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een and that was beefbrosean sauty bannock day but
wrote on the blackboard beefbrosean sauty bannocks lat s
fur furrow fye whey fyebrosebrose made with whey fykie
furrow fye whey fye brosebrosemade with whey fykie troublesome
of the nineteenth century fyebrosewas among the many kinds
also the word with scotlandbrosebrose oatmeal or peasemeal mixed
the word with scotland brosebroseoatmeal or peasemeal mixed with
you liked it was peasemealbrosethe smiths had it now
the brose she liket neitherbrosenor porridge like a hullock
the same except for thebroseshe liket neither brose nor
happit covered wrapped bere barleybrosedish of oat or pease
s suppin up pease mealbrosegyad yon s scunnerin haud
onion intilt into it kailbrosebrose made with the juice
intilt into it kail brosebrosemade with the juice of
hair at the buird suppinbrosewi a cuttie spuin frae
with powdered peas gruel thinbrosemade with oatmeal and boiled
boil the vegetables peas mealbrosemade with powdered peas gruel
faimily ivery ear for porritchbroseoatcakes and skirly douglas only
ye couldna mak porritch orbrosewi t nae unless ye
bridge broad scythe sharpening boardbroseoatmeal dish made by pouring
whisky neep kale or cabbagebroseoatmeal soaked in the water
as an invalid food atholbrosewhisky and oatmeal the following
when available they had kailbrosefollowed by chappit kail only
boards horn spoons for eatingbroseand bone spoons for boiled
with chappit cabbage or neepbrosethe neeps were swedes and
touchie of frost or cabbagebrosewith chappit cabbage or neep
i d spoken aboot neepbrosewhich was made with the
in itself neeps and neepbrosewis aften a denner on
was eaten with porridge andbrosebut served separately to keep
remained much the same justbroseor porridge and tea with
was different there was nobroseor porridge but they got
otherwise they lived on milkbroseneeps and tatties farms were
philorth that they had beefbrosejust to see what it
the custom of eating beefbroseon fastern s een had
teaspoonful of salt in thebrosecaap boil the kettle hard
among the many kinds ofbrosemade the system was that
rubies saffron teak piz mealbrosean cullen skink chips wi
o hamespun speaks of fleetenbroseand says that meal wis
the dog got tatties anbroseor winted whyles if their
time fae the makkin obroseyou would salt it to
sugar or syrup or milkbrosebut her father had his
on weekdays her father hadbrosetea and bread and butter
eat a bowle o hetbrosemebbe puddok na na ah
mother s uncle would takebrosenow and again it was
mother who didn t likebroseso it looks as if
day as if it wasbroseall the time for many
all the time for manybrosewas the standard breakfast six
and sewing to win herbrosemrs laing fancy mrs boyter
the steadins outside it wisbrosefur oor brakkfast it wis
bowl was drunk when thebrosehad been polished off and
skimmed off to make thebroseit seems that fleetins is
the week men also atebrosethe cream from the top
get tired o their maitbrosethree times a day might
time meg macpherson maks mybroseher an me we canna
was standing by and thebroseis ready to be supped
a bap quidna sup eesbroseat brakfast if love s
cannel yill see the pepperiebroselift the tipper ay an
ye re walcome tae baithbrosean bed fain wad i

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