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heid broonies kelpies ghaists anboglespoltergeist fae graveyaird glaur silkies
black broonies kelpies ghaists anboglespoltergeist frae graveyaird glaur silkies
the twa craiturs wis likbogleswi muckle big heids bumflie
poouer o makkin spells theboglesceilidh at blethertoun kirkyaird at
warlock visits the doctor theboglesceilidh at blethertoun kirkyaird love
reivers floodin or fire thonboglesthat fleg the weel aff
wi tales aboot ghaists anboglesan he widna takk awa
kirkyaird at the ghaists anboglesceilidh tae win in ye
bite ma dearie ghaists anboglesincantations seance claik occult charms
flew the darklin air anbogleshad their homage due as
an neepie lanterns bricht finboglessteer wi faces queer an
marischal hong gangs agley wiboglesi the mixter maxter o
scrat aff the peint wudboglesroar aneth it the lowe
leivin sowl ken o theboglesgettin out for fear the
fires burn high an antrinboglesglower inbye an leaves gang
his doulanee whit kin obogleswis them at gat out
far an near especially usbogleshere we re gey reluctant
up there for demons anbogleso their kind an naitur

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