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rotor blades m1090: the rotorbladei brake it all [scribbling noise]
the added discomfort of thebladebreakin aff an giein him
bones er shoulder bo- shoulderbladearms both arms fingers umpteen
lay right onto the scythebladeand jamie wis aye telt
the eyn o a scythebladethough they were maybe nae
strikes a tourist s shoulderbladeenglish go home flashed from
grass hook linking sned andbladeit was unusual for a
thrapple as clean s abladeat the eyn o ae
it was scary especially thebladea shiny an sharp div
easy so you need abladethat s that sharp it
hate knife through butter abladethat sharp it ll tak
side o e pole ebladewhir whirrin back an fore
tap doon an seein ebladehid a feather at richt
keep e steen on ebladee hard stalkies didna tak
a steen an the ploobladewad sheer awa frae the
they were lifted off thebladeand set up in little
and two hearts on thebladefor decoration whenever the family
eat and she wants thatbladeof grass cried grannie island
couldnae huv slid a razorbladebetween yeese withoot cutting aff
wi e reel furlin eblademakin its din an e
of guttering better the drawnbladeand the glory charge first
easy bit this feelin thebladecut through smellin the blood
an iron wing on thebladeit was worked down from
ye see it haes anitherbladehere an syne anither the
for hir jo waidgin abladethat haes a watterie leim
the twinkling earn like abladein the snow has death
braw lad speir at thebladein ma haun an see
time an then when thebladecut into it ye got
wadna daur lift a singlebladeo gress gin ye cud
rale gweed at garrin ebladestick in it didna dee
foo nae use a brokenbladeif ye hid een an
owre sune he liftit hisbladean wi the ae straik
tae turn them usin hurbladewhase bane haunle had lang
were sharpened by laying thebladeon a little portable metal
aye thare an on yeirbladeand hilt is slaigert bluid
christ on calvary the swinginbladea martyr made tae greet
i kent used a reaperbladefittit intill a widden hannle

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