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d aw stuck tae herbumsweet nothings jimmy s language
ba bum ba bum babumba ba ba ba bum
ba ba ba ba bumbumba ba ba bum ba
ba ba ba bum babumba bum ba ba ba
mmhm f1122: ba ba babumba bum ba bum ba
bum bum ba ba babumba bum ba bum bum
ba ba ba bum babumba bum bum f1121: that
bum ba ba ba babumbum ba ba ba bum
you did it f1122: babumbum f1121: right what one
ba bum ba bum babumbum f1121: that s good
did it f1122: ba bumbumf1121: right what one does
bum ba bum ba bumbumf1121: that s good [inaudible]
f1091: i can see yourbumi can see your bum
bum i can see yourbumm1092: oh no you re
dryte he haed a clairtiebumqueen ah dout yeir guidman
a dichtie dowp a clairtiebumwhan ah saw him his
nae that kind nae smellybum[inaudible] m1108: [laugh] [raspberry] [raspberry]
aye let me see yerbumm1108: [raspberry] f1107: no nae
think [censored: forename] i see yourbumoi oi f1116: i [inaudible]
ay tell be e differentbumfither it wis a wasp
fella that ll haud mabumthe way you re haudin
my back an snoot againbumup heid doun a bark
jist roka sittin on eezbumwi eez hin legs crossed
yit bluidie neb or skelpitbums a stert fir he
on the cable up yourbumthere we go mammy sort
mammy sort it up yourbumyou re sitting on it
m944: the life of abumhones- see havin to plan
kid oan skelp oan thebumshe gets a pretend slap
he s gonna bite hisbumeh f1116: [squeal] [laugh] f1115:
umpteen elfin mowsers green halflinbumfluff hingin fae its chooks
he just sittin on hisbumwatchin tv f1130: it s
we ll [?]shot[/?] granda sbumwill we f1130: mm f1129:
christ said andy wiping hisbumwhit s he like when
ll pop this on yourbumso you goin to join
you sit doon on yourbum[?]like you are[/?] go an spell some
should be sit on yourbummum see mum can you
bath properly sit on yourbumon your on your m1106:
no sit doon on yourbumthat s it we ve
drop yer pack off yerbumagain m1108: why f1107: gently
to be right watch yerbumm1108: why f1107: cause your
richt guid yin in thebumwhan he wesna lookin syne
as chips oh lady lovelybumyou know i see your
tidying day f1101: catch yourbumf1102: no come on one
now and probably hurt yourbumf1112: we will step out
have a look on yourbumi dinna ken f1140: it
or i ll smack yerbumm1090: [inaudible] f1089: whit can
mair cauld feet on mybumsince the new beds moved
wheeshin o tyres an ebumo ingines an ey dinna
fae nippin her builder sbumghaisties in the 1740s aberdeen
back to mummy m1128: stinkybum[child noises] [child noise] [inaudible] [laugh] f1127:
f1026: boot ye up thebum[inaudible] f1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh]
only wettin one of hisbumcheeks you missed a bit
booster so he parked hisbumon a bar stool an
fondling a punk girl sbumwith his skeletal hands yuck
monkey silicon implants in itsbumsmiles demonically walks away on
get a jag on mabumthat wiz fur tetynus a
thora she s got twobumhips f632: mmhm f646: have
reeled in by the sozzledbums most extravagant hard luck

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