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f1101: mmhm manage f1102: [inaudible]brokenbroken let me see pull
t be there broken livesbrokendreams i glanced over at
yeah but that ain sbrokenf1089: is that ain broken
broken look it s naebrokenf1101: right put it in
it s broken that sbrokenf1101: that s it throw
eh f1114: that ain sbrokenf1113: is it broken f1114:
that s ain t thisbrokenf1113: that one s broken
s broken f1113: is itbrokenf1114: it is broken it
s broken the video sbrokenf1116: bob the builder f1115:
okay f1118: oh it sbrokenf1117: fitt s broken that
too easy and we werebrokenin we were broken into
were broken in we werebrokeninto as well erm by
f1126: [exhale] f1125: you vebrokenit [censored: familiar form of forename] you ve broken
broken it [censored: familiar form of forename] you vebrokenit f1126: i havena f1125:
not not yet hasn tbrokenit hasn t broken will
girl f1102: look it sbrokenit s broken it s
it s broken it sbrokenit s broken that s
it broken f1114: it isbrokenit s made a [?]holey[/?]
mmhm manage f1102: [inaudible] brokenbrokenlet me see pull that
he wouldn t be therebrokenlives broken dreams i glanced
come on move f1102: naebrokenlook it s nae broken
it s broken it sbrokenthat s broken f1101: that
s broken f1117: fitt sbrokenthat s too that shoes
f1115: oh the tape sbrokenthe video s broken f1116:
broken f1089: is that ainbrokenwho did that m1090: yeah
t broken it hasn tbrokenwill i just play with
broken f1113: that one sbroken[?]will i show you?[/?] f1114: [laugh] f1113: supposed
here and sliding down theirbrokenchute f1111: no i don
bogged down lame piece ofbrokencrockery larick larch leen lone
hours until the meat hadbrokendown and all the goodness
is no better cold andbrokendown and grim we ken
country s legal establishment hasbrokendown and is unable to
approximately 3 000 this isbrokendown as follows table 3
02 and ii 2002 03brokendown between domestic and non
in each year since 2001brokendown by 1 gender 2
in each year since 1997brokendown by a country b
from the new deal arebrokendown by a ethnic origin
entered further education since 1999brokendown by a local authority
entered further education since 1999brokendown by a local authority
report implementing inclusiveness realising potentialbrokendown by a local authority
of the last five yearsbrokendown by a parliamentary constituency
of the last three yearsbrokendown by a parliamentary region
year from 1997 to 2002brokendown by a tourist board
for tourists in august 2003brokendown by a tourist board
entitled the population of scotlandbrokendown by age and sex
a delay in ambulance responsebrokendown by ambulance control room
a delay in ambulance responsebrokendown by ambulance control room
of the last three yearsbrokendown by ambulance control room
of salmon was in 2002brokendown by area and type
intention to proceed with decommissioningbrokendown by category and the
of the last 10 yearsbrokendown by category of charge
a in total and bbrokendown by company s1w 28538
of the last three yearsbrokendown by court s1w 15041
another person in legal proceedingsbrokendown by criminal and civil
of the last 30 yearsbrokendown by criminal and civil
what future projects are plannedbrokendown by date and cost
in each year since 1999brokendown by department and salary
each month since june 2002brokendown by department and salary
scottish office annually since 1997brokendown by department s1w 7665
will detail any such costsbrokendown by department s1w 7692
to deal with traffic issuesbrokendown by division s1w 27502
complement of the sqa isbrokendown by each of these
the repairs to school buildingsbrokendown by education authority s1w
and c spurplus grant schemesbrokendown by enterprise company in
which we wanted to bebrokendown by fellow parliamentarians i
exchange and the exchange thenbrokendown by freeze frame and
were accepted by the crownbrokendown by gender s1w 7670
of the last three yearsbrokendown by health board area
three years in total andbrokendown by health board area
in each year since 1980brokendown by health board area
are per head of populationbrokendown by health board area
nhs dentists there currently arebrokendown by health board area
of the last five yearsbrokendown by health board area
due to lack of fundingbrokendown by health board area
each of these figures representsbrokendown by health board area
or decrease in each yearbrokendown by health board area
with physiotherapists in each quarterbrokendown by health board area
period to 31 december 2000brokendown by health board area
of private care home placesbrokendown by health board area
diabetes nurses in each quarterbrokendown by health board area
detail any such additional costsbrokendown by health board s1w
in each year since 1995brokendown by health board s1w
and dietetics and xvi physiotherapybrokendown by health board s1w
and c any associated companiesbrokendown by i date and
in each year since 1999brokendown by i gender ii
jobs through the new dealbrokendown by i race ii
01 and f 2001 02brokendown by i reported offences
used to finance such packagesbrokendown by i the former
respect of deficient road maintenancebrokendown by individual trunk road
skills or other related initiativesbrokendown by initiative and what
will detail any such costsbrokendown by local authority and
under the empty homes initiativebrokendown by local authority area
of this has been spentbrokendown by local authority area
in each year since 1999brokendown by local authority area
access and which do notbrokendown by local authority area
of the last five yearsbrokendown by local authority area
of the last five yearsbrokendown by local authority area
ii 2000 and iii 2001brokendown by local authority area
ii 2000 and iii 2001brokendown by local authority area
of the last five yearsbrokendown by local authority area
fund at 31 march 2002brokendown by local authority area
in receipt of direct paymentsbrokendown by local authority area
of the last three yearsbrokendown by local authority area
of the order being madebrokendown by local authority area
the recent arthur macgregor casebrokendown by local authority s1w
to maintain professional teaching standardsbrokendown by local authority s1w
03 and c 2003 04brokendown by local authority s1w
of the last five yearsbrokendown by local authority s1w
of those aged over 65brokendown by local authority s1w
questions it has been askedbrokendown by msp and topic
and b local authority areabrokendown by national lottery fund
a in total and bbrokendown by nhs board area
an assessment for beta interferonbrokendown by nhs board area
specialist treatment for anorexia nervosabrokendown by nhs board area
for anaphylaxis and allergy servicesbrokendown by nhs board area
of the last three yearsbrokendown by nhs board area
still have mixed sex wardsbrokendown by nhs board area
currently waiting for specialist treatmentbrokendown by nhs board area
an assessment for beta interferonbrokendown by nhs board area
of the last five yearsbrokendown by nhs board area
was of such non attendancebrokendown by nhs board area
was of such non attendancebrokendown by nhs board area
as portering cleaning and cateringbrokendown by nhs i trust
currently affected by rheumatoid arthritisbrokendown by nhs trust area
executive how many in patientsbrokendown by nhsis trust are
many have an unknown destinationbrokendown by parliamentary constituency in
categorised as being in employmentbrokendown by parliamentary constituency s1w
of the last three yearsbrokendown by parliamentary region s1w
in april to december 2002brokendown by police force area
of the last five yearsbrokendown by police force s1w
of the last three yearsbrokendown by police force s1w
year since 1 january 1999brokendown by prison s1w 26911
98 to the present datebrokendown by prison s1w 27489
of the last three yearsbrokendown by prison s1w 28501
what form this treatment takesbrokendown by prison s1w 29294
for which information is availablebrokendown by procurator fiscal area
modern facilities at stations schemebrokendown by project and date
level and above since 1997brokendown by qualification and by
publication expressed per capita andbrokendown by region s1w 33279δ
were received by this datebrokendown by sector and what
in each year since 1999brokendown by sheriff court area
of the last three yearsbrokendown by sheriff court district
were shot under each licencebrokendown by species s1w 32851
scottish executive how many staffbrokendown by staff category are
local and open prison establishmentbrokendown by staff category giving
timing of elections scotland billbrokendown by staff publicity printing
annually a in total bbrokendown by the country which
authorities under the excellence fundbrokendown by the key areas
visitors are from and cbrokendown by the mode of
projections proposed in total andbrokendown by the proposed increase
of the past 10 yearsbrokendown by those committed by
in each year since 1995brokendown by trust s1w 12260
iv 2002 03 to datebrokendown by type of case
been a non court disposalbrokendown by warnings conditional offers
as the base figure andbrokendown by water authority s1w
the holyrood project has beenbrokendown by works package what
such document cost to producebrokendown by year of publication
green goddess fire engines havebrokendown during testing and preparations
flows to the ocean hadbrokendown earlier in the month
in scotland was due tobrokendown equipment supported by fergus
company of hm prison kilmarnockbrokendown for each heading and
were the actual funds disbursedbrokendown in each case by
know that language can bebrokendown into chunks and that
further education colleges in scotlandbrokendown into full time and
each local authority can bebrokendown into net current expenditure
in the scottish prison servicebrokendown into uniformed staff and
homelessness and how that isbrokendown into various categories mr
assessment what may also havebrokendown is the consensual approach
is where the process hasbrokendown like bruce crawford i
that trust appears to havebrokendown the members and the
barriers that sometimes aren tbrokendown too much in literature
they fell down remember gotbrokenf1114: oh right get another
home cause the hall sbrokenm1048: i ll come down
f1115: ah but it sbrokenbut it s finished fitt
builder f1115: the video sbrokenf1116: bob f1115: just sing
f1115: no the video sbrokenf1116: why s it f1115:
no sense in bones beingbrokensince he would have to
goes there f1126: it sbrokenf1125: and then that bit
me mummy fix it f1126: brokenf1125: it s okay there
go f1125: well done f1126: brokenit again f1125: it s
no f1125: oh i vebrokenit again f1126: no nae
[child noise] hmm f1125: you havenabrokenit it s okay f1126:
over here now you vebrokenit now f1126: [exhale] f1125:
bit f1126: yes yes f1125: brokenit right f1126: you help
and that s right ohbrokenthat bit again f1125: i
lang last the milk wasbrokenand then the particles gaithert
again this terrible weather hasbrokeneach feather and frozen the
been used by rough sleepersbrokenalcohol bottles and roof tiles
claimed the window d beenbrokenby a stray bit o
then this order being rudelybrokenby demetrius and his excuse
foresee that it will bebrokenby individuals whereas badger baiting
the label it was justbrokenby itself m804: hah really
needed to be in silencebrokenonly by birdsong to begin
total silence in the staffroombrokenonly by the rasping sound
were many of the windowsbrokenpossibly by vandals in the
by 10 000 he hasbrokenthat promise he promised that
rowdy party had to bebrokenup by the police who
them three times they werebrokenf963: ah yeah right f965:
three stoves two of thembrokenhuddled together in a grimy
going to be planned andbrokeninto two three year groupings
development programme which has beenbrokenup notionally into three phases
staff at the stables hadbrokenher ankle doing exactly the
no oh that ain sbrokenf1113: eh f1114: that ain
tomorrow f1114: that ain sbrokenf1113: that one s [inaudible]
this ain that one sbrokenf1114: there and there f1113:
f1114: uh oh it sbroken[clapping] i ll i ll
f1113: oh no snake sbrokenf1114: that s it sorted
f1114: the hairdryer f1113: isbrokenit just needs a new
drifted into silence she dbrokenfree of the circle and
a young lad who hadbrokeninto the house was killed
that her flat had beenbrokeninto the previous day the
knots of bone beneath thebrokenskin when she got into
want tae see again abrokendishevelled wreck was how thomas
said och it s naebrokendoon again is it noo
again erm in chip crackbrokenf963: mmhm uh huh m964:
of female solidarity is againbrokenin the twa sisters k127
you can help me inbrokenbut coherent english he asked
door he spoke in geybrokenenglish he wis german on
you arrived he announced inbrokenenglish holding up the dusky
quarters as a kind ofbrokenenglish reforms necessary to improve
slav who addressed her inbrokenenglish screamed what is this
russian male asked me inbrokenenglish to go to the
m816: oh god i vebrokenabout every bone in my
f1089: oh that s thebrokenbit is it is that
f1102: oh it s allbrokenf1101: it s alright it
look at this it sbrokenf1122: oh f1121: it s
that s good was itbrokenm1090: oh no it just
we in case it getsbrokenoops f1130: oh this comes
oh oh that bag sbroken[rustling noise] right here s your
it hair washed tonight m1098: brokeni broke it look f1097:
at the things you vebrokenjust look at them i
bucket look f1111: has itbrokenno it s okay what
to be this look [inaudible]brokenwe ll get him orange
the plastic seal had beenbrokenhe ll have the antibodies
either she had fallen andbrokenher leg or she had
this guy that had likebrokenhis fist and all his
were both the victims ofbrokenhomes both their mothers had
claim they had their heartsbrokenif anyone won today it
say he s had abrokenneck and eh they live
on gladys a fire hadbrokenoot and there was this
he found a man hadbrokenthe back window of the
see if the heuk hadbrokenthere was nae heuk there
that gretna had their dreambrokentoday and only a really
when the family circle getsbrokenup we have had a
fallen because her leg hadbrokenwhichever is the case she
love morgan or i vebrokenan airm at my ballet
when you ve got abrokenbone you re shuffling sickly
ankles toes i ve evenbrokenbones in my foot erm
my foot erm i vebrokenboth both legs but the
o thae attacks a vebrokenma guid battle axe highland
[sniff] [swallow] i did thebrokenbit first [sniff] f1089: [yawn]
bit foo nae use abrokenblade if ye hid een
in ae bit an naethingbrokenjist his pride as he
bit e craiter hid abrokenwing i tellt e ithers
in the cup taps arebrokena luv token condom s
like crystal glaisses affa easybrokenan da s got a
monday mornin brakkfast s abrokenbikky doon in the lift
a baker s pennyworth ofbrokenbiscuits up until the 1960s
m1096: and that s abrokencar and f1095: crashed m1096:
engine and that s abrokencar and that s a
s happening here m1096: abrokencar f1095: aye so fitt
put it there m1096: abrokencar f1095: fitt s that
s latest cd shaved andbrokencrack the whip see them
s aa furnished noo abrokencup an saacer a cheer
f1121: no it s naebrokendid you think it was
holmes says it s jistbrokendoon noo dinna be daft
to belle s shoes f1104: brokenf1103: mm you tried to
f1111: what that chute sbrokenf1112: uh huh f1111: why
that f1122: it looks likebrokenf1121: i think it s
the cooerin yowies bleat abrokengate s a burn in
work and there s likebrokenglass [inaudible] and there s
mrs mcphail s nose wasbrokenhe did attempt to sort
the wrong way he sbrokenhe s he s br-
from the cut or abrokenheart from her mother s
s manifesto promise has beenbrokeni did not like the
f1122: it s not reallybrokenis it f1121: no it
it f1091: [tut] she sbrokenit it s all messy
f1121: i think it sbrokenit s a golf tee
m1090: but it s notbrokenit s all fix think
sorry man s dominion hasbrokennature s social union an
but that one s abrokenone f1111: what that chute
cutting skin boundary s thinbrokensleep nightmares creep tightrope walk
your mobile your mobile gotbrokenso mum s gonna get
s saturnine and surly withbrokensprings and arm wings tashed
nomination to the community councilbrokenwindows at k s m
nothing has happened about thebrokenback door to the cellars
one significant promise has beenbrokenin the past 12 months
the back court has beenbrokenopen and removed from its
too given that he hasbrokenso many promises how can
reading and writing he hasbrokenthat promise he promised to
drug cordons but he hasbrokenthat promise too given that
rebels are them that hasbrokenthe covenant but you are
been nabbit hungry an hairtbrokeni wannert e playgreen nae
an nichered an whinneyied thebrokenbeen cockin clean throw the
shiftit likely they d beenbrokentae big pairt o e
sort of erm kind ofbrokenbits of cement where there
chippy f965: mmhm chip crackbrokenf963: erm yes yeah and
sit at wid itherwise haebrokenan maybe scattert ower e
an if yer weer wisbrokenat e middle o a
teem haad awa fae ebrokenfire bricks an a fyow
gweed bishop oot o ebrokenhannle o an aal mell
e park werena tae bebrokenintill ir e traivellin mull
knotless threid its craig wesbrokenah mynd seein it yestrein
jist stung wi nettles naethinbrokenhere let me sort it
a hill and she dbrokenit and the front wheel
that the check spring wasbrokenit disna dee tae blaa
it ehm and it wasbrokenit was a- an eerie
wisnae een ata it hidbrokenjonsar eck nivver threw onything
played it through and hisbrokensentimental tunes stayed with me
or nyne except it bebrokenverse quhilkis are out of
got a puckle bits obrokenbits o sticks back instead
all those things that gotbrokendaddy stop he stops like
if the earthenware teapot gotbrokenthe fragments made fine lamies
cause he will like bigbrokenbig stretches of welsh and
m1090: dad he was allbrokenf1089: aw m1090: even the
gien birth tae a quinebrokenherted he turnt tae the
twa days he wis nearbrokenhertit that his holiday stertit
cross with him after thebrokenpencil he presses his legs
and fragility and he wasbrokenyou know and f963: yeah
back door for broon orbrokenbiscuits frae the tray they
that family of people isbrokenup they never get back
the relationship with greiffenhagen wasbrokenand early in 1915 catherine
loose and trailing wires 3brokenand rusting downpipes and guttering
my stool with its legbrokenand the stereo lid smashed
the mantles in f1018: gettinbrokenand when you when you
cloud moved north against abrokenblue sky and sea the
i ended up with twobrokenbones in my foot and
sister played at hoosies withbrokencrockery lames and also at
right m605: and i speakbrokengaelic and i sc- i
folk mass chord but abrokenglass leather jacket and jack
that went ower fast abrokenknife belonged tae sandy and
and ladders rls chopin thebrokennecklace i attempt to mend
and those with old ineffectivebrokenor partial heating systems the
they usually bitterly attack thebrokenpromises and harsh conditions doled
gave him painkillers for thebrokenribs and bruising and tablets
thorns in their paws andbrokensongbirds limp with bleeding claws
and hissing talk is ofbrokentoys of homes and love
in several regional dialects andbrokenurban demotics as a ready
money was paid out inbrokenwindows and eh ye know
poet enters unheroically with abrokenarm thus laying himself open
with with the chip crackbrokenf965: uh huh [cough] f963:
that those with old ineffectivebrokenor partial heating systems have
come to terms with abrokenrelationship time for myself to
to hospital with a suspectedbrokenvertebra in her neck on
like a goose trailing abrokenwing urchins paddle with tin
landed like a bag ofbrokenbones her spirit flew on
diverging erratically like trails ofbrokenlightning kneeling on the kitchen
cupped for alms like abrokenstalk hs wife two steps
you is like touching abrokentooth my tongue sitting over
your peace the breid isbrokenfor the life o the
of jubilation your buildings arebrokenmemories your streets lost hopes
i min anither name forbrokenbitties o strae wis cuffins
kennin whit sprint records wisbrokenthon day the street geordie
yi dae she krista wisbrokenwidnae eat widnae drink widnae
tinsion if a weer wisbrokenye d likely hae tae
but now the spell wasbrokenas soon as she spoke
thinkin her suspender was cominbrokendoon or somethin i said
at which that link wasbrokenthe historical perspective indicated that
whether the law was beingbrokenwhat network of informers do
but eh his heart wasbrokenwhen the wee lad died
report that apart from abrokenwindow no other damage was
portray a man who wasbrokenyou know f963: mm mmhm
country but who wasn tbrokenhis faith sustained him in
parridge his een steekit breathinbrokenan whizzly as anely a
1936 some say from abrokenheart at which time his
his father dies of abrokenheart this can be seen
this fact somehow swept thebrokennose under the carpet one
the wee bairnies ll bebrokenhearted noo hearken tae santa
delivered that is yet anotherbrokenpromise no wonder the first
tae see the united kingdombrokenup m865: uh huh m952:
forehead in a piece ofbrokenmirror on the shed wall
its cradle city of everywherebrokennecklace in the sun you
worms amoebic dysentery round abrokenpump children gather water in
add 1 oz cornflour 6brokenup cheese biscuits or similar
asbestos from the various shipsbrokenup immediately visible are the
mountain goat nothing but abrokenbranch lay behind the tree
broun a brown brukken vbrokenbuik n book bullik n
browdent a captivated brukken vbrokenbuiks n books burd n
a sax seiven hunder obrokenmen convenit yonder wi a
us because maybe through abrokenrelationship an the different things
wind which rattled through abrokenwindow god only knows what
the standing orders we havebrokeni call jamie stone members
ae brash they drave thebrokenmen awa shi jin gaed
gaithert sax seiven hunder obrokenmen ti rype an herrie

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