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have informed my partners mrboyterand mr sanderson boyter no
beaumont wha s that lilianboyterand sanderson beaumont to bring
it though beaumont speaks toboyterand sanderson beaumont you go
he s for aff enterboyterand sanderson boyter good morning
be there in a minuteboyterand sanderson exit jack and
goes out by the gardenboyterand sanderson follow arguing in
s on board caird whitboyterenters followed by sanderson boyter
aff enter boyter and sandersonboytergood morning mr beaumont we
boyter enters followed by sandersonboyterjohnny run awa impossible sanderson
beaumont provost dockyard owner mrboyterlocal businessman mr sanderson local
mr boyter and mr sandersonboyterno such thing there s
goblet and a photograph albumboyteroh aye of course sanderson
head the list of subscribersboyterwith sanderson and welland our
hurray long live mr beaumontboyteryou smooling mowdiewort sanderson what
another scandal michty me mrsboyterit was like this james
up in a scandal mrsboyterno no not harry thomson
involved in the scandal mrsboyteroh aye it was a
scandal and no mistake mrsboyterso as you can understand
what about the scandal mrsboyterwell you see that winter
brose mrs laing fancy mrsboyterand tried to start up
day hilda laing and nettaboyterare held up afore me
bad as all that mrsboyterindeed it was mrs laing
mrs beaumont martha beaumont mrsboytermrs laing and deana are
beaumont james s sister mrsboyterneighbour mrs laing neighbour deana
is sitting outside smoking mrsboyteroh mrs laing what a
money mrs laing really mrsboyterwell that was the rumour
mrs laing mercy me mrsboyteryes lilian hislop is another
boyter i m no weelboyteraye you look awfy no
boyter i dinny want thisboytercanny be cancelled now they
canny dae that this eveningboytercould you no boyter not
in the newspapers beaumont listenboyteri dinny want this boyter
i canny no the nichtboyteri m no weel boyter
evening boyter could you noboyternot at all though i
re to say beaumont ayeboyterdinny fash yoursel i ken
half sister as well mrsboyterdid have by a mercy
i fail to comprehend mrsboytermercy me deana how can
is a case in pointboyterahem beaumont there are many
in all humility mr beaumontboyterall the flags are fleeing
the day mrs beaumont mrsboyterand netta hadny the time
insurance beaumont insurance aye butboyterand weill constructit that s
beaumont you ll need toboyteraye you ll need to
rowland is that so mrboyterbeaumont i have to agree
beaumont beaumont aye aye mrboyterbut mind we foregather again
to hazard everything i possessboytercount us in mr beaumont
mrs beaumont s brother mrsboyterdid you no ken that
as she does so mrboyterenters from beaumont s office
i ll mind o thatboyterexits beaumont by cracky this
at the moment beaumont soboyterif you re no in
proposal beaumont well tell themboyterit s nae use us
now mrs beaumont coughs mrsboyteroh eh no no i
mrs beaumont hovers near doorboyterright then we re agreed
i saw the look onboyters face mrs beaumont puts
mind beaumont aye aye ayeboyterspecially when sic a kittle
o the almichty mr beaumontboyterthat ship s no ready
beaumont coming into the roomboyterwhit s all this about
behind most of my activitiesboyterwhit the de il beaumont
maist prominent citizen beaumont whitboyterwi standarts and a pipe
been doing in america mrsboyterah weel ower that hangs
s the matter with mrsboyterand in this very house
i mind that well mrsboyteraye they produced your play
today are whited sepulchres mrsboyterdeed aye that s very
s parents after that mrsboyterdow went away and left
the bonny young lass mrsboyterglancing at rowland me i
what have i said mrsboyterhow could you let dab
with local money men mrsboyteri thought i heard my
thomson wrote a play mrsboyterlong afore you came here
any truth in it mrsboyterno truth in it at
fair vexed for her mrsboyteroh it was a bonny
look there they are mrsboyteroh my what an orra
company that came here mrsboyteroh they were the worst
good for my nerves mrsboyterthat ll be my man
to force on us mrsboyterthere are plenty of them
how do you mean mrsboyterweel the family has nae
are ladies the end mrsboyterwhat a grand story such
were telling me about mrsboyterwhere you played the bonny
wheesht here she comes mrsboyteryes deana s a very
ran away to america mrsboyteryou can see that he
m an incomer here mrsboyteryou mean you ve never
the funeral pyre caird hmmboytercome awa man you re
to sink yet caird hmmboyterit s no as though
o a plan rowland hmboyterthe hand of god has
i think thon s singingboyterat the garden door singing
wheesht they re singing againboyterthat ll be the crew
resolved to lilian completely resoluteboyteris by the window attempting
that s to go aheadboyterfull steam ahead mr thomson
sea gey rough this eveningboyterare you fashed about the
to put around the roomboyterin evening dress tails and
and goes into his officeboyterweel let s just rin
fine let them come awaboyterweel you re taking things
again at five this afternoonboyteri ll mind o that
mean to speak for myselboyterbut do you ken whit
whit s all this aboutboyterit s about your brawest
whit s all this stramashboyterlosh me you re no
lose listening whit s thatboytermusic the procession s at
betty thank god thank godboyteryou re gaun an awfy
you no tell me aforeboyteri wis feart you wouldny
tell them to come awaboyterthe haill gairden s fou
set out isn t itboyteraye it s a beezer
this cause every possible supportboyterdeed aye you can depend
token of our esteem mrboyterthis silver goblet you have
ll never see him againboyterach havers she s a
cargo maybe kists and papersboyterdeil tak it man kists
what back come we getboyterwe stand or fa thegither
s reamin fou an allboyterthe haill toun s here
it s all a shamboyterthis is a fine ham
them smuir them smuir themboyterin the name are you
they were to stay upboyterdown initially mistress howell you
d rather ring it upboyteryou can dae that in
there to work for nowboyterwhitna like question there s
in weill or in woeboyterup wi the curtains see
to run along the coastboyterwhich would have been a
owners of the indian girlboyteris that the post in
window attempting to lower curtainsboyterde il tak these newfangled
with white gloves is supervisingboyterevery second candle hugh we

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