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are heard saying guidby godblissye and toozenbach is heard
to olga guidby olia godblissye goes behind the screen
guid weill daein wumman godblisshir maimorie irena mammie wes
oh ay ma faither godblisshis maimorie uised ti fair
self mockery which follows thisblissin dream was premature and
pooer o the halie speeritblisslord this wine wie the
that same speerit we prayblissnoo this watter an the
shrine room quaet breathin gowdenblissin bowls liftin the lid
is cool with quiet breathingblissshines in copper bowls mist
grave of hell ignorance wasblissdraw quickly with no regard
but ignorance ye ken isblissye ve got the knowledge
us never recover it theblissinstead we re handed bound
recover what she called herblissso now she continued although
on a messenger enters messengerblissye guidwyfe ye dinna ken
bodie this is my bleedblisslord this bried wie the
waw wrytes oot spells tiblissthe silkwurms an the new
us pray eternal god weblissye for the gift o
o thaim cawed oot godblissus an the tither cryit
or tither a m shuirblissye cuisin ai ye are
the holy spirit the lordblissye an keep ye the
aw queen ma ain mitherblisshir aye uised ti say
rype it soud bring uncoblissan gret saucht gunlöd after
ti mairrie sic a wummanblissye eilidh ah hae naebodie
a short spell life wasblisson the quadrant as there
alang ye gae nou godblissye guid fowk the musicians
[laugh] m1048: yes it wasblissa free shot wi every
rintoul obeys the princess moragblisshir haes juist cum back
pey for that shuirlie queenblissye morag the r sumthing
gane noo sorra kythes fraeblissrose gairdens wither intae rue
mart in a state ofblissstyteret an fell half intae
in mynd o ma faitherblisshim he wes aye an
me hert oot an guidblissme i started ta flyte
had a thorough hot showerblisswe then went out for
jey in ither altho oorblissah dout wul nou suin
him he s soond sleepinblisshim ah d better watch
which divorce us from ourblissin life prevent us from
overdo things like other folkblisspeace place to myself jimmy
hae the care o herblissher hame the place that
the place that would beblissif someone has not used
bide a fylie there inblissas lang s ye mind
bield an lythe tae herblissthem that hae the prood
but twartree gengs as weelblissher so dere i wis
affection tenderest pledge of futureblissdearest tie of young connexion

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