in here now listenbettyi particularly wish you to
i hae tae to seebettyhe goes off into the
i ll awa and tellbettyshe goes off into the
speak o stop this daftnessbettyawa and sit ootside someone
change your dress and tellbettyas weel naething fancy just
fermed borth ickbrae burnfit aybettys paurents an shei hirsel
book by the delightful authoressbettymacdonald will be sure to
meantime goodbye say goodbye tobettyfor me though she s
ll bide here wi mebettyi m eager tae hear
be generous begged me forbettys sake not to reveal
lord has intended for thembettyhas come to realise this
scent lizzie fan tam anbettyhad a fecht he went
wasn t it because ofbettythat you went to break
was for the sake obettyall the same that you
no no you bide therebettymy lass i ll fetch
talking ordinary dalkeith sis- kenbettyshe used to go back
grown happier year by yearbettys that douce and biddable
i can remember her namebettylangden m635: mm m608: mm
sardines yeuch i m sorrybettyi canny help saying yeuch
find hide nor hair obettyi canny think whaur she
watch the telly uncooperative yonbettys maw ye hae tae
currie o reesa macginn andbettyhenderson a duo tae saften
two newly appointed assistant editorsbettyhill and hans meier he
i wisny browdened on tobettyat that time i didny

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