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v blaze blether v chatterblissinn blessing blyth a happy
blaze furt nativity hap ablissinon a peerie ting whase
ah hear ye say whitnablissinknicht ay she forgies ye
blissin this haes been whitnablissinrintoul retires with ringan walking
turn for the better whitnablissinthis haes been whitna blissin
neist october for shuir whitnablissinthis wul be til us
yer finger end nae ablissint be sneezit at jockie
an we speir that sameblissinnoo tae be on [censored: forename]
us speir noo god sblissinon [censored: forename] an [censored: forename] as
mind foo jesus set hisblissinon them an we speir
gin god gie ye thatblissinhere s foo the bible
an ye can hae mablissingin she gries ti mairrie
whorne daft it wes ablissinat john s oneste naitur
on e road for ablissinwe met naebody for ere
haill hert ah prigg theblissino the blue heivins on
fareweill old man god sblissingae wi ye an wi
a haed maist need oblissinan amen stack in ma
sair haundlin this wes ablissinfur wi this knawlege the
hir mither ti gie hirblissinye micht get ti gang
soumin moula it s ablissinye didna hae ti dae
aboot it it s ablissinwhyles we canna see whit
puirtith is fortuin s firstblissinwalth an honor is the

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