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it some binder canvasses twobinderblades and a 2 foot
there were beside it somebindercanvasses two binder blades and
balls and lengths of usedbinderand baler twine kept to
it cam in tee ahinbindertwine an coir yarn i
twa lousers fa cut thebindertwine an handed the shaves
also made baskets from plasticbindertwine and filled them with
a woman who cut thebindertwine around the sheaves with
their trouser legs workers tiedbindertwine around their trousers just
cam tae be tied wibindertwine at mint fin ye
rapes an took tae twistinbindertwine i cd sweer at
three strands of cord oftenbindertwine into a thicker rope
he took a bit obindertwine oot o eez pooch
together doormats were made withbindertwine or spartie rope furniture
bags and tangles of orangebindertwine otherwise not a thing
o e binder wi itsbindertwine shortly did awa wi
used ball of robin hoodbindertwine treated against insects rot
wis dry an licht thebindertwine wad need tae be
foo e comin o ebinderwi its binder twine shortly
money s on the ringbinderi speculated the ring binder
binder i speculated the ringbindersandra asked you wouldn t
lang rigs o corn thebinderbreenged spewin oot cuttit shaives
sooch an click o thebindernoo tho the binder wis
the binder noo tho thebinderwis quate its wark feenished
were generally cut by abinderthe sheaves left by the
the sheaves left by thebinderwere then stooked this was
the reaper there was nobinderthen turned with forks or
a bittie once when thebinderwas in action e forks
jock s back on thebinderagain there s twa rigs
the bag as the ringbinderleaned over the desk breathing
daen that said the ringbindersarcastically despite recent cut backs
just then unexpectedly the ringbinderstrolled into view i shovelled
bruce wad len them hisbinderan ither tools an gear
afore ye cd enter abinderit s a graan feelin
a corn park afore thebinderanither stoon o pain at
tae makk room fur thebindertae dee its wark or
e roadin wheels o ebinderan wind doon e drivin
wis hairst like noo thebinderwheeched the legs frae the
knife he wis cuttin thebindertow a a richt bit
6 horserake 10 rollers 15binder19 9 reaping machine 3
horses and feart at thebinderye widna even eat the
got a shottie on thebinderana a metal seat wi
i dinna ken aboot abinderbut he couldn t make
wis change fin e knottinbindercam in aboot e 1870s
like the win fin thebinderwis wirkin dowp doon minnie
us quines fit wye thebinderworked and let us haud
knot wi shafes aff ebinderere wis mair o a
bi the rain that thebindercudna haunle fur aa its
wis clartin grease on thebinderfool orra brute o thing
sortin the tichtness o thebindertowe fur he d promised
the huge sweep of thebinderwheel alongside her chair it

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