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stibble field wis a weebleckspeck gettin bigger an bigger
laid sicht on the weebleckspeck oot ower the watter
o the corn whit weebleckdrappins is that ye r
the stour an thae weebleckdrappins ye aye see here
a dizzen or mair muckleblecksheddaes loomed up oot o
ablow my braith fower faintblecksheddaes nae mair nor forty
thede ure agayne ure thebleckagayne the blanchart and baith
thede colour agayne colour thebleckagayne the white and baith
tae tell us that thaebleckcorn flakes is really rats
tae the wee gaitherin obleckflakes a m no ower
an the man wi thebleckglesses knelt doon at the
yin o the men hidbleckglesses on an whit leuked
needs waas fir sanctuarie thebleckman aa the mair song
baldy heidbangeers their pows aginbleckwaas wi unco clack they
then intae sicht cam ablecksheddae movin agin the siller
that the corn an thebleckbits is sookit oot the
wi hissel pickin twa threebleckbits oot o his corn
bein huntit in the pitchbleckamang the trees a white
blaik boot polish blate foolishbleckbeat confound blin siv a
no ower fond o thaebleckyins wis the repone whit
an fowk stertit tae gitbleckoot curtains for thair windaes
wee bit mair airish thebleckoot wis stertit an fowk
derk winnocks a bangster sbleckee lang syne school gates
a ken fine whit thaebleckbits is whan a poor
the surface white een inbleckfaces screw at the sunrise
r whiles yin or twableckbits an a dinna ken
fecht fir yle it sbleckstuff no the blecks that
fresh pot masked on thebleckleid grate for the bairns
nae hallan nar parpane atweeshbleckand white a warld whaur
a1 an 2 a weebleckleddie ticks us aff for
the wid it wis asbleckas the earl o hell
calvin criggie opens his bawkiebleckeen an for as lang
m sure that it widbleckony architect tae ken fit
crooned saftlie oot the twablecksoond speakers hingin on the
the rain brakfest toast isbleckas charcoal bacon rasher s
puil it wis a stillblecknicht an as we left
fells the grumphies the dirtybleckhe cuist in wi freins
for anither chiel in ableckgoun jumpt tae his feet
the burns some in theirbleckor tartan spawnin jaikets an

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