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grew wide as twa ashetsbita wee bit strae hid
eence mair braw sinny daybita wee bittie bare sunday
blaw sae fine an drybita wee bittie raw sunday
eck wis teen a weebitaback bit withoot thinkin answered
but ah did lyke thatbitaboot his wee creepie bed
will you talk a weebitabout that ian robson the
because i know a weebitabout that subject alastair dempster
talk to us a weebitabout the coaching structure that
agnes naw efter a weebitae practise ah kent just
licks great whit a weebitae rejuvination kin dae fur
hud ayeweys felt a weebitaf an ootsider cause he
and and was a weebitaggressive came up the stairs
the thrang hingin a weebitahint an suin thay cam
began to get a weebitambitious i thought i thought
ae ma wee hoose everybitan piece hud cost that
of bottled it a weebitand decided i didn- i
dilute the paragraph a weebitand say that members should
[inaudible] f812: forever a weebitand then you think i
nicht he wis a weebitannoyed wi himsel fit wis
just done that a weebitas well m608: and she
cause ye were a weebitashamed o goin ye know
only take like a weebitat a time eh m942:
wisnae bad lookin a weebitaulder than himsel an so
lichten the crack a weebitay but whit s that
m1108: these f1107: erm weebitaye if you just rub
that that s a weebitaye m1000: aye aye m1002:
kinda auld fashioned a weebitaye m1012: an same wi
but not m804: a weebitbad m805: today m804: not
blow an a puir weebitbeardie is gruppt like a
him up even a weebitbecause ma daddy s really
began to feel a weebitbetter and decided to scoot
jonsar eck felt a weebitbetter he wis jist settlin
i want something a weebitbetter i ve educated my
makes me feel a weebitbetter longley s proper name
garment for somebody a weebitbetter off you know m1022:
the craigs til ma weebitbiggin here abuin in the
dae thir wis a weebitbluid bit naethin much really
the lenth o ma weebitboat from the chinese of
drink s pickled the weebitbrain you had here s
ah lyke ye a weebitbroun ogre sae ah need
and i did a weebitbut f902: did he [laugh]
t it f746: a weebitbut it s quite good
dyke fergie dunlop s weebitbut n ben wis jyned
not m805: yeah a weebitbut not m804: a wee
f1026: correct f1054: a weebitbut that s alright no
have been increased a weebitbut you know i m
into hock for a weebitcheese but what was infinitely
people f1135: looks a weebitchoppy f1136: some people swimming
up n doon wi weebitclick it birls aroon sae
on step in a weebitcloser pit oot yer haun
it he wis a weebitconfused this wis a wifie
thrombosis that is a weebitconfusing i welcome the fact
two are a bit weebit[cough] [inaudible] is that cause
fork jonsar wis a weebitcurious aboot this an went
wee soodna feel lik datbitdae do mibee i shood
think you were a weebitdaft [inhale] if you were
uised tae be a weebitdauner maks ye thrang an
lost the heid a weebitdavie wudnae hae approved o
start tae get a weebitdepressin ye re in ye
could do that a weebitdifferent way m804: ehm m805:
wis if onything a weebitdirty clean muck so he
m1163: which is a weebitdisappointing usually there s a
jonsar wis feelin a weebitdisgruntled wi himsel you see
and i am a weebitdisheartened after all the trouble
like melted chocolate a weebitdoesn t it m1108: let
gentlemen i m a weebitdrunk i d just like
hearing wis getting a weebitdull he wis affa deaf
go in like a weebitearlier or m811: yeah te-
f958: it s a weebitedinburgh s really wee like
know they re a weebiteducated better than me m608:
regard to children a weebitehm off colour just listless
they sometimes get a weebitembarrassed possibly in the situation
course they were a weebiter ca- more careful you
the butcher plus a weebitextra from her sweet talking
squeeze a dividend a weebitextra out of the money
hold you back that weebitf1054: aye but it would
put that up a weebitf1099: well we ll take
put come up a weebitf1112: my turn this is
[cough] again whee f1114: weebitf1113: what s that wee
can i get a weebitf1114: here you go here
f1114: yes f1113: a weebitf1114: yeah f1113: mm come
f1124: [?]i want it more[/?] just a weebitf1123: oh look f1124: that
s- ye know a weebitf1144: [laugh] f1143: ehm and
that f1054: just a weebitf1144: your buddy is that
he s getting a weebitf1154: oh that s f1155:
freaks me out a weebitf814: because you re going
of dangerous and a weebitf963: right uh huh f965:
ye can jalouse a weebitfae readin eh i mean
o step back a weebitfae the five days a
a wee while at mabitfairm owrancer whaur about s
pompitie ah wes a weebitfeart masell sae ah hid
stertit tae feel a weebitfeart sae it aye gart
young guy seemin a weebitfeirt an on his ain
pies were gettin a weebitfoostie an fowk started tae
ilka yin wantin a weebitfor an inch in hicht
ilka yin wantin a weebitfor an inch in hicht
robb he s a weebitforgetful but i m sure
m ready fur him weebitgarlic in ma pooch whaur
just heard wee bits thatbitgoes there f1104: erm fitt
we just had the weebitgrund there john that s
suck again just a weebitharder and blow out the
it would be a weebitharder and darker so to
okay mak it a weebitharder okay right on you
us swirl around a weebithe knew i was frightened
the efterneen wi a weebitheat wednesday 26th temp 5
us whiles wi a weebithelp frae the tawse gied
oot tae tweek a weebithere an a wee bit
a a just a weebithere erm i i mentioned
we wrong f1107: a weebithere here we are and
an she haes a weebithirpil ah wadna caw it
i get you noo weebithotter than rosstown then still
littleness in a little weebithousockie 1 4 the co
this centre afor wi daviebithud ayeweys felt a wee
colour had run a weebiti didn t get anything
the only the only slightbiti had a wee bit
affect our mood a weebiti m sure like me
no well maybe a weebiti think i might remember
take you back a weebiti think that bill scott
it s identity a weebitif that s the case
in a wee few wirdsbitif ye arenae o a
up puttin a wee tinybitin a bowl and you
know there s another weebit[inaudible] f1054: yeah that s
from just being a weebitinconsiderate sometimes with the noise
wrong with being a weebitindividual f958: just trying to
radio looks oan the ootsidebitinside aw tiny wee components
kinna widdie sae a weebitinside it on e same
fawn in luiv a weebitirena wi a lass that
a ll dae a weebitironin pit oan ma trannie
missed his head a weebitit got his head c
come in a tiny weebitit ll really save my
f1155: it looks a weebitit looks a wee bit
an the leddrach burn manbitit wis a bonnie wee
yi loosened up yin weebitjilly bj s tryin ti
it off in a weebitjust leave it on till
a juist ken a weebitkick or twa grand quo
er this is a weebitkind of er you know
bit it looks a weebitkind of purple like what
awa tae sea as weebitladdies mang herrins mackerel cod
we lae them a weebitlanger i wis back at
taen hir for a weebitlassie she wure sic a
and rockers were a weebitlate for me really ish
i got there a weebitlate [laugh] f643: [laugh] m608:
timmer tam wis a weebitlate this nicht as he
my passion for a weebitlater if he will forgive
coorser is it a weebit[laugh] is it no [laugh]
time o nicht a weebitleaky yer ain collection s
of straw rope a weebitless than a foot in
tryin tae mak a weebitlight i think m865: mmhm
so it s a weebitlike bein telt ye know
dweller desmond felt a weebitlike going on holiday somewhere
off the bars a weebitlike that you could feel
speak for just a weebitlonger ehm just trying to
that will take a weebitlonger to achieve we will
should we take a weebitlonger to do the things
right roon just a weebitlook f1104: th- does this
ah even look a weebitlyke lermontov sae ah ve
f1089: turn round a weebitm1090: [inaudible] the fire s
f1095: [censored: forename] just a weebitm1096: that s [inaudible] f1095:
you brak off a weebitm1108: what s this aye
brush it up a weebitm608: mmhm f643: ehm but
was done up a weebitm959: it was kind of
the feel o fur biterbitma wee brither ate a
wather wis gittin a weebitmair airish the bleck oot
mmhm m842: tongue a weebitmair i didna cause i
thair scran up a weebitmair sae she cuid git
for breedin ey were abitmair than wee compared tae
auld feather speakin a weebitmair til the richt for
ken your face a weebitmasha ah dinna mynd you
wee vratch her mither railedbitmatty bruce gaed a bit
off the road a weebitmaybe she just went down
speed things up a weebitmembers have in front of
it does get a weebitmessy doesn t it that
that bittie s a weebitmessy is it f1122: aye
it was was two weebitmirrors inside three strips o
mm f963: feel that weebitmore alienated from the stuff
whole thing flow a weebitmore f1018: we ll all
in there m1094: a weebitmore f1093: where s the
somethin that sounded a weebitmore like paws you know
wi jazzed up a weebitmore maybe [laugh] och it
have a s- a weebitmore respect for him m608:
a wee one and abitmore respectful than all these
the minister be a weebitmore specific about the work
m804: just a wee tinybitmore what s your f-
ower the field a weebitmovement caught my ee alang
tarnished the honour a weebitmr jamie stone caithness sutherland
and partial to a weebitmutton take that stuff noo
wee suppy gowd quo jedbitnae ower muckle somethin like
wis a wee bit bluidbitnaethin much really an then
like i was a weebitneddy like you know like
weel then jist a weebitnibble a hope this disnae
it wid be a weebitnippy this cheered jonsar eck
geordie ere s a weebito a draught comin in
that went on a weebito a moral crusaid aifter
grub every day a weebito a walk an a
you can have a weebito an input m608: yeah
on it mix a weebito blue in at the
there must be a weebito blue there you see
chentle lower an a weebito chiggery pockery ye couldna
i thank ye fur abito fruit a nice wee
also eh have a weebito gaelic masel and eh
ground m642: just that weebito grund and that was
john that s the weebito grund we had the
about that the [inaudible] weebito [inaudible] f1095: [inaudible] [electric toothbrush]
an ere wis a weebito information tellin fowk a
in distress wi a weebito luck the report o
can wait wi a weebito luck they ll aa
a piece o wee roundbito marble f638: peevers wee
we aye got a weebito nannys black man o
a walk an a weebito play so keep this
i shoutit tryin a weebito psychological warfare ye re
i ve got a weebito savings that i m608:
day dis lack a weebito sinshine sunday 28th temp
suppie rain an a weebito spring heat it wisnae
f833: gonna be a weebito sun in the north
obviously away gettin a weebito treatment somewhere but he
a chicken was a weebitof a luxury still f963:
or there is a weebitof a stramash going on
ma sounds like a weebitof an older one and
have benefited from a weebitof assistance that would probably
able to have a weebitof budget to get the
i still have a weebitof difficulty with being elderly
m certain that a weebitof digging would produce a
so that was another weebitof expense but anyway that
can i have a weebitof fizzy f1093: a wee
tea and do a weebitof gaelic just so that
we only did a weebitof it in second year
it s just a weebitof sticky stuff underneath it
to give it a weebitof taste it disna need
ones that had a weebitof value added zest here
of fizzy f1093: a weebitof what darling m1094: of
pretending they re a weebitolder then they really are
as they get a weebitolder wha- when dae they
wi a wee faalin doonbiton e airm jist fine
pull it over a weebitover here darling in front
brither wis bein a weebitower gutsie at the table
it wis jist a weebitower much for the war
eh just maybe a weebitower on the shady side
lown an warm the weebitpark ahint the ferm is
luikin mair nor a weebitpit oot and how does
them i wis a weebitpit oot mind ye for
bit i had a weebitproblem with was ehm the
dashed whan intae his weebitpuil there splashed a fish
dungarroch was sittin a weebitreid faced that the beer
his face gettin a weebitreid weel if hannaa can
doon an have a weebitrelax [laugh] an they had
skweels should hae a weebitrelaxation i m telt that
gentle seat or a weebitrest [laugh] lie doon an
eck wis gettin a weebitrestless he thocht we cood
we ll cheat a weebitright you can take a
somtimes things got a weebitroch for instance fit wid
it til ye the weebitsavendie i gied ye anent
was a eh a weebitscary i think it was
of burns and a weebitscrimshaw a present frae largs
sometimes they re a weebitscuffly m1146: rustle yeah f1054:
can only make a weebitsense ay thaim for they
aiberdon a bonnie wee thingbitshe ran aff wi a
lad wis lookin a weebitsheepish an blurts oot i
an neuk for a weebitshelter ey surley div look
keep your answers a weebitshorter so that we can
old adolescents are a weebitshy about what they are
mornin quait an a weebitsin as weel dreich an
train o thocht a weebitslack cairrit awa wi this
wi tory funds a weebitslack she ll mebbe try
woke up eftir a weebitsleep it wes naewhaur ti
got my toe a weebitso i m804: uh huh
d left aw the weebitso we d tae stack
began tae feel a weebitsorry for sanny for i
the tither gies a weebitsouch an sigh o it
this een was a weebitspecial it needed to be
for he kent a weebitspellin an scartit owre the
usually mak them a weebitspicier than that wait just
fishin lilt wi a weebitspik frae some nameless culture
whose image is a weebitspoiled by colour tinting which
s stamach went a weebitsqueamish he thocht oot loud
syne she haird a weebitsquek an whit suid cum
the fiver s a weebitstained wi ridd is at
rope i tied a weebitstick like that in the
twa ashets bit a weebitstrae hid creepit up minnie
s it just a weebitstuck that s it now
hit does hae a fairbitt do wee it but
and ye had a weebittae taste it f640: [laugh]
then ye took another weebittae taste so when ye
speired big rab a weebittae the richt o inchkeith
did a bi- a weebitteachin as well and words
bit here an a weebitthare tae improve on the
needs to melt a weebitthat ll be burning so
back and forth a weebitthe first term and in
bonnie wee birds they arebitthe loons had a coorse
aye lykit ye a weebitthe ploums is awfu guid
twa coorse demons o trincomaleebitthe wee quinie didna float
f1107: ew just a littlebitthen just a wee tottie
a reckon it wiznae thatbitther wiz a wee man
see hou even a weebitthocht struck ye juist think
heard feather juist a weebitti the richt pompitie pompitie
it just wants a weebittime tae mature in the
kind of celebrities a weebitto us you know they
thy neighbour thing a weebittoo far and no was
can sometimes carp a weebittoo much and all the
s maybe gettin a weebittoo small like i quite
if things got a weebittousy from the variety of
will mak you a tastybittreat an fancy wee pieces
quarter oor an a weebittune sang oot frae its
though perhaps still a weebitunder the weather i m
of relationship perhaps a weebitunusual in this day and
right she wis a weebitupset carolanne went hame gordon
he micht be a weebitupset may 1998 friday 1
my blood got a weebitused to the f641: mmhm
wee gordon street the wallbitwas was big sleepers railway
season an were a weebitwashed oot och that wis
i wis gettin a weebitweary be noo for i
f1054: you two are abitwee bit [cough] [inaudible] is
touch skiddie here an erebitwee sarah skippit on like
ye shocked aye a weebitwell can ye blame me
stertin tae feel a weebitwet an soggie aneath the
just it needed a weebitwhere the pillar is i
in order just one weebitwhich i you know which
stertin tae chitter a weebitwi the cauld whan aboot
s just rattlin a weebitwi your microphone f1041: oh
ma auntie s a weebitwierd lost his bite ma
though he strayed a weebitwith isobel now and then
teen a wee bit abackbitwithoot thinkin answered och aye
that gien us another weebitye ken m608: aye m642:
we did a a weebityeah but oh yeah i
bother with them a weebityeah f1049: [laugh] they think
afore he geed on mairbityou hae t moov wee
than the wee toys georgiebityou saved yours for days
missing f1126: this is abitf1125: ah where does that
f1126: no there no thisbitf1125: goes here th- f1126:
didn t you f1126: thatbitf1125: mm f1126: mmhm f1125:
shaky f1126: i cleaned thatbitf1125: oh you gie mum
f1126: i m cleaning thatbitf1125: oh you re clever
f1126: i m needin thatbitf1125: oh you re fast
no f1126: how about thisbitf1125: that s a clown
day f1126: aye and thatbitf1125: that s it that
here look f1126: hmm thisbitf1125: wanna push it in
you nae wanna dae thatbitf1126: i do this bit
in your hand try thatbitf1126: i try that bit
re wrong right which otherbitf1126: mm mm i want
pooh f1125: look at thisbitf1126: mm this bit go
push the eye f1125: thisbitf1126: mm this bit goes
f1125: fitt about this thisbitf1126: no [inaudible] f1125: where
think it could be thisbitf1126: no there no this
no it s nae thatbitf1126: oh f1125: i think
f1125: up a up abitf1126: [panting] i canna i
right okay you get anotherbitf1126: there s the ones
right how abou- f1125: thisbitf1126: this bit [tut] goes
what goes on there thisbitf1126: this f1125: no this
you want to try thatbitf1126: try that bit over
you sit over here abitf1126: yes [exhale] f1125: okay
hmm f1125: oh dear thisbitf1126: yes yes f1125: broken
f1126: no f1125: right thatbitfits in there better doesn
bit f1126: i do thisbitgo here f1125: no nae
this bit f1126: mm thisbitgo there f1125: no it
think you know where thatbitgoes f1126: there aye f1125:
now see f1126: no thisbitgoes here f1125: i think
f1126: mm this bit thisbitgoes here f1125: you d
in f1125: right and thisbitgoes here look f1126: hmm
f1125: right and then thatbitgoes over there f1126: ice
here th- f1126: this thisbitgoes there f1125: it s
f1126: mm yay f1125: thatbitgoes there f1126: it s
broken f1125: and then thatbitgoes there f1126: no f1125:
i don t think thatbitgoes there f1126: this bit
f1126: right f1125: right thatbitgoes there okay see i
go f1126: [exhale] and thisbitgoes there that s nae
this bit f1126: mm thisbitgoes [tut] here f1125: no
go f1125: oh see thisbithere f1126: mm mm f1125:
the dolly f1125: [inaudible] thisbithere f1126: no nae yet
s it now see thisbithere f1126: yes f1125: that
it f1126: mm put thisbitin there f1125: that s
f1125: clever right [inaudible] thatbit[inaudible] that f1126: right f1125:
yey f1126: it s thisbitit s the teddy right
the road move back abitmair f1126: [inaudible] f1125: watch
think we ve got abitmissing [censored: familiar form of forename] f1126: i put
think we ve got onebitmissing darling look f1126: look
box f1126: it s abitmissing f1125: anyway you can
i think there s abitmissing f1126: here s the
missing f1126: here s thebitmissing i got it i
i think there s abitmissing you ken f1126: a
i think it s thatbitno it s nae f1126:
again f1126: i clean thatbitnow f1125: shaky shaky shaky
see cause it was abito eeyore f1126: that s
f1126: no it s abito ice cream f1125: it
cream f1125: it s abito ice cream f1126: [inaudible]
it now here s abito tigger f1126: mm and
ready f1126: yes nearly readybito water here you go
bit goes there f1126: thisbito- f1125: now see f1126:
of tigger f1126: [inaudible] anotherbitof tigger f1125: ehm that
f1125: that s it anotherbitof tigger f1126: [inaudible] another
f1125: okay f1126: [inaudible] f1125: bitof you finished with the
f1126: aye f1125: okay thisbitoh a bittie more on
f1126: this f1125: no thisbitoh yeah mm no it
f1125: pull it over abitover here f1126: no nae
that bit f1126: try thatbitover here [inaudible] f1125: i
what aboot this bit thisbitright f1126: you help me
it noo see cause thatbits goes here see f1126:
use last f1126: no thisbits [inaudible] f1125: well you
they re good my littlebitsprinkles f1125: mm f1126: mine
corner f1126: alright this isbitthat go on corner f1125:
darling look f1126: look f1125: bitthat goes in there is
up the top up abitthat s it f1126: [laugh]
there so that s thebitthat s missing f1126: this
f1126: you- no nae thatbitthere f1125: look cause that
f1126: oh it s thatbitthere [inaudible] f1125: i think
other one f1126: no thisbitthere no that s nae
turn the bowl roon abitthere we go f1126: okay
uh huh f1126: mm thisbitthis bit goes here f1125:
that bit what aboot thisbitthis bit right f1126: you
bit f1126: i try thatbit[tut] f1125: you want to
f1125: this bit f1126: thisbit[tut] goes [tut] there um
[inaudible] spread it out abitwill we f1126: [exhale] here
s right oh broken thatbitagain f1125: i ll sort
f1125: you gie me anotherbitand i ll show you
di- [child noises] f1125: back abitcome over a bit aside
no f1125: now if thatbitdisna fit try the other
the top of what thatbitf1125: here you wantin to
you go i cleaned abitf1125: shaky shaky shaky shaky
oh are they burning abitf1125: that s okay darlin
cleaning the table like thatbitf1125: that s right [?]i've cleaned up it[/?]
and ribble i clean thatbitf1125: will i go and
them up f1125: now whichbitfirst mm you gonna break
in there [tut] no thisbitgo f1125: uh huh big
hmm f1125: right and thisbitgoes here see you ve
girls and boys f1125: thatbitgoes there you want to
is that f1125: see thatbitin mummy s hand that
mm mm i clean thatbitnow oh f1125: oh do
f1125: cause that s abito the tree is it
f1125: will we take thatbitoot o there look cause
ones that goes there thatbitthere f1125: right you sure
dry is the day warmbitaffa grey noo ere s
swyin back an fore abitbit ere wisna a lot
banff ir back tae aiberdeenbite hisna been seen ere
hid quairter watters an skiesbite seas wis aye ere
away as like as nobite tool wis still ere
made the job a gweedbiteasier ere wis nae bendin
gran wi plenty o sinbitere s a affa cauld
sae fine dry an fairbitere s a cauldness in
temp 3 10 fine morninbitere s a spit in
nicht half up e steepbitere s a trackie at
stannin up till e elementsbitere s an aafa pooer
lowse siller aboot e placebitere wis ay eggs an
weer ye vrocht e pulleybitere wis aye a bittie
on tap o e loadbitere wis e odd time
crood didna cheenge aafa muchbitere wis fowk comin an
awa fae hame a lotbitere wis little e didna
east gale didna help edderbitere wis nae bad curtains
wis seekin em ye kenbitere wis nae haadin em
ma heid on e pillabitere wis nae sign o
an keepit e cats awabitere wis naething we cd
fleein flizzems o fite shooriesbitere wis patches o strong
in an open neckit sarkbitere wis reed aboot e
hidna startet tae rax againbitere wis siveral foggitchy clumps
the game an the leaguebitere wis some spik in
disturbance at e hey soobitere wis something at widna
back an fore a bitbitere wisna a lot o
raised an reedent e skinbitere wisna much o at
at fullt in ahin yebitey bade ere an fin
she replied jonsar says ayebitfit happened up ere och
foggitch ere s nae questionbitfit it ll be intill
ere wis jist e twabitfit wis in t must
cushions weel ere is twabitfooiver it s nae jist
ere wis naewye tae gangbitforrit ir back an we
rain ere s a ferbitfrost bit a fine day
day ere s a ferbitfrost pits winter in oor
truck wis creakin an groaninbitgettin ere jist the same
i waken up i cannabitgrin affa bonny day ere
a thing caad a iaanbiti d sweer ere s
tae sleep aye i didbiti wisna aaegidder easy ere
e spring sin was strongbitilky sae aften ere wis
lang as ere wis lichtbitis wis a richt torment
ere s a lichtsome shoorbitmaistly fair saturday 26th temp
ere s a april shoorbitmaistly fair thursday 9 temp
fa shood be stannin erebitmary flooer an buttery wull
heaters for ere wis plugsbitna na at wisnae e
sure e thing wis erebitnaa es wis jist last
rainfal 1 16 gran daybitnae ony force ava ere
o furniter i haikit aawyebitnaething ere wis nae doot
16 dry for the daybitneen ower bricht ere s
dee onywye ye canna helpbitnotice fin ere s ony
beloved hazel she s abitnutty na na alexander ere
gin ere d been abito a storm at wid
efterneen ere s a ferbito change doon comes the
road an ere s abito country steeped in history
16 ere s a ferbito frost fin we rise
3 ere s a ferbito frost in o the
ere s mair than abito frost in the air
boys ere wis aye abito funnin wi em especially
jobbie ere wis aye abito haikin for aa e
jonsar eck pit doon abito plastic sheetin far ere
blaw ere s a ferbitsin bit it s cauld
scrub e ditch wis erebitthough it wis damp it
a sang aboot bright eyesbittruth tae tell ere s
in the mornin ere nothingbitwater hale water intae us
speert jist on e meenitbitwid ere be a god
the water no push thatbitagain up he goes oh
so mm go there thisbit[exhale] and this bit goes
on there nae on thatbitf1104: mm [laugh] it goes
here f1103: aye and thatbitf1104: that bit goes here
goes no that s abitf1104: that bit must be
it mrs scamler goes abitfar sometimes in her attempts
m1090: santa goes does thisbitgo here [washing machine spins] f1089: that
[humming] f1103: [inaudible] farr thatbitgoes aye it goes f1104:
mm i know where thatbitgoes f1103: turn that bit
farr do you think thisbitgoes f1104: it goes f1103:
f1103: aye f1104: and thisbitgoes here and this bit
f1104: [inhale] [exhale] and thisbitgoes here does it f1103:
bit goes here and thisbitgoes here does it f1103:
this bit [exhale] and thisbitgoes here does it goes
that bit goes there thisbitgoes here does it no
t think so [inhale] thisbitgoes here does it no
way h- and this bi-bitgoes here does it no
looking for now m1090: thisbitgoes here f1089: oh that
s it m1096: and thisbitgoes here f1095: no that
that bit goes there thisbitgoes here f1103: and that
and that bit f1104: thatbitgoes here f1103: and what
s a bit this go-bitgoes here f1103: no nae
this bit goes here thisbitgoes here f1103: see you
[?]wow whee[/?] f1104: [exhale] there thisbitgoes here f1103: that s
great job f1104: and thisbitgoes here no f1103: no
try different bits f1104: thisbitgoes here no f1103: try
s her head f1104: thisbitgoes here this bit goes
go on it and thisbitgoes in here f1103: aye
m1098: farr f1097: the bulgybitgoes in the bottom no
i don t think thatbitgoes in there does it
i dinna ken farr thatbitgoes [inhale] mm mummy i
i dinna ken farr thatbitgoes no that s a
aside the fire now thatbitgoes on there doesn t
it goes there and thisbitgoes [singing] f1103: mm dinna
my stupid questions f1104: thatbitgoes there does it f1103:
getting cosy oh f1104: thisbitgoes there does it f1103:
i don t know thatbitgoes there does it f1103:
f1103: na f1104: [inhale] thatbitgoes there does it mum
doon by accident f1104: thatbitgoes there does it mum
pardon me mmhm maybe thisbitgoes there f1089: mmhm m1090:
this one look f1104: thatbitgoes there f1103: that s
[exhale] probably this bit thatbitgoes there f1103: yey f1104:
winnie the pooh and thisbitgoes there that s winnie
f1103: no hey f1104: thatbitgoes there this bit goes
butter butter butter butter thatbitgoes there this bit goes
m1092: no f1091: oh thatbitgoes there though look right
yeah i know but thatbitgoes up here i seen
oh i can see abithere it goes f1103: ah
m1096: here it goes blankbit[inaudible] f1095: [computer printer] m1096: put
the other bit f1093: whatbitm1094: one that goes on
guy seemed ti git abitman united cammy goes to
goes there there s abito paint there f1103: that
that bit s got abitof purple so that goes
[computer printer] that s a blankbitout m1096: here it goes
me see right roll thisbitright mummy [inaudible] goes f1114:
bit goes f1103: turn thatbitroon that way up wahey
you re right f1122: mumbitsix goes on it f1121:
here no [exhale] probably thisbitthat bit goes there f1103:
f639: this might be thebitthat goes on the web
go look for another orangebitthat maybe goes next to
go here it s abitthis go- bit goes here
shell an aa jist raabita lot o men stole
moral ah ve nae dootbitah ll jist say that
fine tae sype e ammunitionbitaimin wis niver jist exact
e spaad tae gaither ilkybitan get it baggit jist
that he wis in aebitan naething broken jist his
jist soons like common sensebitas ma aal skweel maister
glaiss panel o e doorbitat least it wisna jist
for working but something abitbonnier tae jist in case
jist eence again feels abitcooler haar dis remain june
twa lairs foo o peatsbitdry they jist widnae jonsar
feet deep at e centrebite hale loch jist got
wo jist for a meenitiebite monster roart on a
jist acquant wi sic warkbite smith kent fit tae
wisna jist e normal bogbiteen at hid grown in
ma new recipe for porritchbites jist brocht a grunt
mary at ll dee nicelybitfin she left mary jist
wis jist a richt divertbitgin ony strange body wis
a fiddler jist awa hamebithe didna smoke or drink
twa tools he hid forgotbithe jist nipped up the
the belle o belfast citybithis hairt jist cudna warm
it then he telt mebiti couldna i jist couldna
jist e politest o storiesbiti jist gee t as
6 the acre for itbiti jist took a piece
jist a mixter o aathingbiti ll gie ye some
chase me an squash mebiti m jist a craitur
m the cat s pyjamasbiti say i m jist
fully mair n an oorbitin braid dayiicht jist faar
baith gweed news an illbitis biz bizzin jist exists
leet dab tae a sowelbitit s jist as weel
country being slow tae changebitit s jist e same
neen ower fine dry daybitit s jist like winter
oot faa e laad wisbitit wis aye jist anither
s fairly gildin e lilybitit wis jist e hooses
reeze for bein gran wirkersbitit wisna jist sic a
no huv said co arsebitjinty jist opent ra door
operation wis a success againbitjist a fyle ago he
a crack in e postbitjist a strip o bark
she did and i wisbitjist a thochtie naethin ava
the heid tae mak shairbitjist as he leaned doon
bastards charismatic pope an aabitjist because the feelin s
or a special intergenerational projectbitjist cause he wis kin
to america for a timebitjist did the same there
wheeberin awa like a lairkiebitjist e ae note some
funn bush oot o seasonbitjist fer flush friday 14th
a press na she didnabitjist hung up e crudes
a foreneen piece wis naebitjist in e hairst time
jist exactly in e rivbitjist inside an aal henhoose
e dark street nae tarmacadamedbitjist made o hard yird
rainfall 3 16 maistly drybitjist noo an again thunner
silence lee laughs sorry sonbitlaughs wis it noh jist
aa jist be forgeries naethinbitlies hoo kin i tell
jist look aa that happybitmabel didna let on she
ye re nae exactly thinkinbitmair jist lettin wash ower
s jist a young bullockbitmaybe the custom o haein
shape bj noh jist physicallybitmentally aw ah m looking
threaten them wi a wringerbitna na the peats jist
the mither takks tae eenbitnae the tither an jist
us bairns jist bairns seenbitnoh heard scotty scotty steve
a could get it ootbitnoo a m jist a
jist thought yi did abito burnin oan yur airms
that poem was jist abito daft fun he said
jist made o a handybito wid as lang s
get a piece jist abitof loaf spread wi a
jist inches fae yer bottombiton es day i wis
a speak tae me sonbitpeter jist stood ther wi
nae jist plungin throwe snaabitplungin throwe past time tee
prevaricating she s jist abitrun doon georgie peely wally
o draaers for a bairnbitshe jist cut a hole
hen a says tae hurbitshe jist lukt ra ither
jist tae mak it atbitspecial gyad sakes wis the
ye dinna jist like itbitsyne in e coorse o
dis jist aboot bide drybittae rain sair the wither
fusker jist lowpit clean awabitthe larry struck the quine
less steer aboot the fairmbitthe oors are jist as
it is jist aboot fairbitthe win intae us still
jist the fine bakin smellsbitthe yoam o het paraffin
wis quicker on the uptakkbitthen she wis jist a
i jist sat still trummlinbittholin wytin aathing wis aafa
blew hard on the widnaebitthon jist saftened the frost
doon jist to hae abitwalk roon ma auld native
ye dinna like it eitherbitwe ll jist hae tae
e times ey live inbitweel it s aye jist
jist got fooler an foolerbitwhot a fine stink it
jist be lookin at itbitwi roon clews ye d
blin in this e ebitwid jist wait an see
it an i niver speertbitwisn t it jist an
a ll gie ye thatbitye cannae complain jist look
wisna jist flooers an vegetablesbitye could get prizes for
i m tellin ye abootbitye jist keep e picter
ear i didna jist agreebitye niver won be conterin
f1104: yeah it is abitchilly f1103: mmhm f1104: because
the prince you did thatbitdid you f1103: mmhm f1104:
the road again f1103: thatbitdoesna go there f1104: mam
the picture to see whichbiter f1103: okay i ll
bit left f1104: mm onebit[exhale] f1103: there you go
see f1104: this is abit[exhale] heavy f1103: oh f1104:
i ll put in thisbit[exhale] mum finished f1103: mmhm
no i dinna want thatbitf1103: aye no but i
bit came on just thatbitf1103: [cough] f1104: [?]are you sure it's cold[/?] [inaudible]
[singing] mam fitt s thisbitf1103: eh f1104: mam which
nae came on or thatbitf1103: no f1104: that bit
f1103: that ll be thatbitf1104: farr s my smarties
done how aboot doon abitf1104: this ain f1103: yey
mm i wanna do thatbitfirst f1103: oh aye okay
you go and get abitfor me f1103: eh f1104:
you go and get abitfor me f1103: well if
up there fitt s thisbitfor mum f1103: [?]it's nae a bit[/?] f1104:
[?]it's nae a bit[/?] f1104: is it abitfor standing on f1103: you
go there no does thatbitgo eh f1103: er oh
lost mm where does thisbitgo f1103: i dinna ken
properly f1104: where does thisbitgo f1103: well come on
f1103: yey f1104: does thisbitgo f1103: well done nearly
bit f1104: farr does thisbitgo f1103: well done oh
loud now farr does thisbitgo f1104: [censored: forename] f1103: mmhm
singing f1103: where does thatbitgo f1104: i was singing
go there farr does thisbitgo f1104: in here f1103:
sleeping beauty f1104: does thisbitgo here mummy f1103: fitt
f1103: mmhm f1104: does thisbitgo here no [exhale] probably
yey f1104: mm does thisbitgo here yes f1103: well
oh no f1103: does thatbitgo in there maybe no
bit go farr does thisbitgo mummy er f1103: i
f1103: well done f1104: thisbitgo there f1103: mmhm [clapping]
s a bit does thisbitgo there f1103: mmhm f1104:
done [throat] f1104: does thatbitgo there f1103: mmhm f1104:
f1103: mm f1104: does thatbitgo there no don t
bit go farr does thisbitgo wher- f1103: speak properly
mm [tut] it s abithard f1103: a bit hard
cause f1104: it s abithard f1103: look that s
f1104: this ain s abithard is it [inaudible] f1103:
a bit hard f1103: abithard no but it s
f1103: aye it s abitharder right will i help
two pillows this is abitheavy f1103: oh i see
f1104: mum fitt s thisbithere f1103: that s just
f1103: [clapping] yey manage thatbitin f1104: mm mm f1103:
f1104: yes this is herbitisn t it f1103: now
f1103: oh it looks abitlike her f1104: yeah because
okay then f1103: [inaudible] thisbitmaybe well done f1104: see
is it that s abitmixed up f1103: mummy ll
s a bit f1104: thatbitmust be go here f1103:
f1103: i think there sbito chinie and stuff look
one first there s abito fimble f1103: is it
found it there s abito her foot f1103: yey
princess jasmine there s anotherbito princess jasmine ooh f1103:
it f1103: now turn thatbitroon no roon the other
s belle f1103: and thatbits belle f1104: and this
this is b- belle thisbits belle oh no f1103:
f1103: can you manage thatbits got a bit of
bit f1103: no f1104: thatbits nae came on has
f1103: eh f1104: mam whichbits this f1103: that s
eh f1103: er oh thisbits tricky f1104: doesn t
f1103: no [censored: forename] s abitshy f1104: yeah she never
f1103: and what s thatbitthat s her head f1104:
mmhm f1103: well looking abittidier f1104: is it like
f1104: can i hae abitto do f1103: there you
to watch she s abittoo close f1103: oh okay
s ye- she s abitwhite is she f1103: mmhm
a bit it s abitchilly isn t it f1104:
mmhm f1104: here s abitdoes this bit go there
f1104: i ve got abiterm i ve got a
me to help you abitf1104: ah she s a
that s right one mairbitf1104: farr does this bit
go you put in thatbitf1104: i ll put in
noo this is the trickybitf1104: yeah it s very
and white ains into anotherbitfitt f1104: [censored: forename] i like
boy f1104: where does thatbitgo er i think that
s it where does thatbitgo f1104: [exhale] up here
was missing where does thisbitgo f1104: mum mum mum
well done f1104: does thisbitgo farr does this bit
mmhm f1104: farr does thisbitgo here it s a
look f1104: th- does thisbitgo there no does that
you go there s onebitleft f1104: mm one bit
f1104: mum that s abitlike my doggy is it
it the seam bursts abitmair f1104: tommy [laugh] tommy
where do you think thisbitmight go f1104: mm [laugh]
be careful then f1104: thatbitmum [inhale] some people want
you oh there s abitno f1104: they were haein
f1104: [laugh] [laugh] does thisbitno mummy you can make
f1104: cause it s abito rose isn t it
well done f1104: there abitof pumpkin [exhale] there s
f1104: where s that littlebitof pumpkin oh i can
s snow white [?]ain[/?] thatbits belle f1104: it s
f1104: huh huh sure thatbits nae came on or
came off f1104: yeah thatbitso the bit could go
but it s sometimes abitsore f1104: laura and anita
fitt bit was it thisbitthat came off f1104: yeah
noticed that afore f1104: thatbitthere and that ain does
aye but she s abittoo close f1104: but she
hid heard jock dow saybitat least she s bin
hid better legs than herbitat wis a gye back
pat ma finger till embitbaith hid eir sookers ticht
the warld abeen the warldbitbi bit matthew bruce hid
negotiations tae anither organ brokerbitbrian hid speceefically socht fur
up peacefu like richt enyeuchbitdeid a car hid likely
an trying tae get awabite craiter hid a broken
eest tae be a widbite fairmer hid felled e
aafa fyow wirelesses aboot eitherbite heidmaister hid een it
e took prizes for horsebite hid a gweed man
she niver hid ony namebite reed coo wid gunge
e heid o linshie braebite turra lads hid been
e burn passin e widerbitfaar e beas hid eir
corners wearin bowties an carnationsbitfinally it hid tae be
wiz a sailor s cepbitfit looked lek hid came
on a ship seen efterbitfit naebody hid calculated on
farrer aff wirk wis stoppinbitfowk ay hid eir tools
wid a hid some saybitgeordie s bate im a
the beasts hid their ainbitgrun they wadna covet the
the pynt o his snootbithe hid a takkin wye
an he cud thole thonbithe hid niver seen his
hid a swerve at itbitheld by e edge ey
his degree frae meikleburgh universitybithid gaen back tae sri
fae een anither e middlebithid mair trees e ither
kent full weel tut [inhale]bithid wiz eh measure o
stravaiged aroon rome an venicebiti hid kissed the blarney
like a lamb quo dabiti hid lain aa nicht
grey o e fittit carpetbiti hid seen t black
hid sypit they werena hashedbiti wis so i shut
hid een afore it cambitilky mornin fin i opent
nae ither bairn tae connachbitisie she hid wyed near
still a fyow feet highbitit hid been aa connacht
trees e ither twa lessbitit hid been cut doon
tir nan og nor americaybitit hid bin fun ettlin
an roon inno a baabitit hid tae be dane
did sen em copies aifterbitit hid tae be deen
matty hid bin some coorsebitit wis ill tae thole
hid armed guards i kenbitkarma s wheel birl better
ha ha that may bebitmains hid maybe kent it
abeen the warld bit bibitmatthew bruce hid fashioned a
dry grun i dinna kenbitmaybe e snaa hid made
lanka micht hae hid demonsbitmeikleburgh hid grave robbers he
hid a pouerfu voice jockbitnae a sweet ane the
aboot it on e craftbitnaebody hid e time tae
hitchin frae brussels tae ostendebitne er a lift hid
an e jam hid granulatitbitneen e waar tae taste
boxes at hid been teemtbitniver trampit on an tied
her thrall foriver an ayebitnoo the spell hid wirked
e boxie tee an abito flint at hid a
kent she hid a ferbito intrest in local history
ronald hid made a ferbito siller an abody wis
so the whisper geed abootbitof coorse she hid a
hid begun tae faa inbitower be e quarry face
wis a richt gweed ideabitpainstakinly slow there hid been
hid carved oot its territorybitrupert wis aye a timid
hid nivver seen the likebitsays och aye bit mind
an she hid er faatsbitshe geed gweed milk an
like oor s hid beenbitsquaarish in shape wi fower
opinion o hersel did isiebitstill hid a saft spot
hid come in a guidbitsyne the first skirmish wi
fowk wid came in abootbitthe bairns hid tae tak
step oot ower the carbitthe fermer fa hid teen
in every neuk an crannybitthe glesses hid simply vanished
an nae tae bi sortitbitthe javans hid veesited the
lear tae her bairn kieranbitthe loon hid nae taste
the tellin o the talebitthe warlock laird hid read
happened he tried hid againbitthere wiz chist a couple
cut doon the stannin treesbittidy up onything that hid
fun t a ear agobittime hid deen its usual
ey wid a sunk inbitwill s barra hid rale
year aulder nor his sisterbitwis epileptic an hid missed
geordie leukin doon at thebitwuid he hid fund an
i ll say a littlebitabout all three of those
spoke last week a littlebitabout ehm meditating on the
you tell us a littlebitabout how how that started
thinkin i spoke a littlebitabout meditatin on the word
i ll say a littlebitabout the background just in
i ll say a littlebitabout the language curriculum review
want to say a littlebitabout the wider problem of
you tell us a littlebitabout them do you expect
be innovative and a littlebitahead of england and wales
they can learn a littlebitalongside their parents er alongside
pulls herself together a littlebitan ye dinna get the
the price down a littlebitand glatiramer acetate a similar
that you know a littlebitand kind of f963: right
and they were a littlebitanxious but determined to become
speeches we are a littlebitbehind the clock 11 57
i-i- it got a littlebitbetter as i just as
i ve felt a littlebitbetter i had to finish
he was always a littlebitbetter if he was a
kinda lose it a littlebitbut i mean in a
m078: disciplined it a littlebitbut yes that s something
some f1107: erm a littlebitcause it s nae got
this f1107: just a littlebit[censored: forename] but nae too much
always felt just a littlebitclaustrophobic because i hadn t
and you felt a littlebitclaustrophobic cause you hadn t
scoffed anither flask o taybitcomplained aboot the little bit
it s just a littlebit[cough] right put the pieces
well it s a littlebitdarker i suppose than here
is s- something a littlebitdifferent f641: mmhm f639: he
aa nae even a littlebitdo you want to mak
was kinda thinking hm littlebitdubious when i got the
only allowed a tiny littlebitevery day and she was
and crannies again well thisbitf1105: aa the little bitties
eat some and another littlebitf1107: are ye then another
probably slander ourselves a littlebitf810: [laugh] i was goin
still do that a littlebitf940: [inaudible] m942: [inaudible] f940:
move it on a littlebitf963: yeah m762: er and
you ve got a littlebitfrom his book on trigonometry
pursue the issue a littlebitfurther because i am not
heartened i m a littlebitheartened that you were still
basically everyone got a littlebitill f1151: mmhm f1150: which
going over it a littlebitin english still but ehm
begins to fragment a littlebitinto m608: mmhm m078: perceptions
suppose it s a littlebitkind of exaggerated to call
approach started just a littlebitlater for the islands airports
s humanise it a littlebitlet s let s f963:
thought they were a littlebitlike a version of the
so it s a littlebitlike the hutton report becomes
of colloquial style a littlebitlike the style of the
but i m just abitlittle [baby gurgles] f1142: [censored: forename] you
of it f746: yeah abitlittle less kind of dry
tricky wow that s abitlittle that s good f1122:
shame f833: just a littlebitlonger [laugh] i i feel
ll just hae a littlebitm1096: it s lovely f1095:
okay just for a littlebitm1108: okay th- f1107: okay
her tongue a little abitmair pit it richt oot
i ll say a littlebitmore about assessment when we
i will say a littlebitmore about that in a
want to know a littlebitmore about the extent to
m741: yeah m605: a littlebitmore engagement a little bit
[child noise] [inaudible] do a littlebitmore f1121: are you doin
would have snowed a littlebitmore f807: yeah we can
bit more engagement a littlebitmore involvement from m741: yeah
to learn er a littlebitmore of of irish gaelic
little earlier and with abitmore sensitivity there may not
f746: not really a littlebitmy boyfriend s er speaks
did actually swear a littlebitnow for for for a
bit complained aboot the littlebito beef that wis in
you kinda lost a littlebito it but eh f831:
guy upstairs is a littlebitodd but he s quiet
that sound just a littlebitodd in english not quite
school 5 15 a littlebitof a river 5 17
trimmed to add that littlebitof elegance to the road
enjoying myself doing a littlebitof gardening john helps with
i d done a littlebitof greek at school and
make us do a littlebitof history and and i
also give you a littlebitof information about erm the
everyone aware that a littlebitof observance and alerting the
was allowed a tiny littlebitof our easter egg every
it s got a littlebitof plastic with the hole
suggested amendments and the littlebitof revision that has taken
come up with a littlebitof sponsorship [laugh] so i
[laugh] from that tiny littlebitof sun [laugh] and that
i might remember a littlebitof that nothing clever f963:
f806: and do a littlebitof the essay but not
am now using a littlebitof the leeway that the
my po and a littlebitof tissue issue paper oh
you maybe do a littlebitof tom leonard or somethin
you might like a littlebitof ulster scots erm that
terms it s a littlebitout in the sticks okay
hauns he did little elsebitscrat oot a fyew bars
60 she is a littlebitstiff but her mind is
maybe hit- had a littlebitstuffy head and you felt
little birds wis deein eirbittae feenish e seyven ear
pull it up a littlebittake up take up the
next that s the littlebitthat you need to do
s faither hogmanay meant littlebitthe quine kent fine that
one is just a littlebittight but i think i
and rome going a littlebitto seed around the edges
a [sniff] tiny [sniff] littlebittwo three four you count
tae buy three little plantiesbitwell worth the veesit specially
big trees at tried hardbitwi little success tae shelter
up the pace a littlebityou need to kind of
that it wisna the deilbita calfie strayed fae e
up stracht as an arrabita gweed third o e
d niver get e itherbitaathing geed intil a big
intill e barn bit bebitaifter e beas wis in
eir men made for embitat is time in e
day an geen e mornbitaye poppin up again somewye
steed a file an lookitbitcanny lad at e wis
o e birds i couldnabitcome back ay till e
maist o em in nestsbite antrin een on e
jock e wisna exactly dreaminbite ay min t on
widden hannle for a knifebite d a loopie o
ey were supposed tae deebite elastic stretchet faist mair
d sleepit in eez sarkbite fairly took aff e
for fowk are only humanbite fairmer wid seen sort
s stop tae gie roombite laddie didna mak it
bishop weed in e yardbite main wirk in e
it for a secont timebite meenit o veesion wis
fore i shut ma moobite mochs wis in i
on e road an spakbite peyed nae heed e
fin e burn wis bigbite rats couldna a howkit
couldn t disguise their voicesbite tag didna come oot
tae tak nae self peetybite wis like an aal
roart on a hard maisterbiteence e mull wis on
a caal winter s daybites time e grate wis
be scaly in e storiesbitey re ugly lookin craiters
doon an airmfae o snaabitfin e heard e clatter
bit o thocht cd deebitfin e kinna wark it
green foggitch i dinna kenbitfit i like e openness
nae doot wi im noobitfit it wis willie e
up an eeseless kinna ploybitfit s nae in e
haard e wis seek likebitfit wid be ahin t
wid brak in e middlebitfitiver ye got e weer
in e wye o mothsbitgin ye made a meeve
s road for mony countriesbithere e wis catchet in
saa is lad e eencebiti aye min on im
walkit back till e spaadbiti begood tae min on
wis gweed for e teethbiti canna say i ivver
d need for e marathonbiti come on a novelty
fain let it go aheidbiti d niver hear e
trouble wi ae e ebiti dinna ken fit tae
o gaan till e skweelbiti kent ilky nyeuk o
threid stickin oot at aebiti took e pynt o
didna set oot tae stealbitif e cam across e
e honey fae foggy beesbitin e hierarchy o respect
wisna neen bothert aboot embitin e wall o e
speert faar it cam faebitintill e glory hole it
mixter o aal an newbitit s e life o
gey cheer tae sit onbitit s handy for e
cheer s nae a beautybitit stan s in e
again still wi e bagbitit wiz rowed up aneth
midden faar it wis beerietbitiv coorse fin e midden
nae lookin for prey thoughbitkeepin an ee on e
you d swypit e fleerbitleft e styoo on e
them cut through the middlebitmaist o e eggs wis
ey caa e fite steensbitna na neen o yer
ye sit in e cairtbitnaa naa it s nae
e spirks roon e tinniebitnaa naa it wis nae
peesees black an fite teebitnae as busy as e
im ye d load upbitnae cat faar wis e
o e richt stuff aifterbitneen o s wis drinkers
student i didna get abito a backhander fae e
gi e that trunk abito a dicht it s
aboot e place got abito a scaam on e
in e open air abito breid saved fae e
face i cd see abito carvin something at e
it haad awa fae abito diggin tae get e
em got ontill e heichbito e ceilin oot o
an masel wid dee abito hairst wark for e
fite intimmers wi a handybito palin weer even e
e hoose wis a stootbito wark an e waas
mixter o pleesher an abito wirry as e hard
mention willie till im thoughbiton e friday i d
middle o e hivvy ironbitoot o e inside o
wi e gweed aal daysbitquality s quality an it
a step did e takbitroon till e back o
leaves a catty stink insidebitseein e shed s nae
posts sae naething for tbittae get e barra oot
an a tattie or twabittae tell ye e truth
botany class at 9am whilesbitthat wisna e only letter
the middle o e fleerbitthey dee t oot lang
air be caal ye couldnabitthink on e pooer o
flooers wis aboot e hoosebitwaar fin ey were in
amon e tarrie steens teebitwithoot eez specs e couldna
gang fair up e steepestbitye can get sae it
e back o e barnbitye didna need tae tak

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