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islamic mission muslim association ofbritainglasgow refugee action group chhokar
islamic mission muslim association ofbritainglasgow refugee action group chhokar
solidarity campaign islamic society ofbritainuk islamic mission muslim association
solidarity campaign islamic society ofbritainuk islamic mission muslim association
socialist party communist party ofbritaincommunist party of scotland democratic
socialist party communist party ofbritaincommunist party of scotland democratic
be killed per year acrossbritainat formal coursing events 30
history in some parts ofbritainformal coursing competitions are organised
that 1 500 people acrossbritainparticipate in hare coursing either
around 70 000 dogs acrossbritaintake part in informal coursing
today although some teachers inbritainamerica and australia have since
the present contest between greatbritainand her colonies in america
companies acted like this inbritainor america they would be
place in north america andbritainshe had also by this
2001 the plant health greatbritainamendment scotland order 2001 ssi
2001 the plant health greatbritainamendment scotland order 2001 ssi
2001 the plant health greatbritainamendment scotland order 2001 ssi
environment the plant health greatbritainamendment scotland order 2002 ssi
the united kingdom of greatbritainand northern ireland and other
the united kingdom of greatbritainand of the dominion thereto
of the united kingdom ofbritaini mean apart from walter
of the kingdom of greatbritainshall in all time coming
of the kingdom of greatbritainshall in all time coming
the united kingdom of greatbritainthe provisions were reinforced for
throughout the land in 1815britaintook control of the kingdom
the whole island of greatbritainand boswell s tour of
the imperial crown of greatbritainand the dominions thereunto belonging
the linguistics association of greatbritainand the university of glasgow
200 fox hunts in greatbritainare based in scotland it
in fox hunting across greatbritainassuming that ten out of
which says printed in greatbritainby but it is too
living and indigenous to greatbritainby imposing restrictions on the
s population realises that greatbritaincame only thirtieth in terms
an i were in greatbritainfor some conferences then we
article 14 plots in greatbritainhit a peak of 1
royal pharmaceutical society of greatbritains department in scotland which
and a quarter of greatbritains population realises that great
them in new skills greatbritainschemes such as the new
and grading system for greatbritainsmall businesses must be encouraged
medals won by the greatbritainteam was the highest for
facilities and wishes the greatbritainteam well in the forthcoming
facilities and wishes the greatbritainteam well in the forthcoming
200 19 the shell betterbritaincampaign manages two grant funds
with the detr shell betterbritaincampaign sbbc 19 and the
speakers yet most speakers throughoutbritaincan identify as part of
all speakers of english throughoutbritainthere is of course a
clearly comprehensible to speakers throughoutbritainthese accents are all regional
it is widespread throughout lowlandbritainbut absent from the north
of their 26 centres throughoutbritainis that right eddie egan
and are found throughout mainlandbritainthe best current estimate suggests
kept up to date throughoutbritainthere are a number of
about 1 500 people acrossbritainparticipate as club members or
share wi the rest obritainan then i ll finish
which is now extinct inbritainand endangered in the rest
people from the rest ofbritainand people internationally he or
led to the destruction ofbritains small railway lines the
latest political situation back omebritainseems so small from here
a small country such asbritainshould be a major player
to cut their ties withbritainand drifted north after the
the best intrests o northbritainat hert it haed tae
ribrae turriff n b northbritainmillwright and engineer this information
the parish of arbuthnott northbritainwhich parish i was born
actually drive from pakistan tobritainactually a a a a
you actually find all overbritainthere s river words that
normal member of the eubritainwould actually have more votes
they have been part ofbritainwhich should constitute part of
have arrived from all overbritainf606: mmhm m845: ye know
even justified but i thinkbritainis over reacting hysterically i
over there in war tornbritainor are they censoring overseas
young people from all overbritainwho had won linguistic and
the way from lahore tobritainand f963: mmhm m762: which
countries that became independent frombritainduring the intervening period have
influence and borrowings from outwithbritainfrom the wider european community
that is based anywhere inbritainfrom unilaterally deciding to close
i see international calls frombritainhave been cut by 1
from walls and outhouses inbritainsuch things are only seen
that have become independent frombritainwant to get back in
english john [censored: surname] also frombritainwho says that it s
livingstonians from other parts ofbritainwould be greater than their
641 mainland parliamentary constituencies inbritain10 of the 20 poorest
in the break up ofbritain1981 develops the nationalist account
effect on overall numbers inbritain2 there are a number
packs of mink hounds inbritain21 there are currently no
professor of general linguistics inbritaina lot of his work
chiels aa ower biggins inbritainan widden ernes staunin inbye
here with things both inbritainand egypt i m sorry
the school language curriculum inbritainand in australia at the
says research carried out inbritainand in many other multilingual
related sociolinguistic research studies inbritainand in the wider international
rabbits rabbits are ubiquitous inbritainand ireland and pre myxomatosis
approach has influenced work inbritainand is prevalent in this
along most watercourses in lowlandbritainand is well established along
mothers and young children inbritainand later in australia suggests
surpassed anything encountered even inbritainand none of them spoke
speech of many children inbritainand the language of the
and the other languages inbritainand western europe my concern
home in l il olbritainare in fine fettle and
dialects and standard english inbritainbefore considering what teachers can
list of place names inbritainby then a roman province
odd people too events inbritaindidn t have to be
whose family had settled inbritainduring the turkish cypriot troubles
to you they immediately inbritainerm we we we ascertain
to the bell school inbritainfor tefl info too i
hare lepus euroaeus populations inbritaingibier faune sauvage 10 pp
of rising incomes incomes inbritainhave risen by 13 per
countries resulting for example inbritainhaving only eight olympic sized
of the recent talks inbritainhowever it is alarming that
dole queue in war tornbritaini ll have to put
about the mass media inbritaini then went into the
attitude to work even inbritaini ve never seen so
on to visit cuba andbritainin the next few days
above 1 000 metres inbritainis designated a world heritage
coastlines the total population inbritainis estimated to be at
and moorhens the species inbritainis the american mink mustela
what was happening here inbritainit has to be admitted
you sir but here inbritainit is 5 pm when
have no place in modernbritainit is an anachronism and
heavy fall of snow inbritainit ll be ironic if
time is now 5pm inbritainit may not be with
a greeting to someone inbritainit seems that officialdom here
on overseas students like inbritainlast year and so money
or magazines er in inbritainm608: mmhm mm m1174: and
of around 100 million inbritainmyxomatosis caused up to 99
26 packs of harriers inbritainnone of which reside in
of strange goings on inbritainnow that i m back
the co ordinated marketing ofbritainoverseas bta provides representation in
that yesterday s temperatures inbritainregistered between nine and nought
we never got in onbritains clout for scotland i
by authoritarian cafe proprietors inbritainso there we were in
this is carried out inbritainsport hunting methods that employ
hale o scotia ay inbritaintae fower hunner year syne
in effect driven out ofbritainthat would not have any
player in the economy ofbritainthe sector is worth about
a course in tefl inbritainthere s a school in
is now also familiar inbritainthrough the language in the
a pensioner when he ledbritainto salvation in the 1940s
highest house i think inbritaintwelve hundred feet honestly an
age five in ge- inbritainu1028: [inaudible] m865: right f951:
1998 the brown hare inbritainuniversity of bristol 26 tapper
history should also recognise thatbritainwas first in the world
hae ony effect here inbritainwe say no baith because
o aa the folk inbritainwhy is it aye that
of the dialects of modernbritainare now termed socio regional
made of the fact thatbritainitself is now a multilingual
mike tyson being allowed intobritainacknowledges the speculation that he
one more step forward forbritaininto the european community as
the smuggling of cigarettes intobritainthe government has not engaged
a uk passport is whetherbritainwill get into europe or
that and many other thingsbritainis the country that keeps
country with the status ofbritainto turn to such a
treaties all member states exceptbritainand denmark agreed to the
the costliest of all warsbritainhad waged it is appalling
several members have said thatbritainand europe have been at
to have to think aboutbritainand whether i want to
four have done it andbritainis not one of them
minister it was to bebritains turn to have the
nations of the islands ofbritainand ireland and believes that
number of gold medals asbritainas did romania while the
harnessed for the benefit ofbritainat the moment both sides
since then the government ofbritainby millionaires the general notion
on completion of their roundbritaincycle ride organised to draw
slithering shingle rasping smush ofbritains end that ragged seam
born at the time ofbritains entry negotiations having lived
first instincts were to usebritains membership of the g8
third of the size ofbritains notes that the 199
line fishing an evaluation ofbritains salmon fisheries conducted by
a passport to return tobritainthe aim of the book
the trauchelsome journey back taebritainwi a fatter purse than
and i think rightly thatbritainhad become an example to
falklands the more i thinkbritainis making a gross fool
m762: when they talk aboutbritainthey talk about england angraise
communications or e prestige obritainat at time ere s
bringing further sporting success tobritainsupported by phil gallie irene
the executive really batting forbritainand a centralised bigger member
it would safeguard and strengthenbritains financial sector not least
a huge petition to savebritains wetlands and bogs rats
gave up on beacons forbritainwould that third way mean
cairnryan military railway 1941 1959britainat war was utterly dependent
permission tae takk her taebritaina chaip like thing tae
moon looks aghast as usualbritainlies like a stitched up
allow for the fact thatbritainhas a different view however
weariet fur thochts o thebritainthey left ahin he heard
the aiberdeen contingent aa owerbritainan wid o hurl t

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