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aa washed doon wi hornygollochbreestauns in the bath like
mang couthy friens an baurleybreetime nou for us tae
aa the warlds pain cerebralbreegrippin anither s haun is
fin harns thegither mell cerebralbreesharin the same shell grief
lips are tashed wi berrybreeaince again she s trystin
dregs he d sook thebreefrae a sharny cloot mister
of cattle binding branner branderbreeliquid breem broom breem dog
an turtles hotchin ben thebreea preyin mantis cocks its
tae their hurdies in fishbreescales an guff there s
dreepin bairns fae ocean sbreecouples haud hauns as if
tae haad oot e snaabreein fact one of mabel
smytlich to hang about snaabreemelted snow snaa ploo snow
wecht o fower sugars tarrybreehe raxxes in his pooch
the skreichmakkers syne fed thisbreetae their littlins ower time
for the time being thebreewis aye inclined tae gaither
lagoon o vats o barleybreea dinosaur his heid s
makin s of a barleybreefor a her days by
distant ports the warld sbreesweels roon oor sturdy herbour
cairryin roon his crotch thebreeo embro toun the claik
editorial assistants eileen finlayson heatherbreeand marjorie mcneill the team
e midden at took ebreein anaith e road an
buits war smoored in peatbreenoo clean connached the clart
the wattery treelips o snabreegarrin them shine in the
wi ruts far the snabreerinnin in the spring thaws
which was made with thebreeof boiled neeps instead of
war rinnin fu o blaikbreeminnie teetit at the burn
tea washed doon wi flamingobreevulcan venus ceres mars romans
various kinds made from beefbreebroth pea soup rice soup
melee o froth an sweeshlinbreeaneth the cweel bit shade
thor silkie kelpie keep yerbreefur poorin ower the flooers
ae the tither jilp obreethe songs tell their own
auld buit wi the foolbreesprewin ooto her moo efter
fine brawlie well brawlyke finebreebrew breiks trousers breinge charge
your s i l yourbreeb i l best wishes
tell bi the sea fishbreethere s buckies bylin on
ye steep them in thebreean ye wish ye war
their winkers seeps thon hellishbreethat whan you leather your
preints the colour o brummilbreefa s hurtit ye isie
awa in cauldrons o pysonousbreein zimbabwe they fand the
on the inch the freithybreeo jade an we sall
tae spice up the speeritualbreethey say that the first
fire flauchts in yon norlanbreelike ulysses her boat can
sent a probe throwe thebreean fished up a wee
fekfu truibil lyke a hellbreebyle an bubbil all doubil

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