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do toil as the windblowsaway the precious soil produce
wind the wind the windblowshigh the rain comes dashing
wind the wind the windblowshigh the rain comes lashing
in the line the windblowshigh the wind the wind
s an ill wind thatblowsnae good sayings like that
s an ill wind thatblowsnobody ony guid muttering wrathfully
kinrik a blast of windblowsout the lighted torch valgerd
wind f807: mm f806: br-blowsthe dust outside and ever-
the boats and the windblowsthe water and the and
what happens when the windblowsthe water over at the
like paper boats the windblowsto and fro like cheap
the queen a handkerchief queenblowsher nose ah ken ah
a scrap of hankie andblowsher nose briefly ach i
noise she makes when sheblowsher nose doesn t she
nae even switched on sheblowsher nose look at me
frank pause peer frank sheblowsher nose shakes her head
chesnuts for me recovers andblowshis nose sae ye see
voices let alone come toblowsin fact johnson told me
of huffing and oh meblowsout hers while peggy deals
personality to prove it heblowsa raspberry at me without
as she follows her outblowsme a kiss and makes
neck of her blouse andblowsdown it we re jist
about their safe return glasgowblowsin the new year the
world no idea whatsoever justblowsa few things up and
feel like bare bones heblowsinto them as geordie had
his own cleverness chuckles andblowsanother he s going to
a great quarrel in betweenblowssilver and orange theatre this
the een that never greetsblowsagain she is calmer i
settled their arguments with withblowsf963: mm f965: but erm
beards of smoke plugged itblowslike a bellows smouldering with
fuhrer s moustache a slugblowsbubbles newts navigate the oxo

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