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to protect the population ofbogbush crickets at acheninnes landfill
to protect the population ofbogbush crickets at acheninnes landfill
whether any sites on whichbogbush crickets have been recorded
mmhm aye we- we dbogcludgie or lavvy mmhm mmhm
the cludgie [laugh] f1005: thebogis that what you said
[laugh] or cludgie or thebog[laugh] f1054: and does that
ontae it the lavvy thebogthe cludgie [laugh] f1005: the
s trauchlin beached in aboglike a biblical whale hashin
lavvy m1019: lavvy m1022: thebog[growl] m1020: what is this
about moofae mouthful moss peatbogmowser moustache muckle large mull
some folk still use thebogan the duffy aye m1010:
ye could ca it thebogf1054: i havenae heard duffy
bin at ae time abognae seener did the builders
did the builders drain thebogthan the heivens opened up
proposed conditions to conserve thebogbush cricket at that location
many sites in scotland thebogbush cricket has been recorded
better off now but thebogi think the bog some
old bog road the oldbogroad irish ballad comin on
you ireland and the oldbogroad the old bog road
the bog i think thebogsome folk still use the
rich voice wi the oldbogroad een o ma favourites
yowes ewes bield shelter flowebogdisjaskit downcast dowie sad kail
same meesic in a peatbogi ve ay likit peat
stravaigin like fitprints in peatbogwe ve left wir mark
ain speed ower patches obogan heather by e carcase
vegetation including heathland heather moorlandbogand rough grassland and unimproved
far aa yer nichtmares trystbogwritten during an exhibition at
origin meanin shelter bi thebogthe umquhile maislee hoose an
am a child of theboga sleepy scaley rope i
road with the black blackbogbeneath i am a child
am a child of thebogi am sphagnum yellow as
am a child of thebogi am the purple heath
am a child of thebogi am the slithering newt
am a child of thebogi have a crown of
am a child of thebogi soar i sigh i
am a child of thebogi sting i bite i
am a child of thebogthe ancient otter threading my
am a child of thebogthe gossamer dragonfly my shimmering
am a child of thebogthe staring owl my hood
kitchen windae it wis esboge fairmer wis heidin for
think that heaven is abogfor me if it comes
mowdies howk the yird thebogan fen fower cheenges ken
abeen e plantin aside ebogthough ye cd only tell
lad aren t you sonbogoff like my old dear
dhol suas son bha ebogan uiridh nuair a gheàrr
it wisna jist e normalbogbit een at hid grown
ve heard it caed thebogafore yes aye f1054: good
so wi that or thebogf1054: mmhm f1025: [inhale] but
a bheil e air fàsbogm981: tha an t eagal
wis fit wis caad ebognestlin at e fit o
o e burn at ebogside ere wis a lot
o fit mith a beenbogbean seeds in em sometimes
sprot rapes cut in thebogbut it was still the
[laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1008: thebogthe cludge [laugh] m1007: [?]why not![/?]
ask the scottish executive whetherbogpools within blanket bogs and
in wi a taigle obogan muir an rashie weeds
the gut it cairriet abogin its mou wi a
do have eh loo ehbogjohn dunny ehm it s
gibraltar and not a quakingbognow i m hearing her
bairns o the mist thebogfour shots and a chaser
the struggle a schoolgirl sbogafter a period of nomadism
and if so how thebogitself is not a wetland
oor lives flushed doon thebogaw them years wur well
went to london that stinkingbogof tolerance and vice by
bed and tomb where allbogcreatures meet tyrebagger earth house

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