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ken at queer eemer abuddiegets intill files fin e
yer strinth bit for abuddieat wis wearin on ir
ouk frae nou whit likbuddiedesydes the amount o warrand
the coupon and when thatbuddiehas hackit thochts ilka day
k nicht didna traist oniebuddiean he herdit the gests
time i sometimes think abuddieniver forgets onything it must
ll tell ye if abuddiehas hackit thochts it sterts
at she s a strooshlebuddiea haipie kinno a craiter
m a rair the rauchilbuddiesayed nocht bot haunnit m
bot flit ti anither puirbuddies houss an stert thair
ye arna sicna ill farrandbuddiebot it gies ye the
ti me nor onie itherbuddiei the warl bot a
tae look at it abuddiethat has guid thochts on
bot he is a saiklesbuddiein monie weys an disna
ey warm up an abuddiejist his tae thole or

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