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is dingin doun barriers anbigginbrigs aw ower europe whaur
is dingin doun barriers anbigginbrigs aw ower europe whaur
said ertie dir some finebigginstanes here an far mair
in wi ertie o gordbigginup a slap i da
maisters quarrytowers wis a listitbigginnoo historic an brian s
hid drapped frae the quarrytowersbigginsite inno the quarry nava
as gaffer wi the ladsbigginthe quarrytowers development sae he
sterk gang out o thisbigginand heeze up yer een
sterk gang oot o thisbigginand heeze up yer een
tae a chiel fa wisbiggina ruck or a soo
to the man who wasbigginthe ruck bit ye didna
time an erm we startitbiggini suppose last september f961:
jist startit tae mak itbiggint roon a finger sized
wan ti the wutch sbigginafore the broun ogre did
ti the auld wutch sbigginan fergal set oot on
hame bi the wutch sbigginbut daudlin as he gaed
road ti the wutch sbigginpassed pompitie athout ever seein
whyle he cam on thebigginwhaur the auld wutch bade
da peerie grice set abootbigginhis hoose he hammered an
da peerie grice set abootbigginhis new hoose he stunkit
back waitter is ae herdsbiggincad howpasley combe whilk is
thar wis ae rectangular wuddenbigginwhilk wis dividit intil ay
n beauty bi prep bybigginn building birl v rotate
n beauty bi prep bybigginn cottage biggit v built
signs in the scots pairlamentbigginan admeinstration that wad gie
signage for the new pairlamentbigginscots a statement o principles
tyme whan yeir forebeir sbigginstuid on bröviken s strand
the kennels stuid anither wuddenbigginwhaur the deanburnhaugh carpet boolin
road wey stands ae biggishbigginwheech wis the howpasley schuil
auld schuil wis ae laichbigginwi ae theekit ruif an
wuid bei tae burn thebiggindoon ay yid wis sair
wes sae feirt at thebigginwuid cum doun roun ma
the red man needs naebigginfir ti worship the white
fir cuttin and bindin andbigginintil glitterin stooks ontil i
mukkil fir tree inby thebigginwar an auld kerlin an
thare bade in a weebiggina puir weidae wumman wi
roads in ackwal fack atbigginafore it wur convertit intil
whaur hei mints thit thisbigginwis than the local village
dird that set the haillbiggindirlin an hinnerlie doun frae
wis doun i spate thatbigginhes been structurally altered on
auld byre faa doun atbigginyaised tae bei ae hoose
naur haund tae the praisentbigginae day the government troopers
the sindrins anent the schulbigginyonner ay thaim wur the
finnd easement here in thisbigginbi the wattirsyde it is
it cam frae a weebigginstaunin bi itsell in the
a lot mair wark danbiggina hoose in sandsoond [laugh]
an marischal hong spied anitherbigginti the abbey cley waas
dried hey on poles anbiggincoles roon widden hairtin frames
it sheinin frae a weebigginset ablo the brainches on
unco explicit about their ainbiggina guid ensample o this
a guid chance o thaimbigginup thair vocabular an reddin
guid whan it comes taebigginup the prosperity o a
reik straught frae the lanebigginhe s leevin yet peat
architect frae germany designed thebiggino t an you an
wis teen ower for ebiggino an extension till e
swirlin an billowin ower embigginup wreaths big an smaa
horse in the stable ilkiebigginan steadin fur miles wis
e hut shallenalm e firstbigginwe keekit intill wis e
roman times this type obigginwis used for fermin doos
the g nome that gaesbigginan wheeled pompitie hame til
warit twa yeir reparein thebigginin ivverie ither particule at
mids o the gryte mirkbigginthe wes ane alumeinium warks
an keikit out afoir thebigginwes a yaird cled wi
autoreise the skame sae thebigginwes selt an a tid
fur recreational sex an nestbigginhis spunk wad be hairstit
craigs til ma wee bitbigginhere abuin in the steid
seen tilt that insteid obigginan eden science hid vrocht
e ruckie an fit wibiggine cairt an chasin a
of the man that wasbigginmakkin sure at e shear
in the founs o thebiggindoon in the twilicht sunks
by takin dat doon andbigginup a double block weel
an these they howkit ootbigginlang conveyor belts far skulls
the proponed uiss o thebigginan up plewit the cundies
i mean dis skriipin bybigginhooses oot o aald bruks
o the history o thebiggino the canterbury tales houanever
slidies o sliddery ice anbigginsnawmannies an haein snabaa fechts
foont o collaborative endeavour forbigginthe future 16 45 yon
uz roond the newlie refurbishtbigginthe union o the snoot
his trone in the palicebigginin constantinople colloging wi the
intae a grey aisse cannilybigginthe fire up again wi
lallans it s a brawbigginwi its michty quire and
romans widna hae geen abootbiggincamps if ey d come
housen and the kirks arebigginwe hae sodgers we hae
wure on his heid abiggincap ti fend awa the
existence today miss archibald newbigginwas the first president meetings
158 159 178 fornenst thisbigginathort the borth ick waitter
it thoroughly the recently refurbishedbigginis for adults at least

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