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snochterin eeseless cratur thank yebogiewatter i ve fulfilled ma
boo boo baba by thebogiewatter bee bee boo boo
starbursts this gem s abogieone of the kids was
o sawdust in ower hisbogieas the the fermer climbs
the deid cat in hisbogietae ring the bell emily
tae tak the tractor anbogiean caw awa the knott
charge o a tractor anbogiemichty me he wis fer
what we cawed it abogieand eh oh wait and
oh the wheels off mybogieand that what we cawed
were pit in ower abogiean teen tae moss rhind
ti be arreistit bot thebogiepit up hiz haun anerlie
the skranky black farmer drumdelgiebogies bonnie bell guise o
i pay littlejohn most ofbogienicol now we are broke
f637: but we got f638: bogiething tae collect them ye
queen o scots oh thebogieit is bonnie an the
went too f638: or abogieaye so did i f637:
says the game s abogiegie up m608: mm m642:
and a a great langbogiein the there s nae

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