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nae smoke it s yourbreathcause your breath s aa
in deep breath out deepbreathin cammy deep breath in
in deep breath in deepbreathin cammy laughs stew cammy
cammy deep breath in deepbreathin deep breath in cammy
deep breath in cammy deepbreathin deep breath in deep
front of dimps stew deepbreathin deep breath out deep
stew deep breath in deepbreathout deep breath in cammy
s your breath cause yourbreaths aa nice and warm
bedded noo tak a deepbreathan we r up i
m i take a deepbreathi am going to cry
e blankets took a deepbreathir twa syne sattlet doon
that was took a deepbreaththat seemed fine no problem
process of language acquisition deepbreathwould convince her that we
decorations fiona drew in herbreathlisten she said a band
ah drew in ma firstbreathtae take a scream yes
said quickly as monboddo drewbreathwe may all offer oor
dull an quait nae abreatho fresh air struggles affa
know for you are abreathof fresh air blowing into
books they were like abreathof fresh air laughing rebellious
asthma campaign scotland manifesto abreathof fresh air lodged on
asthma campaign scotland manifesto abreathof fresh air lodged on
andy tries still holding hisbreathhe breaks the point of
i am not holding mybreaththis afternoon s debate has
m definitely not holding mybreathyou know m608: uh huh
of pleasure you catch yourbreathand shiver as i tell
like a catch in thebreathat the end of a
finiver he could catch thebreathfae his bladdit lungs i
just let me catch mybreathwhooo it s jist the
an sutton oot fur abreatha air an gied us
temp 9 20 nae abreatho air affa affa het
temp 4 16 nae abreatho air bit the note
doon ere s nae abreatho air i div froon
great day wi nae abreatho air simply enjoy the
free air that you unthinkingbreaththere is no turning back
sultry affa balmy nae abreatho win en ere s
suspended seemed to hold itsbreathas i went over the
silk handkerchief every exhalation ofbreaththat the drunk made seemed
house seems to hold itsbreathabove the sea salvador was
andy tries to hold hisbreathyou must be more careful
5 16 heavy day anbreathere s neen thunner plumps
blue colour ere wisnae abreatho win an the bonny
in his kingdom nae abreatho win wis steerin ootbye
did it ye held yerbreathif ye didna breathe oot
jean jean she held herbreathlistened but now when she
[inaudible] f634: and held mybreathtill the next frid- friday
fur rushin or hurry mabreathis gey short bit a
think so still short ofbreathlizzie di ye want to
braw it fairly taks yerbreathawa for backcloth grand beyond
ye d start haddin yerbreathfor fear o sookin een
an love s the verybreatho spring it fills yer
cummin oot haudin yer ainbreathwillin lungs fou o oxygen
took ma ee wis abreatho the north east bi
you had to take abreathf632: [laugh] f646: without repeatin
all then without pausing forbreathhe shouted oh fuck i
around you your father sbreathlike a tide on the
swanning around with a donkeybreathlike him but when she
fecht as i likit naebreathcd i get in a
as she sings under herbreatha green oak grows by
whistles a tune under herbreathirena awthing wul wurk oot
yourself she says under herbreathoh i shouldn t say
whistles a tune under herbreatholga masha you stap that
field muttering curses under theirbreathwanting jimmy taken off once
your face he said hisbreathhot and wet in her
ah you could see yourbreathin the bedroom it was
sweat the fungus of yourbreathlies heavy on me they
does a wicked little inbreathand opens her eyes wide
there but having recovered herbreath[censored: forename] was happy to continue
o grey oo seein herbreathhing afore her in fite
for the sweetness o herbreathjist for the smell o
later just before her finalbreathrob the above article is
notice that every wheezed outbreathfrom his rattling pulmonary system
kittlin wheezlin an strivin furbreathas the wikks spreid inno
but he couldna get thebreathoot o him it was
in even more out ofbreathdod quick you re mither
but you re out ofbreathi know another pause did
stop shouting and puff mybreathin and out as quietly
why was she out ofbreathkeep calm stay logical the
the isle of flowers theirbreathmet us out on the
and it was a abreathspray cause i had been
look aroon an get mabreathback ye ll aften hear
three meenits tae get mabreathe eyns o e airms
hid said she d niverbreatha wird bit she d
my pulse and smelled mybreathand said man drink will
perishing dreams and the stillbreathof unremembering grief and silent
that might fair take thebreathaway but as an implementable
o soun foo fine taebreaththe styew o history though
desperate distance even when thebreathcomes close but patience with
might be a waste ofbreathat the moment instead i
we stoaped tae get wurbreathback frae the climb an
times he sookit in hisbreathas much as he could
handle until he gets hisbreathback he peers into the
front tooth and that hisbreathsmelt of garlic childishly but
never washed at all hisbreathstank of garlic and sweaty
the tap the view wisbreathtakin three thoosan six hunner
tower blocks the snow andbreathon my beard were small
wis young an ilka heavinbreathis like a knife intae
beasties wis concerned wi ilkybreathye got e heidy smell
bassel fell ahint ta draabreathtaste wir first smoorikin but
saying during the pauses forbreathwhich our son our first
time come to introduce abreathof democracy into the running
more photos and catching ofbreathwe quickly scrambled down to
spray thing you know thebreathfreshener [laugh] yeah f965: oh
while it was gaspin forbreathyou know and it would
to rise like their milkybreathtanka i pipe s leaked
dozen oysters the collective advocatorybreathwas like a stiff breeze
heard but you musn tbreatha word to cultivate a
tin there s not abreathof wind all here is
base there s not abreathof wind all here is
t stopped their rustling tobreathtwenty four senior citizens from
a brown door catches itsbreaththe harbour tang sneaks underneath
as we waited with batedbreathfor lancelot or guinevere to
i drove it with inheldbreathto the corner as it
remotely funny i can barelybreathlet alone write when i
in hassled dod gasping forbreathi saw ye fae the
in a halo of frozenbreathand there was no heating
brainches n branches braith nbreathbrattil v haste braw a
gave a sharp intake ofbreathfit on earth are we
to save euan robson sbreathi suggest that he move
you who wait with batedbreathfor this to arrive on
richt bessie hardly able tobreathaye just gie me een
banging on it weir sbreathwas filling the whole room
to leave the bus tobreathin the chilly sobering city
dimmed to the in drawnbreaththe opening curtain the audience
by the shoulders the foulbreathpoured onto mitchel s face

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