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comment allez vous madame muybiengracias i reply determinedly in
usted the merchant calls muybiengracias si pescados on a
vagrant town chimneys smoking thebienkipple sleep snog whit wey
magdalena como esta usted muybienshe replied sweetly good that
cuid never blume in abienbield owerhung wi caunopies an
leebie s a beezer brawbienfae tap t tail aa
en elles ce qui estbiennécessaire chez les adolescentes lorsqu
be enhanced je me suisbienamusée j attends avec plaisir
names his tunes je cognoisbienmouches en let i ken
braw is brave or finebienrhymes with been is in
an thare ye wul leevebienin ma castel that ah
yer grace hou douce andbienthey be my drouthy saul
the naitral blissins o abienauld age insteid o honor
say something in french etbienmerci beaucoup pour entendre ces
leeves weill daein and uncobienfor ti be keing a
oor twa sells warm anbienwi a guid pikkil meal
ah m vext ye irnabienye see ah dinna ken
place the war a fermerbienhe wes an him wi

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