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evacuation of buildings evacuation ofbuildings1 where a local authority
and insert section evacuation ofbuildings5 des mcnulty 102 in
schedule 3 evacuation of dangerousbuildingsand adjacent buildings amendments 91
2 of section evacuation ofbuildingsat any time b where
requirement under section evacuation ofbuildingsdes mcnulty 103 in schedule
1 of section evacuation ofbuildingsdes mcnulty 95 in schedule
section 38 insert evacuation ofbuildingsevacuation of buildings 1 where
provision about the evacuation ofbuildingsfor the purposes of this
24 and insert evacuation ofbuildingsto do so des mcnulty
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsf1006: lane lane that s
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsf1024: [inhale] i have to
or a narrow walkway betweenbuildingsf1025: mmhm aye f1027: aye
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsf1144: that s a vote
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsm1008: wasn t quite sure
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsm1012: vennel f1011: [inaudible] m1013:
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsm1022: a vennel f1054: is
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsm1042: it s aye a
narrow walkway between or alongsidebuildingsm999: see that s a
for this narrow walkway betweenbuildingsthat would be whit i
that [inhale] narrow walkway betweenbuildingsto me is a vennel
it s in between tallbuildingsa narrow entrance just the
too many narrow walkways betweenbuildingsanyway m1007: no but you
area where there have beenbuildingswith the narrow walkways between
to cover the usability ofbuildingsand their accessibility by all
improve the accessibility of publicbuildingsfor both employees and service
can improve the accessibility ofbuildingsfor many people my colleague
energy efficiency and accessibility tobuildingshowever the bill will establish
intention is that accessibility tobuildingswill be mandatory in the
mmhm f1054: between or alongsidebuildingsm1014: well i ve got
of dangerous buildings and adjacentbuildingsamendments 91 to 103 moved
deals with defective and dangerousbuildingsand is similar to existing
welcome the powers on dangerousbuildingsand recommend that the parliament
said the provisions on dangerousbuildingsare welcome but we should
section 26 1 on dangerousbuildingsbecause if the amendments were
authorities ability to identify dangerousbuildingsi feel that they will
adequate powers to tackle dangerousbuildingsin such circumstances 09 45
to do relates to dangerousbuildingsit does not cover danger
defective building notices and dangerousbuildingsnotices amendment 104 would provide
authority powers to identify dangerousbuildingsshould be strengthened that designers
agreed to section 26 dangerousbuildingsthe convener amendment 88 is
into the owners of listedbuildingsare currently underway with regard
the spanish parador where listedbuildingscould be restored to provide
section 32 scheduled monuments listedbuildingsetc amendments 68 to 70
how many owners of listedbuildingshave been prosecuted in each
to the demolition of listedbuildingsi understand that the education
to the future of listedbuildingsthat are of limited historical
laws to preserve the listedbuildingsthe iron railings removed during
we must protect our historicbuildingsand built heritage however it
ewht s remit includes historicbuildingsgrants conservation area issues advice
third point relates to historicbuildingsi have raised this issue
meet the requirements of historicbuildingsincrease the required level of
scotland is littered with historicbuildingsmost of which date from
the underspend in the historicbuildingsrepair grants scheme in 2001
rather like american life insurancebuildingsbuilt in the style now
clubs getting access to newbuildingsbuilt through the private finance
a the quality of schoolbuildingsbuilt via more traditional means
or to those who occupybuildingsbuilt with cement from there
been built an accretion ofbuildingsnineteenth century and ugly new
it like many of thebuildingsof central washington is built
account of the fact thatbuildingsthat are built for a
education colleges operating from unsuitablebuildingsto provide purpose built campuses
crumbling transport infrastructure poor hospitalbuildingsand gross underinvestment in housing
using a lot of publicbuildingsand infrastructure they include the
the manpower and skills andbuildingsand other infrastructure that would
schemes to improve their infrastructurebuildingsor equipment if they are
running ppp schemes relating tobuildingsor infrastructure in scotland it
the costs of different publicbuildingsare problematic different buildings serve
public buildings are problematic differentbuildingsserve vastly different functions and
major telecommunications development on existingbuildingscurrently deemed to be permitted
invest in developing the existingbuildingsin order to ensure that
energy efficiency of large existingbuildingsis upgraded whenever other substantial
be obliged to inspect existingbuildingsregularly to ensure that they
existing building or class ofbuildingswhere there is a clear
require the compliance of existingbuildingswith building regulations that provision
standards work in relation tobuildingsand related matters and for
oversee building standards for allbuildingsand structures in scotland members
further provision with respect tobuildingsbuilding standards work in relation
been made of standards thatbuildingshave to meet in other
standards for insulation of newbuildingsin the uk under the
system for setting standards forbuildingsis very prescriptive at present
treated water also by reformingbuildingsstandards encourage other green housing
authorities deal with relaxations ofbuildingsstandards when they relate to
standards scotland regulations with newbuildingsup to 25 per cent
scottish mandatory energy standards forbuildingswas commissioned by the scottish
meet those minimum standards thebuildingswill not meet other legislation
to consider the balance betweenbuildingsand equipment and staff in
right balance between investing inbuildingsand investing in staff and
referring to the relationship betweenbuildingsand organisational culture the odd
aware of the relationship betweenbuildingsand their surrounding environment such
years costs of other publicbuildingscomparisons between the costs of
lane if it was betweenbuildingsf1144: mm m1146: although a
a gangway going between twobuildingsif it was over water
as something going between twobuildingsm1055: a gangway m1007: yes
we moved between the hugebuildingspopping into a museum about
m1055: mmhm m1007: between twobuildingsyou could have a lane
1987 scottish civic trust andbuildingsat risk lodged on 1
1987 scottish civic trust andbuildingsat risk lodged on 1
1987 scottish civic trust andbuildingsat risk lodged on 1
considered for inclusion in itsbuildingsat risk register being compiled
can to improve the schoolbuildingsi was pleased to hear
water use in all nhsbuildingsimprove health by enhancing the
huge problems with our schoolbuildingsi do not minimise the
amounting to forty seven tracksbuildingsincluded a huge engine shed
stretching several hundred metres hugebuildingswith mighty arches and columns
ensuring effective access to schoolbuildingsfor people with disabilities s1w
people and physical access tobuildingsin the last area she
relation to access access tobuildingsis obviously important as is
will say that access tobuildingsshould be convenient but the
in the case of newbuildingsthe explicit inclusion of access
legislative powers to ensure thatbuildingsare properly maintained as highlighted
local authority powers to inspectbuildingsregularly and prevent danger and
the expanded powers to inspectbuildingsto ascertain whether they are
a building or group ofbuildingswhere travellers especially pilgrims could
change of use of thebuildingsand land away from agricultural
the masts are not onbuildingsbut on land of course
of land riparian interests orbuildingssince vesting date made by
that the masts are onbuildingsthey are on land and
for gifts of land andbuildingsto charities and changes to
to be spent on schoolbuildingsalone we should not have
child s education ensure schoolbuildingsare of a high standard
for the repairs to schoolbuildingsbroken down by education authority
for the repair of schoolbuildingsin i scotland and ii
in capital allocations for schoolbuildingsit would have been helpful
a the ownership of thebuildingsof the new school to
to and replacement of schoolbuildingss1o 3856 28 fergus ewing
support from classroom assistants schoolbuildingsshould be of a high
authorities for repairs to schoolbuildingssince may 1997 s1w 1028
environmental awareness support new schoolbuildingsthat demonstrate commitment to the
needed to get our schoolbuildingsup to scratch but at
sale of materials from demolishedbuildingsamendments 76 and 77 moved
formal entrance to the parliamentbuildingsto meet both aesthetic and
we want to ensure thatbuildingsare as safe as possible
it will ensure that publicbuildingscomply with the standard set
by 2020 make all publicbuildingsand publicly supported housing increasingly
available information on other publicbuildingsdoes not contain sufficient detail
those masts are on publicbuildingsthat is why in the
include insistence that all commercialbuildingsto which the public have
for the general public onbuildingswhich will assist in improving
f958: an all the newbuildingsare all really like obscured
of them were for newbuildingsgiven that the great majority
we are going to newbuildingsif as a good employer
definite charm old new streetsbuildingsmingle happily eerie experience in
some of the most impressivebuildingsof new aberdeen like provost
warrants for new and renovatedbuildingsrests with local authorities under
oppressive and depressing both modernbuildingsand modern people and it
we employ in our sevenbuildingsboth those whom we see
innovative or different kinds ofbuildingsa private verifier system might
interested in different kinds ofbuildingsmy early years were spent
cleared and many of thebuildingsare being restored some are
are far too many suchbuildingsearlier this year there was
there s no that manybuildingslike that here or m1016:
flags are flying from manybuildingssome with black borders gorbachev
org uk and the parliamentbuildingssection of the parliament s
agreed to section 25 defectivebuildingsthe convener amendment 107 is
property development in edinburgh wherebuildingsare going up all over
see where they had tenementbuildingsf1025: mmhm f1027: mmhm f1023:
went round the provincial legislativebuildingswhere the partie quebecois call
as the pyramid were otherbuildingsand what seemed to be
castle and numerous other abandonedbuildingsat innermessan were used as
structural and other purposes inbuildingsin the holyrood project s1w
scotland assembly hall and otherbuildingsin the parliamentary estate s1w
used in other non dwellingbuildingsthe u value would be
are allied to medicine suchbuildingsallow as much as possible
are pinnacles of jubilation yourbuildingsare broken memories your streets
about 3 thick and thebuildingsare double glazed it s
the framework that ensures thatbuildingsare safe and fit for
are full o queer lookingbuildingsbessie hasna been doon the
celebrants or for ceremonies outwithbuildingsimportant safeguards are already included
that are by definition notbuildingssuch as car parks footpaths
because such people can designbuildingsthat are flexible for future
allotment and there are variousbuildingsthat are permitted on an
call them some of thebuildingsthough are called lodberries f746:
to the smithsonian institute 13buildingswhich are museums and galleries
north east looking at olderbuildingsabout 50 years ago i
years were spent looking atbuildingsand my teenage years were
the parliament signage in thebuildingsin the current parliamentary complex
signage for the scottish parliamentbuildingsit seems strange that we
no smoking ever in anybuildingsof the scottish parliament we
members cannot smoke in anybuildingsof the scottish parliament with
videoconferencing facilities in the parliamentbuildingsr s1w 3624 david mundell
the videoconferencing facilities in parliamentbuildingsto date r s1w 3623
day free of charge variousbuildingsacross scotland such as castles
management of its estate andbuildingss1w 17643 fiona hyslop to
marriages have been permitted inbuildingsbut not in locations or
for a process of approvingbuildingsor places registrars main concerns
not want to build thebuildingsor the roads mr davidson
say in the current parliamentarybuildingsthose points have been well
relation to it and whetherbuildingsconstructed under private finance initiatives
all of us who usebuildingshave an interest in ensuring
in bare brick all thebuildingsseemed half finished this is
here it s all greybuildingsskyscrapers an people wanting aw
and hay and all theirbuildingsthat were capable of housing
about the fabric of thebuildingsand the accommodation were people
conditions the scottish agricultural collegebuildingsat auchencruive were inherited by
pinks and yellows of thebuildingsthough these were less fanciful
convener inside and outside thebuildingswere clean and in good
aim of getting better qualitybuildingsand a better system of
been the layout of thebuildingsand everything i m not
the definition of the termbuildingsand to change that now
potential and prospective users ofbuildingsas well as current users
know because some of thebuildingsat ehm along the harbour
of and accountability to parentsbuildingsbooks equipment and support to
have long focused on specificbuildingsby widening the choice of
through the canyon of tallbuildingsfinally turning left they found
skirt of grass borders thebuildingsin a lush green velvet
and complexity of the holyroodbuildingsin addition the available information
is one of the oldestbuildingsin mallorca the thirteenth century
externally pleasant looking 19th centurybuildingsin the centre of the
not the design of thebuildingsis old but i was
cathedral the grandest of thebuildingsit was worth the visit
was one of the twobuildingsleft standing on that side
is beautiful mostly full ofbuildingslike the one overleaf the
also in naples of richbuildingsneglected long grass grew unkempt
houses hill forts and greatbuildingsof earlier times my major
is secreted within the privatebuildingsof miramar to this day
for accommodation in the holyroodbuildingsof msps staff and party
unacknowledged the construction of thebuildingson the acropolis and the
protecting shadows of the loomingbuildingsp c macnamara followed hot
traffic the cracking on somebuildingstestifies to the effects of
choice of location beyond specificbuildingsthe bill attempts to mirror
is there regardless of thebuildingsthe convener perhaps i can
the use of energy inbuildingsthe directive will insist that
is an amazing collection ofbuildingsthe house of the patriarch
discrete settlements of collections ofbuildingsthe oldest on record is
by the beauty of thebuildingsthere another walled world of
of flats ralph yawns heavilybuildingsthinning out more green rests
to a series of ruinedbuildingswhich looked onto a large
some more of the remainingbuildingswill be missed e g
installations of telecommunications apparatus onbuildingswill be subject to full
and support planning controls onbuildingsin flood plains giving people
and lessees should have theirbuildingsregularly surveyed and assessed by
our monuments churches and majorbuildingsand undertake work which makes
associated with like f1026: tenementbuildingsf1023: ten- exactly aye like
but we think that includesbuildingsinsurance even with that it
others with designed for purposebuildingswhich co locate diagnostic out
sunset bathing dykes and farmbuildingswith diffuse pink tinged warmth
have changed now you knowbuildingshave been demolished you know
translating innovative designs into practicalbuildingsthat work as demonstrated in
i end up talking aboutbuildingsbecause not only am i
to repair and maintain thebuildingsand backcourt continue events to
that is tied up inbuildingsand equipment in the laboratories
she saw the huts andbuildingsat the westport site which
about the design concept asbuildingsbecome more sophisticated and complex
bervie and kept in thebuildingsbelow the manse as the
to promote better and saferbuildingsin scotland i ask the
andrew s house and surroundingbuildingson calton hill and brownfield
ark royal a few originalbuildingsstill stand as stores and
householders to eradicate asbestos inbuildingsbusiness bulletin 166 2000 friday
bought in in [?]mcquivan[/?] sbuildingsno [?]mcquivan[/?] f1026: oh right
you can see these ehmbuildingsright in the water f746:
to encourage management potential inbuildingsthat go beyond the hmo
in the beginning supplied thebuildingsthe lot that just shows
the situation in multi ownershipbuildingsworse there might be a
to walk towards the twartreebuildingshe could see smoke rising
see tolo says including thebuildingsthe gardens the tennis courts
s right f963: converted thebuildingsinto yeah mm m762: they
filtering through from the neighbouringbuildingsinside just the steady clicking
cwid shorthand notes on tallbuildingsshout it from the house
s very warm inside thebuildingsyou step inside from the
notour renouned for onsteid farmbuildingsontak responsibility ootlins outsiders strangers
road ehm an barker sbuildingson milne street an it
they demolish the dingy dilapidatedbuildingsit ll be a prime
moat we wandered round thebuildingsthen caught the metro home

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