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lobbie the pair sprintit athootbrekkinstride thair mither wis thrang
they re at the hoosebrekkinor thievin tatties whit are
saftlie played tuins o hertbrekkinbewtie the yung quynes wad
watter glintin grey in thebrekkindawn o celestial day he
ae forenicht the lilt obrekkinthe widdies wha wul no
nylon gut wis forty punbrekkinstrain at least strang eneuch
awa bye tae kep sheepbrekkinfrae the flock i heidit
tae the chap o hemmersbrekkincoal an the scrape o
claer wattir beildit ablo greenbrekkinan a rowan tree but
upset and embarrassed koolyghin fancybrekkinsic a valuable thing ai
rysin wi the sun anbrekkinstanes bi the roadsyde or
broun ogre ah gaun abootbrekkinoniething ah see an clourin
warld morag puddok ye rbrekkinma hert puddok gin ye
hae a hantil skeil inbrekkinhorses gaed on the driglin
ah wes aye gaun abootbrekkinthings even ma ain mither

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