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the m941: bitch m939: weblamedit on the chute and
an naïve an eh weblamedit on the chute cause
partial difficulties can hardly beblamedfor the widespread learning difficulties
barrae was missin and heblamedus m642: it wasnae us
on the wings has beenblamedbut rumours are going around
the view that the sqablamedschools and teachers for failures
the view that the sqablamedteachers head teachers or schools
movement stopped auld nick wasblamedfor carrying them there in
junior can t really beblamedfor becoming who he became
to think that we dblamedthe dog silver paper on
deprivation the parents were alwaysblamedweren t they until the
english speakers could probably beblamedfor ben chichnes or beinn
literature can very plausibly beblamedon a residual anti scots
the kirk an foo aabodyblamedme bit it wisna i
she then walked across andblamedthis on her friend who
english traditionalists seem to haveblamedever since for declining standards
bemoaning the fact that everyoneblamedher for everything mags bored
the educational system has beenblamedfor trying to eradicate scots
english the language is oftenblamedfor the gradual change or
[laugh] m1000: oh she wasblamedfor a lot o ither
do not want to beblamedfor not listening to the
i would have said andblamedit a on the crabbie
ooto kilter tae some fowkblamedthe skweels ithers the wint

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