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which most of them wereborrowedwhich originally meant physically stunned
looking confused one nice ladyborrowedmy book on stylistics and
no 109 20 whan duborrowedda money ta buy aa
du didna ken whan duborrowedda money ta buy aa
the ee and oo digraphsborrowedfrom english are largely replaced
arbuthnott dancing board was alsoborrowedfor the bervie games until
james idiosyncratic terminology adapted andborrowedfrom other languages mainly french
the scottish special housing associationborrowedmoney to build houses and
houses and the housing corporationborrowedmoney to lend on to
brodie a book [censored: forename] hadborrowedfrom the embassy library i
streik for stretch many wordsborrowedfrom french such as ashet
fredericton to ski etc iborroweda pair of skis from
his wife this day inborrowedtartan s birlin thrang throw
lessons and lisa who sborrowedsome art slides from the
speaking of which i veborroweda couple of large text
and winnok many other wordsborrowedinto scots from various european
had done using humane trapsborrowedfrom the local school s
sets of eyes the onesborrowedfrom salvador strip things back
the idea has obviously beenborrowedand has stuck because it
mmhm f689: i sort oborrowedma pal s once for
these term papers i veborroweda girl called heather s
lot of the metal bandsborrowedheavily from classical music which
christmas tree decorations [censored: forename] hadborrowedthe snowman cartoon from grant
and crisps and i veborroweda can of bully beef
manoeuvring a pen i veborroweda set of golf clubs
painted the upstairs outsides heborroweda long ladder to do
wool remember the fur youborrowedbetween birth and dying warm
arniston only an impostor inborrowedrobes whether this authority had
get my balance on theborrowedskates ah well i might

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