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noo the r nae fishinboatsin the herbour at aw
the ghaistly masts o fremmitboatsmoored bi the herbour waa
the herbour tae see theboatstho thair faither wis awa
boats was cau- planes andboatsand that they were eh
a boat f1109: it sboatsboats that s nice isn
watch boats if there sboatscoming out f1135: eh f1136:
eh the boats f1135: watchinboatsdo you want to go
f1136: or watching eh theboatsf1135: watchin boats do you
doing f1136: staying here watchboatsif there s boats coming
boat f1109: it s boatsboatsthat s nice isn t
of these eh be- hospitalboatswas cau- planes and boats
and will be targeted atboatsin the over 10m fleet
million for further decommissioning ofboatsin the whitefish fleet and
scottish fleet are to limitboatstargeting cod haddock and whiting
for limiting fishing effort forboatswhich catch cod and hake
for 6 different categories ofboatswhich catch cod in 3
limit days at sea forboatswhich caught cod for 6
awa shiko 1665 1731 smawboatsfishin eftir whit thinks ah
fishin yoles ilka time theboatswent oot tae the sea
to m608: right m194: theboatsand the troops would all
a few m608: mm m194: boatsand then [inaudible] cairnryan and
were some m608: mmhm m194: boatscomin from oh abro- abroad
all that out of theboatsm608: mm m194: when they
road again sittin waitin forboatsm608: mmhm m194: comin in
put the trains onto theboatsm608: oh right m194: and
out through belfast the troopboatsm608: right m194: are comin
mmhm m194: and sink theboatsm608: so they d scuttle
when they were loadin theboatsor that m608: mmhm m194:
month and to limit theboatstargeting nephrops to 25 days
a while he was haeinboatscomin in and takin eh
cairnryan and ye had theboatscomin oot and in the
train and comin in byboatsm608: god so it s
they were comin in theseboatsthat s bringin the stuff
that s where the americanboatscome in too loaded wae
the american plane the americanboatsused to come in durin
to be in this groupboatsmust catch a minimum of
available for decommissioning scrapping fishingboatswhich catch whitefish up to
the russian boa- eh fishingboatsand ehm come in too
provided anchorage for wooden fishingboatsand yachts where the port
a tuesday because erm fishingboatsdidn t go out on
scottish executive how many fishingboatsfishing for shellfish within the
know if there were fishingboatsin that area they used
one okay a lot ofboatsin the harbour f1136: i
then down to see theboatsyes f1136: [child noise] i want
chu hsi 1130 1200 theboatsfloat yestrein alang the river
yer river s desertit theboatshiv a gaun see newark
yird reveals itsell the riverboatsswither the quaet lift abuin
m1110: it s hundreds ofboatsf1109: aye m1110: one two
it s one hundred ofboatsf1109: but there s quite
if there s a hunnerboatsthere m1110: one hun- it
sure there were aboot sixboatsdoon that way m608: nobody
there s other bringin troopboatsin and loadin it m608:
into another one of theseboatsto sit- take out m608:
were to watch all theseboatsthey came from unst and
and harbour with many foreignboatscoming and going it is
awful lot of regattas sailingboatsand eh we used to
eh ither chiels at hedboatscos maist o em didna
building harbours [inaudible] ye dboatsfrom shetlands eh orkneys and
black hole far eh weeboatstied up some chiels in
remember one of their ehmboatswas eh went on the
two three four eh cargoboatswhich they come up the
fumes and refuse from theboatswould further pollute the sea
ahint it an when theboatscam hame the maws cam
fit road er wisna monyboatsin an oot she cam
the gairden m1092: no inboatsf1091: they re they re
there s bodies in theboatsm1092: uh huh f1091: you
there maybe pirates in theboatsm1092: uh huh uh huh
water and the and theboatsdo that f1105: you ve
in the street made paperboatsto sail on the water
o activity on the waterboatsyachts an sic like water
stranraer there s two passengerboatsand then there s one
two there that s twoboatsnumber two f1114: [exhale] number
work ranksman one of twoboatswhich fished in pairs for
ye d maybe hae twoboatswould come in and they
came in they were oldboatsand there was chinamen on
was when some of theboatstoo came in they were
road [inaudible] and dump theboatsthat s dumpin the ammunition
word frith a bay withboatsa frith most like a
f1054: or earrings m1015: mostboatsaye of their earrings aye
ideas and cultures to shetlandboatshave shipped out most of
i mean some of theseboatsit was when some of
and a lot of norwegianboatswe we always knew and
ane o the fishermen sboatsawa nearhaun the haill day
it s deep enough forboatsto come in and out
frae the ruifs o theboatsa whurlwund soups oot frae
thirlman ah dout aw theboatsis oot for the hunt
it wis time for thairboatstae gaun oot agane wi
f1105: what m1106: [inhale] someboatsget warmer on the top
broads good experience hundreds ofboatssome interesting birds to be
think probably some of theirboatsyou know weren t very
said there was 10 000boatsfan they were a in
despite the rest of theboatsthat were tied comfortably alaangside
pleasure domes unknown or theboatsthemselves were pleasure domes once
aye f1115: there s theboatsf1116: what s he doing
what s that there f1122: boatsf1121: is that like granda
and they could bring theboatsin there and and take
know go on the weeboatsthere an they had a
a blue muin that theboatslivert in fisherraw maistlins they
the notion they micht needboatstae cross the ocean sae
barges or one of theboatswas unloadin they got but
oil comes out of theboatsm1106: no the oil comes
fishermen wanting to decommission theirboatsand will be targeted at
their little skin covered wickerboatsor paddled canoes more roughly
them are already selling theirboatssusan deacon as i have
clearances his siblings packed intoboatshave scattered across the oceans
go loop the loop whereboatssail into churchyards spewing fish
to walk past huge expensiveboatsto get into a nightclub
f835: i lo- i loveboatsf832: do you not get
flouer man do 44 theboatsfloat chu hsi 1130 1200
climbing right up to theboatsis tha- do you think
by a muddy snake gayboatslike flashing scales upon its
mosques the village geese theboatslike long dark leaves breaking
phrases such like burning yourboatssetting fire to wild oats
noiseless collapse of bubbles smallboatssprout begging arms like winter
mainly make believe like paperboatsthe wind blows to and
faded turquoise and garnet besideboatspoised to slither down wooden
you see the hindies affboatsare not in yet translate
agane wi fortie or fiftieboatsin fisherraw that kept a
non interactive models o herrinboatsor gutters clooties wrapped loosely
about the assets including theboatsif the option of a
priest an the eident cheilboatsan biggins an grains o
tae be stappit fu wiboatsan maist o thaim hid
guff o paraffin fae theboatskelvin engines the soond o
a storm the the theboatsand the wind blows the
of the war dodging uboatsbetween cape town and sydney
discovery and a journey becauseboatsbrought textile influences new ideas
and lauder hated being inboatshe still minded the journey
this would equal around 40boatsin a bbc article 2003
in the grey licht pentitboatslie idle in pack ice
say the stuff in theboatsll no be breakin loose
zipped up her fur linedboatsthe frost cut to the
lizzie i winner foo monyboatsare working the herrin noo
that can i dae theboatscause i m wantin cause
me seik juist pray yerboatsne er spring a leak

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