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aa the ills o thisbirlinplanait wi fowk bamboozlt and
aa the ills o thisbirlinplanait wi fowk bamboozlt and
faurd an wycelike sweilin anbirlinay fliein hie abune rowin
up the brae he gaedbirlinan flaffin his airms about
dram pennils wis flaffin anbirlini the wind as they
preed his new alairm bibirlinthe haunds roond an shuir
at the waa s eynbirlinan furlin micht be as
bourich o birdies blaik anbirlinheezin an furlin a skyte
the tuim basket wis sentbirlindoon intae the howld again
o stushie syne whan thebirlino heiven s courses wis
wad come roond the streetsbirlina wuiden rattle if thare
o tarmac settin wheels abirlinslidderin aff as if o
poem prophesied black snaw flakesbirlinoot the purple lift like
tireless fairie daunsars lowpin anbirlinan skirlin an for aw
fad mind gym duntin raxxinbirlinlowpin oh ay aa simmer
the yalla flames lowpit upbirlinroon an roon like the
flit clouds behind the hillbirlindoon the rowth o gean
thrang o the mercatplace fowkbirlinalang throu the stour cairts
day in borrowed tartan sbirlinthrang throw the toun ower
aff his face noo jenniebirlinhame frae toon tripped ower
pech muckle sigh lauchin couplesbirlinby fit s the time
abune tae keep the sinnersbirlinin the deil though fu
s his favourite ploy thebirlinstane his greatest joy an
wisht a hudnae it wizbirlinbut ther wiz jinty aw
the yird s gret axisbirlinaye anaith the ever restless
oor faimlie will hae abirlintraicle scone danglin fae the
ti fecht wi chen dabirlinhis bill as he cam
twa whan the damn stanebirlinloose slams in an caas
for aa their talk wibirlinheids frae aa that kissin
he fand himsell waltzin anbirlinmimpin an mouin gin he
wha set the warld firstbirlinroon an spends his time
gien it laldy their eenbirlinroon like wee peeries they
on its road it gaedbirlinup intil the lift an
back suddentlike an stept asidebirlinhis ane the loun cam
a fank lik ane outwithbirlinidaia at hed tint aw
tae fiery glaur hell thebirlintractor layin intae its laps
freenly nod but he wisbirlinon sae fast he niver
mither an hir onkil wesbirlindoun the a 1 the
him at bannockburn doun thebirlinyeirs in scotland it has
weill ma heid s fairbirlinah think ah l sit
rosebery she flees an goesbirlinby the manse heid doon
hand kin ye mind obirlinfire cans smoke gettin in
s sense tae send mebirlinower the fence bit neebors
frae bein stok still tibirlinan breingin about an tichin
the haafowk kept the coggiesbirlinan the yowe wis cairved
wis wirkin wi e governorsbirlinsae faist ye couldna see
wi flouers butterflies joukin anbirlinin yeir dreams from the
wi weel busked flee anbirlinreel tae fill tae the
third lassie tracy mowat satbirlinin the seat o the
there was the spinnin wheelbirlinawa like a mad thing
a whale like a rorqualbirlinis whirling stottin is springing
nicht far yer brithers arebirlinaboot canna ye see that
the storm had raired ootbyebirlincraws across the sky scatterin

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