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well fitt are they m1092: birdieschi- f1091: funny birdies they
m1092: birdies chi- f1091: funnybirdiesthey re bu- m1092: [laugh]
that m1092: the the thebirdiesf1091: mmhm is it parrots
parrots m1092: uh huh parrotbirdiesno these parrot birdies f1091:
parrot birdies no these parrotbirdiesf1091: no they re puffin
f1091: and they re parrotbirdies[laugh] m1092: no no no
f1091: no they re puffinbirdiesm1092: ah f1091: and they
six birdies m1092: aye sixbirdies[inaudible] f1091: aw no they
m1092: aye six f1091: sixbirdiesm1092: aye six birdies [inaudible]
cushie doos nests an smaaerbirdiesin e clumps o funs
can clim noo caain forbirdiesnests john aye we ve
an shortly i noticet smaabirdiesbluetits an ither eens fleein
rashes wi a fyow smaabirdieshere an ere an wi
up the sky aside thebirdiesm1128: yeah ho who was
aye m1132: birdie f1131: okaybirdiesthere m1132: erm see that
count with thomas how manybirdiescan ye see m1110: ehm
uh huh f1091: how muchbirdiesm1092: me count them one
look there s lots obirdiesm1092: uh huh f1091: how
huh f1121: be lots ofbirdiesover here f1122: come on
pooer tae chairm the verrabirdiesaff the trees as i
hingin haar o yalla restlessbirdiesflichtered frae the trees in
nose and the playgreen forbirdiesbig an sma nae tae
bird f1121: there s morebirdiesover here f1122: [inhale] i
yes [exhale] f1113: you likebirdiesf1114: [laugh] [laugh] f1113: do
f1113: do you hear thebirdiesoutside f1114: yes [exhale] f1113:
f1122: no [cough] f1121: thatbirdiesare making a noise the
are you going hear thebirdies[censored: forename] f1122: aye it s
s a lot of littlebirdiesin there f1122: aye f1121:
there s a lot ofbirdiestoday isn t there f1122:
to go and see thosebirdiesbirds f1121: [censored: forename] look don
s it now hear thebirdiesagain shoutin mum heard them
aw and fitt s babybirdiescalled m1108: [inaudible] f1107: they
the wee pronged tridents obirdiesfeet ower bi the gean
the turtle the lion thebirdiesthe hippopotamus f1114: let s
again we used to eatbirdiespeas and sourocks and in
you been swimmin [long period of silence and birdsong] thebirdies[long period of silence] you nae ate your
saps bit this time ebirdiesgot it an aebody at
need a f1126: it sbirdiesf1125: jigsaw that s the
tree in her glory sheltersbirdiessquirrels ants forkies nest inside
nur flee he plaisters thebirdiesbrukken wings he bandages partans

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