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a groat for the needlebrounogre a groat did ah
groat wutch ye did thatbrounogre a haill groat ah
ah micht even gie thebrounogre a jag in the
he clasps his hands togetherbrounogre ah can haurlie wait
lyke ye canna behave yeirsellbrounogre ah gaun aboot brekkin
ye no dae a cupbrounogre ah hae nae siller
asleep tryin ti byde waukenbrounogre ah haena tried that
be as guid as newbrounogre ah howp sae ai
whit is yeir favorite dreambrounogre ah howp ye l
ye doun in the ledgerbrounogre ah l hae ti
ogre fingers his nose speculativelybrounogre ah l tell ye
ye r short o sillerbrounogre ah m short o
rael vext ti hear thatbrounogre ah ve tried coontin
wi the wutch s needlebrounogre ah wantit it for
never a wee laddie shuirliebrounogre ah wes aye big
tak ye hame ti thebrounogre an he wul clour
liftit a needle belangin thebrounogre an no the wutch
when there is no answerbrounogre angrily whaur ir ye
ogre looking for his needlebrounogre anguished crying in distance
the witch s house thebrounogre arrives in a rage
please tell us broun ogrebrounogre awricht ah l tell
it pompitie sae wad ahbrounogre ay it s the
wantit for ti thenk mebrounogre ay it wes rael
pepper pompitie please tell usbrounogre broun ogre awricht ah
m whyles grumfie pompitie bbrounogre broun ogre but eftir
ye r no that ugsumbrounogre broun ogre div ye
he he s no herebrounogre broun ogre ir you
rael vext ti hear thatbrounogre broun ogre sobbing she
grumfie pompitie b broun ogrebrounogre but eftir ma favorite
na ma name s pepperbrounogre but ye ir a
wutch that mends rainbows thebrounogre buys a needle from
tea wyfe s house thebrounogre calls to report he
silence and in bursts thebrounogre carrying his club he
wutch s biggin afore thebrounogre did an thare wes
no that ugsum broun ogrebrounogre div ye think sae
ogre is heard offstage thebrounogre enters carrying his club
he wes feart for thebrounogre for he coud be
needle ah selt til thebrounogre for ti mend his
to the witch s housebrounogre from offstage ochone ochone
just been bought by thebrounogre from the wutch that
at lest he saw thebrounogre gae lampin awa owre
ay ah daursay ah imbrounogre gin ye r no
pepper hangs his head thebrounogre goes and picks up
haes mebbe duin a bunkbrounogre haes he nou ah
say ye war manly lykebrounogre holding his head to
o tea for naething thebrounogre ignores her and tramps
his club against the wallbrounogre in a deep stern
himself in the curly bushbrounogre ir ye richt shuir
s no here broun ogrebrounogre ir you pompitie the
harmless old woman and thebrounogre is a threatening male
mend his favorite dream thebrounogre is furious at having
the heavy tramping of thebrounogre is heard offstage the
a large toadstool right thebrounogre is in conversation with
it it s no thebrounogre is it pepper goes
if this is for naethingbrounogre it s no for
the wutch pepper did thebrounogre jag ye wi the
he kent that wes thebrounogre lampin owre thegreen common
heard from offstage enter thebrounogre looking distressed tea wyfe
the heavy tramping of thebrounogre looking for his needle
cummin oot the houss thebrounogre looks around and spots
a lang storie short thebrounogre lost the needle he
brocht the needle wi yebrounogre na it s safe
aye pey me anither daybrounogre na na ah haena
be tea wyfe yeir dreambrounogre na the needle ah
play on the fluir whylesbrounogre oh ay a daursay
pompitie ay mebbe no thebrounogre pepper na mebbe no
pompitie generously it wes naethingbrounogre pepper whit is yeir
the wutch then mends thebrounogre s favorite dream pompitie
lyke ye a wee bitbrounogre sae ah need ti
wes thare pepper she didnabrounogre she did she did
are struck dumb with concernbrounogre she wes aye hittin
ti yeirsell an awbodie elsebrounogre sobbing it s lyke
ti hear that broun ogrebrounogre sobbing she wes aye
soud ah see but thebrounogre staunin crackin ti the
soud he see but thebrounogre staunin crackin wi the
the common he saw thebrounogre staunin crackin wi the
ye here eftir yeir teabrounogre tea me no me
pompitie flew laich an thebrounogre that cam strampin alang
haena mukkil ah aye saybrounogre that s aw the
brocht it here ti mebrounogre the lord be praisit
here kis ye fancie mebrounogre this mornin ah peyed
needle ah selt til thebrounogre this mornin for ti
l no mynd me speirinbrounogre ti me it s
ti ken tea wyfe thebrounogre wes here an he
did he tea wyfe thebrounogre wes in an awfu
pompitie ay ah think thebrounogre wes the thickest o
spots pompitie below the tablebrounogre wha s that pepper
tak ye hame ti thebrounogre wha wul clour ye
tak ye hame til thebrounogre wha wul clour ye
tak ye hame til thebrounogre wha wul clour ye
an tak ye ti thebrounogre wha wul clour ye
is fair in the warldbrounogre whan ah canna sleep
none too pleased wutch merciebrounogre whit ails ye whit
pulls ogre by the sleevebrounogre whit is t pompitie
him a say pepper nodsbrounogre whit the leevin hairrie
a few seconds pompitie freezesbrounogre whit wes that ah
an unexpected visit from thebrounogre who has had his
sort aw this for yebrounogre whyles ah try sayin
we aw hae oor problemsbrounogre whyles the dream is
pompitie is terrified that thebrounogre will discover that he
mends rainbows first afore thebrounogre wins thare pompitie ah
wutch ah daursay no thebrounogre wul be richt gled
nae mair snash frae youbrounogre wutch ah didna mean
edinburgh playwrights workshop characters narratorbrounogre wutch that mends rainbow
wad ah ken aboot itbrounogre ye haena seen oniebodie
ken whaur the needle isbrounogre ye ken whaur the
a a ah think saebrounogre ye l be a
is maskit dae ye thinkbrounogre ye wad lyke ti
an tak ye til thebrounogfre wha wul clour ye
til hiz tredsmen abiz rabbrouna didna seke ti byde
tels ye mich about rabbrounan masell he wissed ti
by me ane wes rabbrounat wes ti moyen ma
he wes a brounie rabbrounbad neirby me whan we
a curn contraks wi rabbrounbot a wes med redoundand
pey the lawins an rabbrounhed the commeisiouns he bocht
reimishis hed laed ahent rabbrounwas as fu o virr
a houss outby howgate rabbrounwes a plat an plain
gray an blek an gowdenbrounan staup out in thair
sae he liftit a gowdenbrounane at wes the brawest
coats o gray an gowdenbrounbut thay keepit aye thair
til thaim bairns wi gowdenbrounhair an saft vyces for
whyte bodie but hir gowdenbrounhair hung doun afore hir
gray an blek an gowdenbrounlyin on a rock whaur
this lassie belanged the gowdenbrounselkie skin at he haed
cled hirsell in hir gowdenbrounskin an soumed out athort
dae ah l kill thebrounstirk he wes luikin rael
yungest princess left a lauchinbrounlassie that never daunert whan
awa back hame gaed thebrounprincess as fest as hir
frae ma dule but thebrounprincess cryit oot that she
wul mynd bairns that thebrounprincess haed ti mairrie a
lassie oh ay said thebrounprincess oh ay atweill guidman
an as for the littilbrounprincess she bade wi hir
the hert o hir thebrounprincess taen hir faither s
jalouse hou blyth wes thebrounprincess than an hou awbodie
hir aulder sister but thebrounprincess wadna listen til aither
naething wad please him thebrounprincess wes fair deived wi
prood auldest princess morag thebrounyungest princess the guid queen
the batter in the mucklebrounbowl staunin oan the chair
spaul an hir een warbrounan saft she wure nae
a pair o saft bonniebrouneen an luikit lang at
thay keepit aye thair saftbrouneen whan thair faither fand
end he said wyfe mabrounlassie ah see that ah
from his bed wyfe mabrounlassie ye needna be roosed
the stramp stramp o thebrounopgre wes cummin nearer an
watch the dwynin loanins thebrounriggs the maws wul caw
street she l pul thebrounpoke oot thraw breid til
goun wi hir croun obrounhair buskin hir brou that
speirt ma name s johnbrounan ah wis juist gaun
sweet hame tae a weebrountroot as wee troots go
weill set up wi growthiebrounhair an blue en sn
the fowk sang praisin thebrounprkincess but thay didna ken
whan she saw the bonniebrouneen an strecht spauls o
impruive the diveidwal flets anbrounwun thrie o m whan
a mukkil concrete lek saebrounhed ti bak cum at
aff sae a speired atbrounti dae t thai cam
a did tho a teltbrounti gang bak an alter
up blackcraig hill a weebrounbeast lay stiff an still
o day when a weebrouncaur comes doun the road
aa the ocean the weebrountroot cam oot his den
them i m shuir johnbrounfor that wisnae the name
the beiss chynged frae abrounbeir in a verra fyow
pals they hid burnt berrybrounfrae heid tae fuit they
white and baith agayne thebrounin ilk kintra we hae
blanchart and baith agayne thebrounin ilka kintra we hae
in his steid a mukkilbrounhuntin naig the leddie clam
aw the ruims weill duinbrouna thocht bot it wesna
a baa like a bigbrounscotch thistle he caumly reclines
gallagher an wullie morrison pompeybrounan rover leader geordie black
an auld estaiblisht beisnes johnbrounan son biggars foundit 1850
haed monie braw sea bairnsbrounee d an strecht o
the mids o a smawbrounmerk in the luif o
verra mids o the smawbrounmerk on the ettin s
whae wis sib tae thebrouns o musielee makin him
taigil o knowes on aebrountapmaist craig that bleized its
nou though still a kenninbrouna bank tae bank wis
n breast bricht a brightbrouna brown brukken v broken
exchequer rolls for 1588 forbrounbreid and ait caikes spendit
poppies closing simmer summer callerbrountrout skirlin for brakefast leevin
the lift the gress isbrounturnin leafs faws wyld geese

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