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the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
the lasses bake the lassesbreakthe lasses take the biscuit
like ehm they had thebreakdancin it s a great
lost two girls to thebreakdancin [laugh] f606: [laugh] f1039:
o the group tae thebreakdancin now we ve lost
yeah [laugh] right f1039: thebreakdancin s winnin hauns doon
tae dae photography an ehbreakdancin we lost two wee
commuter population linguistic barriers maybreakdown and the switch from
honours graduate how can hebreakdown barriers and convince people
cheshire scotland who work tobreakdown discriminatory barriers and create
his career how can webreakdown such barriers that young
we must get people tobreakdown the barriers between science
the department is keen tobreakdown the barriers to the
want to take a breakbreakaway from me the real
born want to take abreakbreak away from me the
ten minutes break [inaudible] f638: breakdurin f640: [inaudible] f637: mmhm
for the break the easterbreakf806: should be f807: yeah
made up your ten minutesbreak[inaudible] f638: break durin f640:
the the orange movement tobreakit break it up and
break it yet darlin webreakit in a bowl don
orange movement to break itbreakit up and m608: mmhm
no no no no naebreakit yet darlin we break
be in glasgow for thebreakthe easter break f806: should
cranking up seth s voicebreakthem break them take their
seth s voice break thembreakthem take their soul make
would break up recombine andbreakup again ksenia left us
highly animated groups which wouldbreakup recombine and break up
isn t it f1126: ibreakit in the bowl f1125:
it in the bowl f1125: breakit into the bowl right
don t we got tobreakit into the bowl that
expected that the parliament willbreakfor lunch at or around
be early and before webreakfor lunch i will say
fortissimo applause we shall nowbreakfor lunch which is welcome
to four cause the lunchbreakmust used to have been
to four and the lunchbreakwas an hour and fifteen
to four and the lunchbreakwas m811: ok- f814: reduced
will now take a shortbreak10 38 dr ewing we
take a short five minutebreak15 08 meeting suspended 15
will have a short comfortbreak15 09 meeting adjourned 15
convener i propose a shortbreak15 21 meeting suspended 15
the public a short comfortbreakbecause i realise that the
we will have a shortbreakbefore we go into private
that we have a shortbreakfor coffee before we deal
like to announce a shortbreaki shall make my speech
for reference during their summerbreakand to the help given
next agenda item during thebreakmembers will have a chance
community minded than today abreakor piece time during work
well read it during thebreakthough f807: yeah i could
at the mill during schoolbreaktime around 1934 and the
they want to do duringbreaktime f963: well in my
er during the the fastbreakwhich was sunrise and then
will f1125: you ll gobreakit noo see cause that
up now nae cheating f1126: breakthem up f1125: now which
up first f1126: i llbreakthem up first f1125: aye
them up first f1125: ayebreakthem up first we ll
f1125: there we go rightbreakthem up now nae cheating
2 15 pm we willbreakand take evidence from the
do you wanna take abreakfor a second chaps aye
rich the sick take abreakfrom the waking world close
arm we ll take abreakhere let me show you
of days i need abreaki d hoped to take
you take it out andbreakit into little squares that
to take his part orbreakwith the domestic and political
but when it began tobreakdown and data entry began
start to kind of ermbreakdown f963: mm m762: i
she isn t one tobreakdown if she can help
relations with chicago were tobreakdown it would lead almost
academics and a proposal tobreakdown the christianity category which
anything on the television tobreakdown the local accent you
to people we need tobreakdown the physical and social
infrastructure it is difficult tobreakdown the spend into narrow
to further education and theybreakdown the traditional divide between
and data entry began tobreakdown there was a series
again to speed up thebreakdown when the bin is
the higher port side tobreakfree and slide down to
you have to sort ofbreakit down and explain it
and and you kind ofbreakit down and you follow
to adopt a national strategybreakit down to the local
there and say okay guysbreakit up and calm down
mm f965: who didn tbreakthe law but you know
really they were afraid tobreakthe law f963: mm mmhm
ensure that they do notbreakthe law tavish scott shetland
sex and drugs and tobreakthe law the two drugs
who are quite prepared tobreakthe law when it suits
anything mm f122: didn tbreakanything just walked funny for
lightly f010: you didn tbreakanything mm f122: didn t
you didn t manage tobreakthrough then you became part
to do it again okaybreakit up again then wee
it up haven t youbreakit up and then do
we re done will webreakit up f1103: well done
to do you have tobreakit up haven t you
bit first mm you gonnabreakthem up first f1126: i
f1122: aye and remember tobreakthem up in pieces f1121:
box f1104: mum they didnabreakup div they f1103: no
nice to be home againbreakup furniture a m siesta
this wis his first realbreakup he didnae really ken
lyrics hinting at a septicbreakup michael smiles at the
to do another one youbreakup my other that ain
a moment such as thebreakup of a good going
from antisyzygy proscription in thebreakup of britain 1981 develops
1848 several years after thebreakup of his affair with
enabled that earlier achievement thebreakup of larger regional authorities
linguistic change would follow thebreakup of long standing structures
going to insist on thebreakup of the network into
rightly said to prevent thebreakup of the staff team
bang f1117: now we llbreakup the chocolate f1118: yes
up the chocolate f1118: yesbreakup the chocolate it s
the very thing that willbreakup the community andy i
the hole f643: ye llbreaka spring john m608: i
wheel [laugh] f643: you llbreaka spring m608: aye no
going to fight i llbreakhis neck and then what
dinna try because you llbreakit f1104: fa sits in
it i said you llbreakit f1104: it s got
move it cause you llbreakit f1104: why no but
like that darlin you llbreakit f1114: i move a
on [sob] f1091: you llbreakit i ll put it
a minute but you llbreakit just noo if you
s switched off you llbreakit m1092: [child noises] [sob] [inaudible]
do that cause you llbreakit there you go f1104:
been passing quicker it llbreakme gently into cairo next
fu o care thou llbreakmy heart thou warbling bird
might hurt yourself it llbreakthis is for your blockies
i m fine i llbreakwhen it ehm m1000: do
f643: and then ye llbreakyer springs m608: aye better
wh- you- it s yourbreakdo what you want f963:
you know f965: got tobreakthem [laugh] f963: well you
people who just want tobreakthings f963: yeah uh huh
yes f963: and try andbreakthrough f965: yeah f963: and
leading to a series ofbreakouts and surface flows between
that doing so would helpbreakthe connection between cannabis use
there was a move tobreakthe link between a member
agenda first they want tobreakthe link between the nhs
i rarely know why ibreakaway from my circling round
phrases which make poems flabbybreakclean away when workshop s
peel away so it mightbreakthat deadly towe its agonies
of my young days shallbreakfree again beaumont lilian lilian
m1090: i wo- yes andbreaki broke danny again f1089:
again why don t ibreakout there must be a
advertising m608: uh huh f643: breakand the end of the
m1092: uh uh go andbreakit f1091: [tut] she s
toddlers m1092: oh no mebreakit uh huh f1091: you
uh huh f1111: did shebreakthe chute f1112: uh huh
m1000: do you need abreakuh huh aye [inaudible] f1053:
i wanted to kind ofbreaka few you know erm
the institute and queued forbreakand a kind of large
of tried to kind ofbreakyour way through the the
gart them lowse fur abreakat echt o clock tae
see there wasn t abreakin them but the colour
to do them harm tobreakthe circle of childhood s
you win them because youbreakthe other guy s conker
milk mix flour and saltbreakegg into well in centre
had half expected him tobreakinto full fandango at any
your mother would just actuallybreakinto the meter and eh
released to go on herbreakshe must have been pishing
woman must be prepared tobreakwith the past destroy what
art was the first tobreakfree from nature s thrall
sea the colour of liverbreakin a white line off
bag peggy it won tbreakma to let you off
handing me an excuse tobreakoff right there with the
betty that you went tobreakoff the affair with mrs
s that hard to tobreaki don t know i
june july f807: the bigbreakmmhm f806: yeah i don
safe because they don tbreakthe speed limit well some
i don t mean tobreakthings f1103: no but you
erm and how do youbreakthat you know how do
that we do that tobreakthe poverty cycle however it
if you do get abreakto glasgow that you find
have a five minute comfortbreakvarious members will do unspeakable
will now have a briefbreakfor tea and coffee 11
at night now too manybreakins in the drive and
for 14 years with abreakafter 7 years to allow
halt if there were nobreakafter cases call initially nothing
then after this two hourbreakanother three hour train ride
s largesse we will probablybreakfor that brief adjournment after
for me i need abreakfrom this distasteful detective work
terrorism and the need tobreakthe cycle of violence it
hope you had a nicebreakand are feeling refreshed no
you get like a morningbreakf813: no f814: yeah f812:
some ground you wanted tobreakin and that was common
it s in case youbreakit f1114: that s that
just not for the summerbreakyou know eh june july
oh my god aye f890: breakhis heart because really he
bubble and then it wouldbreakonto your glasses and it
in the playgrund it thebreakaw the other kids gaithered
s anither rule ye shouldbreakgoodnight it s not sadie
bit scotland gie s abreakit is just everyday modern
for number plate gone ibreakit taking it out have
happened fann it braked m1110: breakits eye f1109: oh it
might even have gone inbreakor something and it was
it would be indecorous tobreakthe conventions that govern poetic
when it s time tobreakthe fast which will be
tendencies have been sufficient tobreakthe process it will be
know it s time tobreaktheir fast and they can
sector investment it is abreakwith the tories agenda of
i d be able tobreakwood f1049: it s easy
and a terrible anger wouldbreakon his face terrible and
sister he and john wouldbreakopen a prized malt over
a lack of reasonableness wouldbreakout in east ayrshire we
that i would like tobreakout of the action plan
each other chrissie trying tobreakher daughter s will teenie
see how many members willbreakranks and vote for my
can have a much neededbreakand the young folk from
self shimmering and black gullsbreakfrom parting continents of clouds
focussed my tired mind abreakfrom publishing i told her
beetle i leave the townbreakfrom the tides of traffic
gretzky n 99 continues tobreakall records in the national
home for a mid semesterbreakand she goes to college
showing her determination not tobreakenter jim carefully carrying a
to that request before webreakfor the summer recess the
him trying to catch herbreakher fall bring her round
1319 that nobleman threatened tobreakhim on the wheel if
happer full and not tobreakhis stride or rhythm full
to hand allowed me tobreakhusks and shells and to
are suspended for a mealbreakken hughes clerk to the
able to ski and notbreakour necks on that school
poor little sod had tobreakout and swear at me
dr simpson looks poised tobreakthat duck dr simpson andrew
his friend called him tobreakthe news he made a
means to get information tobreakthe strike ben wallace i
druid he helped the stonebreakthrough to a different dimension
he is never likely tobreakwith convention he says i
was the only one tobreakwith past traditions in such
we have a lot ofbreakins in our district one
or i was on mybreakat the time [laugh] f1049:
that i could use abreakbut ch2 should be finished
debate but why should ibreakthe afternoon s trend i
have all had a goodbreakand are suitably refreshed for
did not have a piecebreakon the farm and there
made the best of thebreakforcing a turnaround with an
christmas with the bike shopbreakin and the consumption of
of milk at mid morningbreakin providing hungry children with
on the school dyke atbreaktime with his nose in
demetrius by helena is abreakwith convention which can be
the whole followed lochhead sbreakwith the male scottish poetic
been announced represent a decisivebreakwith the rest of the
pass axemanship but frank mikebreakout of fordell troop am
on the jousting field bothbreaktheir spears one discovers his
an eh they had abreakan they had the room
pottage for the children sbreakfast had the tree plate
no i d hate taebreaka finger m816: erm umpteen
mjc co ed res andbreaka small bottle of very
in the meantime enjoy thebreakand come back refreshed i
build on the important citybreakand conference business and use
closed the doors released thebreakand hit the gas but
transmitter whilst on their schoolbreakany interaction being received and
here the so called marchbreakis upon us and most
of wind and breeze atbreakneck speed one entered a
racism disability old age familybreakups drug abuse and alcoholism
the nws contributions were christmasbreakexercises e widdie was put
else dae ah git abreakfi the anger the self
at like in the morningbreakfor like five p a
than today here was abreakin the escarpment of the
few steps farther on abreakin the overgrowth gives a
at the 11 o clockbreakone student for whom i
they say toys plan thebreakoot massed in the waa
snp does not welcome thebreakthe long term care bill
breird v sprout brek vbreakbricht a bright brig n
breistwark n ramparts brek vbreakbricht a bright brig n
flash there has been somebreakins reported in some flats

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