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an whit is mair mabuits aw smelly execrable ma
sharny ye scrapit aff yerbuitpantheist or no faither socht
an whit soud she seebuita saicont wee wumman cled
bumshayvelt heid tae foun buikbuitan pan the hale jing
dumped the coal in thebuito the caur then aff
thar wur economic rewairds taebuitwheech wis tae awbodies benefit
it a dunt wi hizbuitthe licht ower cowpit an
fished oot like an auldbuitwi the fool bree sprewin
the tae o the communalbuitthe toun cooncil pit up
tradeetional border lallans tung taebuitense the hail o oor
me i ll stot thisbuitaff yer lug i niver
she wes fou as abuitan fair daivert for aw
thinkin an thair kulter taebuitan oo ve hed eneuch
grun while tory men thebuitpit in tho juist in
haun it the plaisterin taebuitay the laist tyme a
baith hirsels an at taebuithe fermed ana the neist
warld turns tapsalteery an thebuits on the ither fuit
the pynts in his richtbuiteat thon custard ye wee
on the fit o hisbuitan kinnlit it syne he

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