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yung days fesh me mabouan thrie arraes murdo says
gaen arraes aw spent anboustrings sindert the dykes o
n opening bonnie a beautifulboun v bow bouk n
n bottom bole n recessbouv n bow bouk n
pairtin o auld feres thatbouower clespit haunds frae aferr
n scarecrow bonnie a beautifulbouv n bow bowk v
the lift raxin out theboustaur ay sae comes ma
fittit an arrae til hisbouan syne he waitit wi
ye wait on the bareboufor the wabbit mappie the
the lance the mell thebouthe arblast the dag the
troot cam oot his denboud doun fou low swam
the lael sairvant pat thebouin his maister s luif
ah shouther a steive blekbouthe cheil on ma richt
biggest bullik rax me mabousaid the ettin sae the
the string an wysed thebouti the lift the ettin
ye r drawin the langbouwe haaurlie ken the wumman
mains he d shuit hisbouan ride aa the braid
it on yeir ship sbouthis mornin anaw gunnar ye
ti the german hanoveirianes thaibouthe craig til onie keing
says shi jin wi abouan the owrancer bous richt

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