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yeah f948: right ne- blethertounbraesm865: they do all kinds
have been published in blethertounbraespublished by dubusters 2004 the
o the midden and blethertounbraesthere s mrs nae offence
a right blether m865: blethertounbraesu1028: beep beep [inaudible] [inaudible]
o balquherry for the scabbitbraeso inch fye milord fye
an wild baists on thebraesan a m feart they
an baists eneuch on ourbraesthey re no skaithfu at
haurd mither sair scartit wibraesan glens oot stravaigin ony
n boulder bowle n bowlbraesn slopes braid a broad
n bow bowk v retchbraesn slopes braid a broad
the warld tae me thebraeso ballater lament fur a
o new deer lan thebraeso ballater tune the corn
oot the bonny hert obraesan holms an shaws whaur
songs in ye banks andbraesburns shows empathy for a
it is ye banks andbraeso bonie doon how can
it wis the banks anbraeso bonnie doon an sweet
i learned ye banks andbraeswhen i was growing up
fair oh the new deerbraesare green an fair far
rins oh the new deerbraesare green an fair sae
spring that treetled doon thebraesis noo a roarin linn
an eildtrich carl trod thebraesshilpit shanks an hudderie hair
rype the warmth o thebraescoffin fodder hirplin rubbits squeak
quittin the kirkyaird sclim thebraeso hame teet at the
rin its braw blink bonniebraeswi seton s faimily the
simmer sun shone on thebraesan soarin larks sang hymns
we skirted deeside s mistybraesnae far fae lonach lan
1861 the legends of thebraeso mar aberdeen smith grant
communion wine my covenant thebraeso mar aroon me stinch
winds an twists amang thebraestill lost in autumn mists
that were famous as pacebraesas a matter of fact
guid folk o auchterarder itsbraesare jist a thochty harder
the quern fae balfour sbraestae the howe o echt
cam ower bi logie sbraesthe tea pickers war thrang
thaim feedin on the greenbraeso the hirsil an giein
wi sunshine on its simmerbraesor shinin white in winter
fur scotlan aince mair mormondbraesthe bonnie lass o fyvie
spring claes an veisit thebraeso the eastern ben bi
wis kent ower ten greenbraesas a swack an douce
a bit turn outowre thebraesan the marischal wis fair
twa thrie mile owre thebraesbit bi bit his legs
simply gushed doon fae thebraeso pitsliga jist like a
inside their pants doon thebraeso wyvin girse they wad
harbinger o sufferin an sorrabraesrikk wi cranreuch cauld a
ootbye ower tae the whinnybraeso the hill o leddrach
her braa skirts frae thebraesat the fit o the
at the head at thebraeso glenlivet the highest house
for our native gaits rawsbraeswynds loans and vennels church
and kids hurtle down steepbraeson their little sleds again
morning would converge on thebraesat old slains castle for

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