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das biggit sit ooteries orbredfutterats some fowks das gaed
back an strang o limbbredfor the job ride a
new cumnock born new cumnockbredthe pitheid road the miner
eh margaret [censored: surname] born andbredin torry never been out
f1043: sheila [censored: surname] born andbredtorry have never been oot
englishman in bewcastle dale wasbredand born but his misdeeds
people who were born andbredand brought up in tenements
e country country born countrybredbig in hoof fat in
perth as well born andbredbut where it came from
if you re born andbredi think that makes i
morrison by name born andbredin old kilwinning in the
mither s mither born anbredon the fairm o strathmore
reason ruled his early playgroundbredno doubt an appreciation of
he seyd wiz a purebredzulu noo dan he wiz
also in the form laifbredloaf bread not so very
static the farming tradition seemsbredintae the land but maist
over farms and shops andbredchildren whose speech could not
berna ya pair o halfbredloonys uh ll noh see
gone zeb look you inbredhalf wit i am going
made me not really truebredstuff the kind that played
gutters rived apairt war speeciallybredin fish ferms fur the
wid hae disagreed fermin wisbredinno him the bruces war
that gart them jalouse menbredwi the breets mair wirk
even though e baggie atbredan maitit em wis geen
we offer designer pets tailorbredto suit your every need
luikit their ain back yairdsbredhorrors waur nur onythin africk
genetic engineerin ay they vebreda pig wi attitude that
the wee bairnikies haes itbredin thaim we maun fash

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