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bricks today that s pinkbricksand grey bi- bricks and
pink bricks and grey bi-bricksand that house over there
m1110: uh it s nobrickstoday f1109: no bricks today
no bricks today f1109: nobrickstoday that s pink bricks
them like a ton ofbrickshowever apparently someone here did
them like a ton ofbricksrobert brown to build on
scale of the investment inbricksand mortar and equipment compares
its twisted frame and drunkenbricksof glass refracting light distorting
carbolic slavering alsatians sniffed roundbricksand stones arcing their pee
on top f1109: oh thebricksfitt colour are they then
with m1110: what about thebrickson top f1109: oh the
prefab john ye didnae buildbricksm608: uh huh m642: ken
men o muscle wha wibricksan timmer tussle heich abune
mrs [censored: surname] taked out thebricksthe colourful ones f1105: oh
helping [censored: forename] with with thebrickstied up the door f1105:
awa fae e broken firebricksan a fyow orrals o
ve done all the firebricksand the f1155: has- mm
a weel gaun mill wibrickspiled up in a muckle
s fair yont sense mairbricksnae strae wad ye hae
and women shovelled loads ofbricksinto their knackered barrows then
checked nail in between 2bricksso that is i believe
was she building with thebricksm1106: yeah yeah and i
s nedder a pile obricksnor half a coo in
sand f632: mmhm f646: andbricksand things into that yard
caad ye in aboot thesebricksfor things are gettin in
a bridsmaid s underskirt twobricksfrom the left wall of
it was aw just whitebrickseh an there was two

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