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the short haul up fitehaabraea car wis comin doon
car cam fleein doon fitehaabraeforbye baith daisy an minnie
far it jined wi fitehaabraeneist tae annie s wee
room an glowered up fitehaabraeup tae far her mither
artist in residence for mossbankbraeand olnafirth primary schools jeanette
for three months to mossbankbraeand olnafirth teaching creative feltmaking
by all the pupils ofbraemossbank and olnafirth took place
at convoyed him doun thebraean monie wis the tears
an clam awa up thebraeshi jin convoyed them ti
convoyed him ti the backbraeti airt him on his
granny ained an nae heichbraefar the roch stoot wins
stoot hert til a steybraepompitie a stoot hert til
stoot hert til a steybraepompitie hurries on as best
stoot hert til a steybraeshe pouts here gie yeir
stout herts tae a steybraeand walit for their dicton
it stertit up the steybraebi the burn syde lik
up an doon yon steybraeface tae sei til the
eildrig marcie whit ae steybraeit wur n frae the
the fuit o dragon tigerbraean doun there cam a
ti mak ti dragon tigerbraein faithlands o wast the
clouds back ti dragon tigerbraeneist mornin at the earlie
the heid o dragon tigerbraeti care for his saul
sublimitie abbey on dragon tigerbraeti gar them busk theirsels
anyway before tackling the steepbraethere were also various barrels
the spring up a steepbraewhen our well went dry
minnie follaed pechin fur thebraewis steep an the heather
heather and ran doon thebraetae meet her sune isie
walked awey up a heatherbraethat rose fur miles an
mind ti haud up thebraeance mair but he thocht
wis set for up thebraeance mair he wis juist
his menyie back doun thebraeti the capital ance they
whuskie staundin weel up thebraeface abuin the borth ick
suin shae cam til thebraeheid ower abuin dalkeith whaur
or twae agrouf on thebraejuist abuin the sindrins anent
ma life leifer doun thebraea m thinkin sae the
the kists as doun thebraean hameawa they gaed the
a lad awa doun thebraean him comin up wi
awa wi ye doun thebraean save us aa a
bit simmer hous doun thebraean there he set hissel
chaunces ti luik doun thebraean whit dis she see
then snoovit awa doun thebraean wis seen nae mair
is twal yairds doun thebraefer winter a heid scarf
wang gaed awa doun thebraehe fell in wi ane
he pouchit an doun thebraehe slippit out ayont the
cummin strampin doun owre thebraemercie it s lyke he
man gey ferr doun thebraenou a lanesum auld man
gaed fleein awa doun thebraeour tale tells o hou
round she ran doun thebraeskreichin for rage lyke a
aw gaen doun the reidbraesyne fou o blek puddens
an skytin baklins doun thebraethan the wes seilence bot
gait an skelpit doun thebraethe priest bodies at cam
the twa gaed doun thebraethegither ti the mains whaur
striddlin his cuddie doun thebraeti the gloresheddae road he
thriesome shankit it doun thebraeti the mains o shi
bricht clatterin doun a nearbybraeweel loadit wi some bales
sweirt tae gang doun thebraewi us tho i ve
stanes an sklim the heichbraean frae its tap see
he maun sklim the heichbraethe ferr syde o the
frae the tap o thebraeby the ferm we spied
at the tap o thebraeowerluikin the puil neist the
the tap o the fermtounbraesteenhillock s track ran north
tap o the ringin stellbraewhilk merkit the mairch atweesh
syne alec ran doon thebraewi minnie in his airms
at the heid o thebraea luikit owre ti birnam
as he gaed owre thebraemarischal hong cried on him
busses an keiks owre thebraeo the quarrie an whit
mair as haufroads owre thebraeout o a bamboo shaw
wuids an gaed owre thebraestriddlin a yalla stot an
the fusslin peesie on thebraegaed wheeplin ower the mill
his back then up thebraehe gaed birlin an flaffin
that maks o ben anbraea shroud as if grown
at the fit o steenhillockbraea twa mile ben the
made his wye ben duncanbraeenjoyin the bonny nicht his
stravaig frae the south benbraetil the aistern skerrs whan
s blae mochie ben mistybraeweety smirr fyaachie day fire
a bower on yon burnbraeand theekit it oer wi
a bower on yon burnbraeand theekit it oer wi
ye daein comin up thebraemingin fou ye re no
nae mair splatters on thebraeface afore a suiden blatter
auld treis up on thebraeface an a think thay
or lay down on thebraeface in the garden on
cottages at stuid on thebraeface juist ferrer up the
nicht haps aye on thebraeface the yird reveals itsell
o boozers hyterin doon thebraea chaw o chuddies stukken
the road juist doon thebraeae bittie frae the sheil
a car gaun up abraean it s slowin doon
ilkie tree on the fitebraedoon tae the dee weirs
he wis skateboordin doon thebraefin o a suddenty he
will gilchrist cycled doon thebraetae his mither a mile
rin doon in a canniebraetae the sea bed that
fin eggs rowe doon thebraethere s sun there s
tinglin soun cam up thebraeon the wind sae back
cam skelpin back up thebraewi a tuim horse cryin
at e heid o linshiebraebit e turra lads hid
frae the heid o fitehabraethe doctor socht room tae
vennels church hill replaces kirkbraeand the sauchiebrae is transformed
the bottom of the bamphbraeopposite the church it was
the church road down thebraeto the bottom the winners
find the paip on thebraea ll awa dounby an
he wis awa up thebraeagain fair set on gettin
incense shank awa up thebraean gie a richt gentie
aw the wey up thebraean sekes lissens frae d
and roars frae brae tobraeand bird and beast in
yaird is ferrer up thebraefrae the manse an is
workers hooses juist on thebraeside up frae the ferm
comes down and roars fraebraeto brae and bird and
a m pechin up thebraea get gey short o
life firstlins haufroads up thebraea muckle white broued baist
wis set for up thebraeagain for aa that whan
ti get cairried up thebraean a cottar wis sent
incense ti bring up thebraean he ll summonse me
awaw wi ye up thebraean pyke a spang neive
i scrammlt back up thebraean tellt the lads ah
poachers tae then up thebraean throu the wid leanin
we got back up thebraehis mates had gruppt ae
the brig but up thebraeit s tyme ye lairnt
brocht her up the steenybraelike an eagle trystin hame
ti wait for up thebraemounts the green fairie naither
it skelpin back up thebraeno gaun tae school the
tide winnin forrit up thebraeo the sands they aw
saicont time wraslt up thebraetae the main road an
ye bid an up thebraethe morn s morn fell
aa thrie back up thebraeti the strenth our tale
an set aff up thebraeti the tron giein it
harled him awaw up thebraeti the widds whaur the
watchin him come up thebraewi his sting an whan
as he linkit up thebraewis the blissit name o
ti thon fermtoun on thebraean speir fur lukkie nisbet
castels nae skouriss clam thebraeti embro castel the esplanad
roost wis left on thebraeagain that nicht bit neest
roost wis left on abraefor the nicht jist tae
far barley wyved abune thebraesuburb an city meet an
re too far down thebraethough you d f1136: but
far the nowt aff thebraewi subsidies faain they are
signs of going down thebraeeight hutches per man was
may thank or down thebraehe d got a clank
and further down on thebraewas old wattie howie these
weel maybe no but debraewan is a is a
een back o a meldrumbraethe duntin o a tractor
at e fit o ebraeabeen e plantin aside e
at e fit o ebraean e hisna been oot
the fit o the mulsintounbraekathleen hirsel skairs hir tyme
at e boddem o ebraean niver feesht intill e
wis kent is the milestonebraenou than gin ee leukit
whit wei kent is klintiebraeborthouch hill end the main
[?]buzzles[/?] tae climb the bowdenbraea smirr o rain was
1974 gin ye sclim thebraetae the castle o stirling
o ice on the skytybraethe wids that cercled her
kittilrumpit wes biggit on abraewi a mukkil fir wuid
the buchan bobby an aikeybraebaith were tae mak a
the henhooses perched on thebraetae feed her feathery chairges
paisley schule he speiled thebraetae gilmorehill tae gether lear
at the foot of thebraethe driver let him on
viper s wye till thebraes briest or wild an
for a wauk alang duncanbraehe couldnae help bit think
the foot of mutch sbraeat that time the school
the toon on this verrabraeher ma hid met her
the convenient slot in thebraethat will enclose john macnab
can still see oan thebraethere oot oan the thornhill
standingstones stennesscentre htm nearby skarabraeis also included 7 available
kay bank greystone head yieldbraeand allermuir not to mention
gaelic words such as bourachiebraeglen ingil keelie loch and

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