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a forgot in time pastbraveancestor ma great great great
d no be here anitherbraveancestor on ma mither s
got a taxi though somebraveor broke souls soldiered on
or into the water somebravesouls clambered over the port
seasoning chillis if feeling doublybravein a frying pan fry
stand to attention ready tobravethe onslaught confident of victory
aa richt they gie usbraveauld blue eyed grannies like
a wi ae consent eatbravenoble and make good cheer
tidder belly gutsie fur dabravenae trace o faer da
harsh feeble strong miserable humorousbravebitter people that the slaves
and woman huge muscular andbravethrust a hammer and sickle
awa an thinkin o hirbravelad callum an wunnerin whaur
hou cam ye here mabravelad cum an tell me
ahint ye frae this meinitbravelad that ye ir ah
help ye sae we canbravelad that ye ir for
men o lancs but thebraveseamen on the ships we
wi faces queer an guizersbravethe nicht november bonfires licht
salad if you re feelingbravetime 5 minutes uses one
their face five thoosan jacobitesbraveclansmen o the highland race
tae show the leal fubravean weel a stewart king
for it loretta making abraveeffort na na i canna
he wes deid an thebravebanquo stravaiged owre late at
an yappy aye he wisbravebut noo he s deid
of toddlers is putting abraveface on being a target
ah hear ye r geybraveaboot jaggin ither fowk mebbe
dirl it s a geybravebody that hauds the road
bigger and better braw isbraveor fine bien rhymes with
right on man bit abravenutter cammy oany body kin
until the time came tobravethe cold and assault the
turn my back on thebravesailor boy singing games i
which may be a remarkablybravemove for the girl guides
me dimps though he sbravefearless gonnae meet the big
bi bauld youth hett bluidedbravenae some auld yowe ae
set me free fair fawbravefrein tell til the keing
s always been fiona thebravewho copes with dangerous people
himself up to be verybravea hoosie o your ain
not bad it was verybraveof you thank you an
ricky it was a verybravething to do he didn
wha can staun agin thebravemacbeth weill he deserrs the
for it he s eitherbraveor stupit he ll no
history i never did anythingbraveor important survived that s
images of the women theirbraveimaginative spirits and the brutishness
and snarled you were thebraveone and i needed you
mair weet new year partybraveresolutions still raining in the

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