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secretary of state can authorisebilingualroad signs 6 national heritage
no complaints from tourists aboutbilingualroad signs is not it
earth can we not havebilingualroad signs tourists love them
in gaelic and to havebilingualroad signs why on earth
checkin saftware package guidance onbilingualsigns an oncome o welsh
common with monolingual pupils thebilingualpupil has to cope with
although we talk of thebilingualpupil such pupils in fact
be fostered through encouraging thebilingualpupil to use his home
to grouping which allows thebilingualpupil to work with pupils
his own words so thebilingualpupil will benefit from discussing
sccc booklet languages for lifebilingualpupils 5 14 advantages 1
a school s approach tobilingualpupils and their families that
shows how the involvement ofbilingualpupils can lead to this
views of the needs ofbilingualpupils for many pupils in
an accurate assessment of thebilingualpupils language skills and some
mathematics the sccc booklet onbilingualpupils languages for life says
to gain the benefits forbilingualpupils listed under advantages above
cognitive benefits p 7 3bilingualpupils may come to school
language learning needs of thebilingualpupils moreover in the process
the road to fluency assessingbilingualpupils obviously most of these
checking software package guidance onbilingualdesign and development of welsh
for welsh medium education anbilingualeducation oot throu primary secondary
for welsh medium education andbilingualeducation throughout primary secondary and
agency welsh assembly government 2002bilingualfuture a policy statement by
welsh language and creating abilingualwales welsh assembly government 2002
books and there are evenbilingualenglish french phrase books that
language books or listening tobilingualtapes also this development of
may be a need forbilingualteaching support and for books
are spelling books and evenbilingualword books in english and
access to one of thesebilingualword books randle cotgrave s
to school i was definitelybilingualeh my first school was
all think of yourselves asbilingualf1018: definitely i mean it
be the same as thebilingualindividual f745: erm there definitely
medium of french does beingbilingualis of tremendous use if
micht weel be trilingual nobilingualfor in addition tae their
may effectively be trilingual notbilingualin that in addition to
distinct cognitive benefits for thebilingualparticularly in curricular areas where
i- although obviously they arebilingualbut gaelic s their first
his own language and obviouslybilingualteachers or classroom assistants can
be you know toddler talkbilingualas f641: [cough] f643: opposed
f643: opposed to adult talkbilinguali m no use in
a positive advantage for thebilingualchild and also for all
kind of classroom atmosphere thebilingualchild can provide an insight
9 practical implications 1 thebilingualchild may come to school
potential we must have abilingualand bicultural approach the deaf
i was young i wasbilingualm608: mm uh huh f643:
point i must have beenbilingual[sniff] m608: mmhm f643: but
learning several languages as abilingualdevelops a sensitivity to language
they are likely to becomebilingualin their home language and
be the best teachers youngbilinguallearners develop the additional language
shown that those who becomebilingualwith their home language strongly
increase the service there arebilingualworkers who provide an appropriate
provide an insight into abilingualworld for the benefit of
a tremendous thing to bebilingualand we value gaelic and
mmhm m078: up as erbilingual[inaudible] irish gaelic m608: so
assist in the planning ofbilingualeducation as linda fabiani said
i learned anyway to bebilingualer in other words although
nan eilean siar is abilingualauthority and highland council has
council already has a fullbilingualpolicy highland council has a
did wi his he wasbilingualer spoke perfect english but
1996 upper deeside was abilingualarea for many centuries millar
say that scots speakers arebilingualhow many here can speak
ceremonies not only extends thebilinguals awareness but also increases
early 19th century the onlybilingualdictionaries of scots so far
lang sin syne becum aebilingualsocietie i e scots eng
that be because of thebilingualsituation they re in their
i- it s like beingbilinguali i think you know
how much more confident thebilingualperson was like you know
a local authority perspective frombilingualauthorities and from people who
people are bi- i saybilingualbut you know i think
a lot of people arebilingualcause it s ehm mainly
one of them erm wasbilingualso f746: that s quite
so do you kinda feelbilingualthen m1012: uh huh m1010:
been brought up in abilingualclimate from the earliest possible
for aw that a literatebilingualcapacity that is no nurtured
of institutionalised discrimination a literatebilingualcapacity which is not nurtured
a parti- do you havebilingualarticles or or you s-
h 1990 the rights ofbilingualchildren in carter r ed

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