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sound in but now yourbrowis beld john the plosive
we have but now yourbrowis beld john your locks
aboot major weir mitchel sbrowfurrowed whit s tae tell
a stout little man hisbrowfurrowed with concentration sitting solemnly
brocht v brought brou nbrowbrowdent a captivated brukken v
brocht v brought brou nbrowbrukken v broken brunt v
embroidered cover to kiss mybrowmaking up perhaps for the
sweat out on boswell sbrowand a manic gleam to
like sword cuts on hisbrowone brother sleeps by the
the curls dark on hisbrowthe olive oil in each
fifteen minutes rub face frombrowto chin sandalwood cream removes
or superior or of highbrowworks of art unless i
s very intellectual very highbrowin his m741: he s
by the masseuse across mybrowthe oil a constant balm
rolling glow she let herbrowrest cool on the glass
and ball bearings from hisbrowlurch rounded on her smartly
in the line your bonniebrowwas brent which is then
that girlish mouth the recedingbrowand the long lank unwashed
where dragons go under hisbrowwith its deeps and furrows

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