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this day dis jist abootbidedry bit tae rain sair
oot o the east disbidedry day cood easy be
durin the day wither disbidedry frost sets in as
14 looks like rain taebidedry it dis decide ere
or twa bit it disbidedry oot comes the sin
tae be och it disbidedry richt fine tae see
sair tae rain it disbidedry sin peeps throo wi
least this day it disbidedry tae get the heat
see wither of coorse disbidedry unhealthy wither as back
last a day that disbidedry warmth in the air
richt fine the day disbidedry wi sin we surely
the win bit it disbidefair buy a pie fit
ney very lang dis itbidefair en the day brichtens
for the day it disbidefair friday 3 temp 0
o the day it disbidefair july tuesday 1st temp
hale day lang it disbidefair monday 17 temp 10
for the wither it disbidefair monday 23 temp 0
tae rain bit wither disbidefair saturday 15th temp 3
peeps oot an it disbidefair sunday 15 temp 5
tae rain bit day disbidefair sunday 15th temp 5
the hale day it disbidefair sunday 22 temp 5
dis rise bit it disbidefair sunday 23rd temp 6
gran day an it disbidefair sunday 25 temp 0
affa cauld bit it disbidefair sunday 2nd temp 0
hale day lang it disbidefair sunday 7th temp 7
the sin bit it disbidefair the sweet pea jonsar
or twa bit it disbidefair thursday 28th temp 9
tae gang aboot it disbidefair thursday 3 temp 3
up weel an it disbidefair trees noo lose their
hale day lang it disbidefair tuesday 16th temp 3
move in bit it disbidefair tuesday 19th temp 15
for june bit it disbidefair tuesday 2 temp 5
dis loup bit wither disbidefair wednesday 30 temp 2
words quicker far dae youbideootside ordie dis a lot
bacon vowed she d raitherbideat hame an read her
cauld that cancels cheer fowkbideat hame raither than risk
maybe you d raither naebidefor it loretta making a
beaumont no jack would raitherbidehere i mak nae doubt
d hauf a mind taebidein russia raither than pit
ower tae sleep raither thanbidewaukened efter the implacable geordie
sall gang and whaur yebideah sall bide yer kin
til ye that we sallbideleal albuist we hae tae
they in yer hoose whabidethey aye sall roose in
aa ma life sall shairlybidewi me syne in god
whaur ye bide ah sallbideyer kin sall be ma
bare eence mair wither disnaebidefair monday 20th temp 0
erm beside erm erm webidebeside er f1103: beside fitt
f1104: we bide beside webidebeside erm beside erm erm
f1103: beside fitt f1104: webidebeside erm erm erm [inaudible]
f1103: do ye f1104: webidebeside we bide beside erm
wid ere be rain maybebidedry bides like that as
it it rain or mebbebidedry cool an damp this
day lang it struggles taebidedry friday 29 temp 3
wid it rain or mebbebidedry i fear for rain
wull it rain or mebbebidedry tae rain in the
yeah m1008: bide a whilebidea wee they would say
it did make yeah m1008: bidea while bide a wee
aboot in yon fey learbideawa frae me bide awa
lear bide awa frae mebideawa i wint nae mair
in the licht fariver yebidei shall bide thy fowk
fariver ye bide i shallbidethy fowk shall be my
blawn intae us it coodnaebidefair country side soakin weet
bare some spleetry shoors didnaebidefair saturday 31 temp 1
s fair rain again coodnaebidefair sunday 30th rainfall 2
air struggles affa hard taebidefair then of coorse the
for the day it didbidefair wednesday 3 temp 3
the midges and the rainbideaye no tae mention the
your name is whaur yebidean ehm how your accent
doun whaur the caddis beastiesbidean gadgers tae frae s
ten myles frae whaur abidehere i southwell notts jock
ir george an mary whaebidei hawick whaur thay wur
reckon the place whaur webidein lerwick i reckon that
s too complicated whaur yebidethat ll dae f1145: i
an whaur a am taebidethe nicht a dinnae ken
hear a step a maunnabidewhaur can a find a
ye ll jist need taebidewhaur ye are till i
is whaur we baith maunbidewill stuid as still s
tae gang and lat yebideyer leelane ruth said whaur
sae ah hae lat thembidein sudron the writings are
pat that they war latbideon at quarrytowers hoose space
tae lat the warlock lairdbidethere fit hiv ye read
for he hasna lat yebidewantin a neist o kin
war s lang gaen theybidealane nae wives aside them
a charge this season warmerbideas lang as ye like
kilmarnock bunnet bit burns couldnabideawa lang noo sae the
e beech hedge an eybideere as lang s ey
day lang ootside i divbidefowk gang aboot in their
him lang bit i cannabidehere newsin aa day i
bizzin bit a buddy disnabidelang amon sic neebers simmer
in the coort minnie didnabidelang efter her faither left
she aye said she dbidea tarlan tink till the
ma guidmither toom quo naomibidea wee ma dochter till
like you johnny you justbidea wee till the morn
what wull befaa he sallnabideeith till he has redd
auntie nell we ll jistbidein the barn till the
d catched an keepit taebidein yon box foraye till
moabitess he telt me taebidenar by his men till
nae easy bringin up faimlybideooto his road till the
dinnae [inaudible] f1100: [child noises] f1099: bidethere till the water gets
tullynorth there they d aabidetill daybrakk makkin ready fur
and hae sons wald yebidetill they were men bodies
the vows ye freely makkbidetrue till sun turns black
hoose so they came tobidein the fairmhoose wi my
aboot it an his taebidein the hoose an thole
dinna ken if i couldbidein the same hoose as
luck an telt her taebideinbye the hoose afore she
wis ae bonnie place taebiden til yon hoose fornenst
vratch he aften eesed taebidewi granny at her hoose
bye het sultry day taebidecool i div try tuesday
hid threatened aa day widbideaff an wis back at
as bach syne wid ibideb it thirled an tied
peat an the peat widbidehale it wid be a
timmer hut on wheels taebidein an we wid be
get aff an hid taebidea day ir twa mair
nell hid come doon taebidea wikk wi a new
weel an he has taebideaff the school biff gies
level if fitba is taebideaneth the category o sport
tae me in the warldbideaneth this reef yer the
wird lagoon bit nae taebideaside at noon there s
sandy johnstone fa eest taebideat broadstraik an mony an
by law tae walk orbideat hame och aye a
ooto herm s wye taebideat steenhillock wi her cousins
thocht it wis better taebideawa let them get on
in its peaty face anbideawhile tae murn a derker
thon they d thocht taebideback in meikleburgh for thon
a documentary he hid taebidebi himsel withoot ony veesitors
tae cry a tost wadbidefur years come owre ye
noo she d have taebidehame she couldnae leave ye
first come tae braemar taebidehe stayed wi a wummin
many other nights ah llbidehere ah keep waitin tae
tae ye than ah ambidehere the nicht and the
i gaed tae school wibidehere they a gaed awa
albert they baith liked taebidehyne ootower frae lunnon on
muckle afore hei kam taebidei scotland hes pruiven at
nichol faimlie whae conteena taebidei the haugh wis the
though we wis supposed taebidein e high class hotel
a b an b taebidein i mind fine yon
o juda gaed awa taebidein moab wi his guidwife
thae auld polis hooses yebidein neist tae the auld
upstairs tae yer room anbidein t his voice raise
so my father gaed taebidein the chaumer wi the
pregnant an they gaed taebidein the clachan o newbiggin
they war aw ettlin taebidein the hole an let
cottar that iver cam taebidein the rodden hoosie keepit
a deuk s back taebidein the tap six in
fit wye i ve taebidein the toon an i
s physog an genes taebidein the warld o los
tae a this bother tobidein wi you muriel i
sae nae langer fit taebideinno the warld s life
whit ae bonnie place taebiden an wud nae doot
twae gey ootbye bits taebiden nae road tae thum
s ae bonnie place taebiden nixt door i the
loretta she s gan taebideon here fit ither choice
feet hei hed tae ayebideon his cairt an a
mills they cuid afford taebideoot a guid while langer
fur minnie s da taebideoot aa nicht sleepin in
s up tae weemin taebideoot ower an be decent
faur bert mason used taebidequarryfield f823: oh aye aye
day apairt wis sair taebidesae twined we wir wi
fur her she d taebidestrang tae luik efter matty
yince whan robbie hed taebidethe nicht wi uz it
never have been allowed taebidethegether in oor day bessie
for germans tae come anbidetheir holidays in scotland it
3 foo can i naebideup tae see tv fin
oot his ain eelashes taebidewaukened fur meditation fin they
sclimm the sides an taebideweel back frae the tap
hid taen his quinie taebidewi her gran minnie at
a punishment bein sent taebidewi her granny na na
i m nae gan taebidewi her pointing at gladys
turn priggin wi them taebidewi offers o mair neeps
quine minnie s cam taebidewi s granny telt the
her hame tae merry anbidewi steenhillock she wis coontin
an the laist herd taebideyonner wis allie murray ex
the pass a fist ibideawa fae bampots heid bangers
ca cannie noo minnie anbideawa frae loons fur noo
faa wi a bairn megbideawa frae loons or ye
fecht he can rin upstairsbideawa frae the futterat or
scatness broch but decided tabidehame in case mitten turned
yer ower foo will shebideor gyang hame social eddy
an sultry inside i cannabidenoo an again a licht
she trystit wi bappy didnabidenoo wi myra even myra
somebody coming goodbye i cannybidethe noo she goes out
s them noo they nearbidewi us fyles ma says
leys o yer imagination anbidea fylie there in bliss
ensaumple 12 ye kin eitherbidehere wi yer granddad or
im oot an he dbidestreekit oot in yer airms
a stockin filler fariver yebideyer god is siller the
naethin wad cheinge see butbidelike the nou for fowk
ken o the fowk thatbidethere fur it s thrang
serious thought deana i wouldnybideanither day if it wereny
win fine day fin ibidein o the sin saturday
day sae we can brawlybideoor time while man gangs
an dweeble that they dbideaawyes wi the ither angels
gang wi them jack llbidehere wi me betty i
mary farquhar she used tibidein the grove gladys wi
the evenin meal i couldnabidelanger wi granda onywye cause
one mm f1099: well youbidethere and play wi that
there wis naebody ye cudbidewi ava afore the toun
the men that ye arebidewi false hopes ay oor
would she maybe ging anbidewi gladys peggy there d
auld sae at hei cuidbidewi his granny an tak
wi myra even myra didnabidewi the real myra fur
behave a beast he cudbidewi them his faither said
periods dependin on far yebidean the kyn o season
in english far div youbideaside migvie fit div ye
scots roon aboot far youbideay my favourite language is
fidgin t dauner ootby bitbidefar ye are git spunk
the ernes glide far rainbowsbidehyne far the heather briers
in the sky far starniesbidesits the meen in her
o the bield will yebidethe nicht the wee herd
again an again an canbidefur a month and a
hett as a cattle branbidefur the bairn at mendin
lowpit like flechs they cudnabideat peace naewye bit fermers
than sawin seed but ibidemy time a quate bit
well martha aye if youbidehere a wee minute the
m aff you bams canbidehere an play schoolies if
f1105: mmhm m1106 : will youbidehere and watch tv with
had the brass neck tobidehere anither haill year mind
not hang about i onlybidehere because my health disny
for her to come andbidehere but she s always
[inaudible] here f1095: mm m1096: bidehere f1095: mmhm m1096: no
yon s hou he disnabidehere in our abbey the
the sun i ll justbidehere in the shade peggy
a state o possibilities herebidethe three weird sisters in
brither says zhu wu butbideye here at the strenth
boy f1104: yeah because ibidein africa f1103: do ye
we and barbie swan lakebidein africa f1103: oh i
t it f1104: does itbidein the [inaudible] f1103: mmhm
oh i see f1104: webidethe [inaudible] big big big
the man nae conscience nowbidea wee caird we maun
would say m1055: makes sensebidea wee m1007: aye it
know scots is likely tobidea- as a wee oothoose
an kept it it llbidein the wee box foraye
would ye nae love tobidein america nae rationin nae
you would jist want tobidethere forever an nae ging
ye mauna ma can ibideup late foo nae mrs
[sucks through teeth] f1089: are ye gonnabideaa by yourself m1090: yeah
teenie an i have tobideana ye canna brak up
f1043: [laugh] f1040: well yebideaside a river [laugh] m1042:
that the hairsters prayed wadbideclear ye cudna girn if
bums mr macnormal fariver yebidein rubislaw den or in
ye dae an whauriver yebidein scotland this leaflet tells
orange pinkie hooiver still yebidemyne that it maitters that
wirkers life cells ye canbideon in the penthoose suite
canty blethers an halflins haversbideon the bank an ye
her doon an let herbidethat s solidarity fir ye
an colourful claes i llbidea batchelor aa o ma
no f1095: where do youbidem1096: erm f1095: thir- m1096:
tatties takk blicht we dbideat a calvin throw the
d ha e naewye tobideefter the new folk move
carrick welcome then i llbidein kyle an if the
me lauched wullie a llbidema time it s a
come on then well youbidethere and i ll go
we ll hae a lookiebidethere and i ll see
dinna luik onie farder butbidenar ma lasses tak tent
23 july does du stillbidein edinburgh or did du
still my jyle but ibidemy time an whiles they
a fyow nichts ey didnabidestill in e wye o
yeah oh yes f961: webideer and we used ta
and well they certainly usedbidefor living m1008: yes f1009:
major weir that used tobidein those parts was sick
hae killt her staun backbideback ned mathieson warned them
her twa guid dochters waldbidein moab ane orpah bides
it s us that shouldbidean work georgie teenie s
his lugs his galluses wadnabidebuttoned an matty s mither
beast an man an ibidemy time for there s
canny ayrshire bull an ibidemy time for whiles as
library shelves an there twadbidethe sun wis glentin in
annie an sandie speirs noubideup the wulton i hawick
haud my hand can webideat his school f1095: no
seck beaumont dae i usuallybideby my word andy then
bessie you dinna need tobidefor my sake gladys to
beaumont outside no no youbidethere betty my lass i
faar e little craiters atbidein e grun wis wirkin
flowers ach weel let thembidefolk will think they re
they said that they wouldbidetheir time and see how
biggit it in order tobidethere when they were ower
shed licht on them thatbidein the howe o shaddas
ehm the fock didnae evenbidein it at that time
shine through oo ve tobideoor time this yin tells
you say live we saybideyou say yes we say
aye aye that s truebideas you are now honest
way o speaking farr webidesee f1130: [inaudible] the both
f1116: [inaudible] numbers and youbidein the house you re
lowes o hell it wadbideootside the yetts o heiven
the green oak tree didbideport glasgow folk heard o
for me to go andbidethere jack i m sure
lost clan the kin thatbidethere mynd on the muirlans
headway weemin are content tobidein a simple and seemly
bowf bowf bowf bowf ibidein aiberdeen i am the
this muckle gless box ibidein some warld kent architect
s big send off abidewith me i mean jesus
farr does bob s brotherbidem1110: it s so cold
a river [laugh] m1042: ibidef1041: [laugh] m1042: right on
or eager dauner is strollbideis stay spunk for a
s bride and jenn maunbideand milk the kine and
he bides next door f1102: bidenext door to trevor f1101:

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