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war agin the orra thebluidymindit the coarse an the
right nou there wis pandybluidymonium as torches flashed on
farmer leaned out shut thatbluidygate he yelled you jumped
mick it wis only abluidytree trunk we it nearly
aw said the sultan somebluidycuddy this haes turnt oot
the devil was after youbluidytoon folk said the farmer
says he s bringin mabluidygame boy back echt am
freen an there s mabluidyticket an he poued a
day doun here the halebluidyplace is hotchin wi polis
elephant but whit s thatbluidyhell gasped tam an wi
nor fower yairds anent mebluidyhell i thocht in a
tae him tae get taebluidyhell oot o there he
prose an pentins like abluidynose aa dreips an splatters
their puir minder wi abluidynose an unhappy memories o
juist aboot as conspeecuous asbluidypandas themsels as they stertit
as ah thocht not abluidyhaet wull quails afore the
here i am on abluidyde regulated free enterprise entrepreneur
an ugsome frozen cloud obluidyfur ahin its glaiss een
in a swither whit abluidyeejit i ll luik if
buits my ye re somebluidybyllies he scoffed wi aa

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