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gulag archipelago and the fissionbomband try to hear what
and nightmares about the fissionbombclosing in on me the
as always about the fissionbombenlarge the holes in the
will be if the fissionbombmisses you i couldn t
of tragedy at home abombexploded on a pan am
hotel in trieste when abombexploded under the carriage of
what the total cost ofbombproofing in relation to the
package whether any provision forbombproofing was made in each
i c- connected a backbomba back bomb m804: uh
an they cost me abombangelica a bomb s fit
a back bomb a backbombm804: uh huh m805: have
me a bomb angelica abombs fit i d like
originated f963: [laugh] a smallbombyeah [laugh] f965: maybe it
that vaguely resembled a mortarbombwith a cap that stumped
shopping centre of that wretchedbombcrater drumchapel mr baseball cap
everything will be made asbombproof as it can be
make the new parliament buildingbombproof which has already cost
shelter they micht drap abombon me is thon the
if we were in abombshelter together it wouldn t
if i was in abombshelter with you m944: no
the and the made thebombexplode m804: oh m805: and
cause the m804: mmhm m805: bombgot my toe a wee
about m805: ehm a backbombis red and thing has
if i d threatened tobombthe f812: [inaudible] f814: [laugh]
ice cream skitterin gulls divebombthe stan far juggler fiddler
is hard an average daybombkills another twenty in iraq
building at holyrood should bebombproofed to the same standards
hard tae resist wi thebomban aa the sickness ye
the house looks like abombhad hit it when they
makes time tick like abombah then the street lamp
corn today bloody streets andbombbattered cities where will lost
i wish there was abombalert or something just to
the problem was a timebombthat each year it was
five year aul a terroristbombat the local buddhist temple
just he just threw thebomband he thought i was
tae rend a time furbomban gun a time o
that we have a timebombbecause we are not investing
creeper anely a grenade couldbombhim oot could heelstergowdie him
daein war work they couldbombit fan we re there
ali baba s got abombagain m942: [inaudible] m939: [laugh]
shahoo saree has got abombf940: [laugh] [laugh] m941: the
look if i get abombdrapped on tap o me
for a jacuzzi a chemicalbombthe reason behind the kalahari

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