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stomach kype hooked lower jawbreingedbarged keekin peeping shilpit puny
bumflin out hiz heid hebreingedben the haw agane gruppit
fend hiz richts oniegates hebreingedforrit gied the puir hairmles
wairnin a weill polist sairgintbreingedinti the offish wul ye
horses brak doun thair stawsbreingedoot an turnt camsteirie in
nou in his pouer hebreingedowre the herthstane ti fell
at a bang they aabreingedout rairin an rowtin shi
wi sturt howdert thegither anbreingedowre ti the craig face
out thir lest wurds thaybreingedout the ring gruppit tam
that an as the princebreingedin wi ae dird she
out eftir it the sojersbreingedroun bot whan thai apent
focht their wey out onbreingedshi jin or he cam
ye muckle lump that sbreingedin here wi sic a
o the ship as shebreingedhir wey throu the deep

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